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  1. you saw saturday how much we miss Hutch,not sure what SB will do Pelepussy to weak,hopefully Hutch will be fit
  2. spot on bud,especially the forwards,very limited we are even when all fit Fletcher apart
  3. it's in our own hands in my opinion,with who we have left to play.beat Villa,Preston and Bristol and think wev'e a good chance,not easy but there it is
  4. like i said ages ago if Westwood plays Lees will improve,still think Westwood should be captain,don't think Lees is vocal enough
  5. would av settled for 12th at xmas,flying now though,you never know,keep the faith
  6. who gives a throw bout rotherham..they hate us
  7. anybody who says play Nuhui is either pissed or wasn't at Bolton ffs
  8. why drop Nuhui ? did you not see the 45 mins at Bolton ?ffs he is crap get rid asap christ
  9. hopefullt SB will bring in some strikers who aren't in the treatment room every other week
  10. it is clear we need much,much better,without Fletcher this season we would be nowhere near the play offs
  11. thats got to be Nuhui done,SB must av seen enuff after that dismal 1st half performance by him,won nothing
  12. we are lost without Fletcher,player of the season..(after Hutch)
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