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  1. were in the poo then..another year of nowt looming
  2. realistically speaking which of our strikers do you think would score more in a season,with the same game time,and the pace out wide we now have ?and don't say all of em ffs
  3. you believe that your dafter than me ,moving for less...yeah right ...ffs
  4. agree pal keeps looking like gonna be a real force,comes to nowt,keep Winnall imo
  5. spot on bud,surely too late for him to backtrack,Hughton or Monk,get 1 of em lined up and we go again
  6. been told Leeds are sniffing round as a replacement for Jansson
  7. keep Winnall,defo,get rid Nuhui,and even Joao if we could get a young striker with some pace
  8. maybe bud but SB must realise he is about 6th choice,loadsa pressure at NUFC ,some on here already think he is top man,ask the Villa fan's who had a party when they got rid,and he had loadsa cash there,Chris Hughton far superior,get him bagged,if SB want's to go let him,he won't last 12 months
  9. wouldn't it be nice to be a normal team,bringing players in to make the team better,and have a chance of pushing for the play offs..instead it looks like rounduns again and another year of nowt ffs
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