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  1. Penalty shoot out versus Chesterfield. Their keeper sky's the ball half way up the kop bounces in front my young un who grabs it straight up under his jumper turns and runs downs the big gangway. Still takes pride and place in his bedroom. The Nicky Weaver game.
  2. Saw Specials last year at O2 Academy. £40.
  3. Chris Sanderson

    Technology in Football

    Said this about 10 years ago. No need for referee to keep time. One of the reasons I stopped watching football.
  4. People with priority points buying tickets then reselling them to friends or through social media. Think it's happening quite a bit. Priority points seems a good system but its not all its cracked up to be. Can't make an away game buy ticket or tickets anyway knowing you'll be able to sell them on and still get the points. Becoming a closed shop maybe. Thoughts?
  5. Chris Sanderson

    The facking International break

    Unless in a tournament England don't play any games worth watching. Qualifiers against teams we'll beat all day and friendlies against the big boys Brazil, Spain Germany etc but the games are just that friendlies. It's all just become too boring.
  6. Chris Sanderson

    Newcastle sell out?

    Pub for me
  7. Chris Sanderson

    Lower Leppings lane for Home Fans

    Turning into a ticket price thread again. I`ll be watching in a pub and saving myself a good few quid.
  8. Chris Sanderson


    Time keeping should be given to the 4th official with his watch connected to the scoreboard clock. Let`s everyone in the ground know where they stand. Rugby`s got it spot on.
  9. Chris Sanderson

    Nicky Weaver vs Chesterfield

    Me young un stood on the kop for the pens. Their keeper hits it high and wide, ball bounces he catches it ,straight under his top and off he ran. Still got ball in his bedroom.
  10. Chris Sanderson

    Were you there?

    Crowds back then were a hell of a lot smaller. Heard Tony Cascarino other day on about Chelsea v Wimbledon at the Bridge in front of under 7,000.
  11. Last season beat Leeds at home, won at Brentford and Birmingham. Just from these 3 games 8 points worse off.
  12. Chris Sanderson

    Aston Villa coming as villians

    Norwich and Villa both house away fans on the side of pitch so putting them in the more expensive seats.
  13. Chris Sanderson

    If we lose on Saturday......

    And if we win don't want to here that cheesy one. We are Premier league say we are Premier league. Terrible terrible song.
  14. Chris Sanderson

    Hull aint shifting those tickets!

    Magic weekend in rugby league Hull v Hull KR today. Thousands of people from Hull booked and gone to Newcastle for the weekend. Known and planned for months. Loads will have gone today and will be watching on the telly next week. Not everyone`s got bottomless pockets of money.