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  1. Brando17

    Wednesday 1 - 0 Wigan OMDT

    can't see why Nuhui on before him,strange again
  2. Brando17

    Selling players

    spot on,never in a million years would you get 15 mill
  3. Brando17

    Can you justify?

    Maddison is streets above Reach ffs
  4. Brando17

    Can you justify?

    never in a million years,year before we bought him Preston offered 250,000
  5. Brando17

    Can you justify?

    10 Million,if anybody offered veven half that would snatch their hand off
  6. Brando17

    Tom Lees

    Lees has been affected since been made captain,he aint captain material,not vocal enough and needs a strong willed player either aside him or behind him (Westwood)
  7. think your right what a crap time to play at 6 on a Sunday
  8. Brando17

    Well done Nuhiu

    spot on,and all true
  9. Brando17

    Well done Nuhiu

    spot on,the happy clappers get excited over 1 goal in about 20 games
  10. we already look 2nd best Nuhui got to laugh,worst striker in division,bring back mcgoldrick ffs
  11. Brando17

    John Marquis

    not any more
  12. Brando17

    John Marquis

    just give anybody Nuhui ffs
  13. Brando17

    Team news

    and the team selected
  14. Brando17

    Team news

    spot on bud think jos picked this
  15. Brando17

    Team news

    concentrate on staying up ffs