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  1. What about if pigs draw/ Wednesday draw?
  2. So the goalkeeper is to blame for every single goal conceded right? Seriously where do we find some of these people?
  3. A few Gas Head freinds of mine have been telling me about Lines on twitter "on his day he's a good midfielder. Pre season he's been a lot more hard tackling and looks good. Does drift in/out of games tho!" "he's a massive gamble!! !! Cm that can't tackle or head!" "You boys have signed a great player in Linesy. Was great at Rovers." The second quote from someone who's sour about us taking 2 players last season they wanted.
  4. Completely agree, would be fantastic if they could get it too a section 8 magnitude. section 8's official site There own merchandise amongst other things. Would be something different over here
  5. an ultras that isn't about hooliganism can work. section 8 A group of people that get together before games and after games, meet players, chant all game and aren't violent. Just showing passion for the team they support. I'm all for this if it works
  6. tbh I don't know whats worse... The whole story or the fact you use Base
  7. how many of them 16 where sub appearences? seemed to me the games I saw they where putting angel before him in the pecking order, could be down too the fact he wasn't 100% fit when he first moved over there
  8. Good luck with this x I have a few good friends who are Plymouth fans and knowing how they feel it is a bad time. Be a shame to loose a club like plymouth
  9. He'll come to us for around the 250k just a hunch
  10. Getting told off a couple of hammers we are looking at him..... Do we need him?
  11. So basically someones picked up Football Manager 2011 for Christmas and thought it was real :st2:
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