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  1. Released by Leicester this season. Could be worth a 1 year deal? Strong player - great leadership and height on his side. Danger from set pieces also and would be great in the formation JOS plays. What do you lot think?
  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RW2acKvryrE. Doesn't look bad. Calm on the ball
  3. Just said my piece to him. Not right to speculate about something when there's no evidence. Can't stand people like him.
  4. Westwood Palmer- Young- Still got time to develop Loovens Lees Helan Semedo Lee Hutchinson May Maguire Lavery
  5. Was going to say that myself. His profile picture of him playing for Wednesday and his banner of SWFC has both gone. Strange
  6. Westwood Palmer Loovens Lees Helan Drenthe Semedo Lee Maghoma Maguire May
  7. Lately fans are just getting frustrated as we aren't seeing of games and winning them. Realistically though, Bournemouth, Rotherham, Huddersfield and Wigan are all games we could potentially win. 3 games out of 4 at home. If we can say get 9 points out of these 4 then we will be in or around the play offs. It's not all doom and gloom we just need to take our chances and we'll be back up the table. UTO
  8. So your slating Madine for not being a championship footballer. You're telling me that Nuhiu and May are?
  9. I did they just said ticket box Cheers mate :)
  10. When I rang up they said the system was down so they had given me a reference number to use when it comes to collecting the ticket. No idea
  11. Hi! It's the first time that I've purchased a ticket through the phone for a match. I have a season ticket but I've purchased a ticket for a family member. They've given me a reference number but how would I actually collect the ticket? Could I collect it weeks before the game? (Rotherham match) Cheers
  12. If you look at who we've played so far I'd be very confident that we'll be in the top half come January. We've had some tough fixtures. If we continue the way we are doing we'll finish around 74 points which is 6th place if your comparing to last year. So we'll see.
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