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  1. were stuck with Nuhui,etc...were going nowhere
  2. who have we got who is worth owt ? we paid 5 mill for Reach don't think we would get 500,000 for him..we are all over the place at the mo..going to take a real sort out
  3. the crowd against Hull will be interesting...easy to say fizz it..
  4. shows how poor this division is this season....
  5. we are poor without Fletcher,but he keeps throwing Nuhui on who just looks unfit imo,shuffling about giving free kicks away...hope he equalises tho....
  6. cant see it bud,theyve got good strikers..and reckon if anybody they would get Gayle back from the geordies
  7. we need FF like yesterday....Nuhui and Rhodes up front.....Nnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  8. prob not the worst bud,but maybe the slowest,and worst header of a ball for a targetman
  9. apart from Fletcher,we have the worst strikers in the division imo.hopefully we can do some decent business in the Jan transfer window,,
  10. He isnt a captain..should be Hutch or someone more vocal....
  11. keeper mom against worst team in division,,,says it all
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