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  1. was crying out for FF in those conditions,should have chased a 2nd not sat back,no outlet so it was defence against attack,we were awful 2nd half and could have lost in that last 10 mins,roll on the January transfer window,hope Monk has a few quid to play with...
  2. think your right bud,poor substitutions imo,tried to hold the 1 goal lead when think another goal with FF coming on was the best bet ,surely cant lose it now ffs
  3. and Nuhui,if poss,Hooper back on a pay per play,should av got Duffy from Utd,and try for Elphick on loan
  4. we should be playing 2 central strikers at home but not convinced by the options aside Fletcher,all cumbersome,and all slow
  5. Fletcher for me,carries that lone striker role well,i know he get's help from Harris etc,but out of our main striker's he is by far the No 1,as was seen in the difference today from Tuesday,if he get's sidelined think were in trouble !!!!
  6. thank god Fletcher back,couldn't cope with another toothless display like Hull
  7. thats why we are still pottering about mid table..same team..same crap
  8. most influential..yes right..strikers go on gaals..not chasing back etc...goals he is wee wee poor
  9. Nuhui and Hooper nearly the same,anybody who goes regular,like me will find that very,very hard to digest .....
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