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  1. Cash in how though? For a start he hasn't played for months, and even if he had whats the best we could hope for, £2-5m? Doesn't feel like that would stretch so far for new players, these days?
  2. I think that’s mad. Of course we’re very gifted in that area, but I don’t think either have the distribution Westwood has. We surely need to be keeping hold of the of the most talented players we have? Keepers always get a bad rep, but I think we’d be wrong to sell Westwood.
  3. Do you really think that? They are fantastic options, but it’s the same as trying to sell Fessi...
  4. Steak chilli chocolate pie has been worrying me, tbh.
  5. Best thing is, he looks like your Dad playing in net at Centre Parcs.
  6. The semi final game against Brighton in 2016, and Westwood single-handedly keeps us in both games, to get us to the final. We have amazing options after that, but just look at these saves to realise how many points he saved us that season:
  7. Is the brief that it should always look six years out of date?
  8. I'm annoyed about this. And I never post. We've been out of the top flight for 17 years. Since then, we've been in League One twice, endured winding up orders, Stevie May and Hasif Mammadov. Sheffield is the 4th largest city in England; with that, comes stress, pride, and trepidation. The crowd was nervous last night, and you know what, how could you ever ask for anything else? Every single person in their seat has seen so much heartache in recent times and to be promoted means so so much. To not be nervous is to not care. To say the crowd had a negative effect last night is to say you wish the fans had other things on their mind, and none of us would want that. Its sad to think the people I sat around in the Kop last night should feel any responsibility for the result. I feel proud to my gut to be a Sheffield Wednesday fan and to sit around the people I did last night. And I wouldn't change a thing. WAWAW.
  9. An attendance of almost 7,000 is pretty great too for a pre-season friendly.
  10. Hmm. So, the badge hasn't been changed to the slightly tweaked, wide-eyed version?
  11. Mark Beevers Meat Cleavers, free with Glen Loovens Ooven's
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