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  1. impact v Preston.what about rest of season,the kid is poo ffs
  2. the chances of Nuhui scoring against England,haha
  3. yeah right,Gayle he 's gonna come to us ,every team in the championship will wan't him,go to far better team than us
  4. still get knobs on here saying Nuhui is better
  5. he has to be the sacrifice...some games you don't even know he is playing..get rid..keep Bannan and FF imo
  6. better than Warhurst...never in a million years
  7. spot on bud,1 or 2 think it's gonna be easy..it aint
  8. play better without Bannan haha,he runs the team !!!!
  9. he was the 1 picked out of 500 wasn't he ?
  10. no..we dont..Fletcher ..maybe ...the rest ..no
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