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  1. Do you have any evidence for that statement?
  2. Colin's Comments

    You say that as if it's a bad thing.
  3. Kit Fiasco

    And The Coconuts
  4. Fair play Fletcher

    A proud boast indeed! Do you find that kind of attitude helps our players?
  5. Big John Holsgrove

    That's where I watched the 20 minutes or so of the game that I actually saw that day. Spent the rest of the time "discussing" whose Kop it was with the Manure fans...
  6. Why do we need him then?
  7. If you was the chairman

    Work on my grammar
  8. Harlee Dean to Birmingham

    Not sure he's much of a footballer, but he REALLY hates conceding goals. Just what we need, given our inability to score that many.
  9. I presume that it will be blue and white; although not striped of course...
  10. League Cup 3rd Round Draw - 4:15am

    Tuesday or Thursday?
  11. Fox and Pudil

    Stop being so positive...
  12. FF to Brighton

    Not sure; ask Tom Lees...
  13. Aren't 1, 2, 7, & 9 actually the same? That would make it "Six reasons...", which admitedly hasn't got the same ring to it
  14. Feel more positive?

    Just you I'm afraid; I think her BJs are great...
  15. Season Ticket

    Just you then...
  16. Supporters put to shame.

    Why would you, when you've already got the advantage of not living in Scotland..?
  17. Jose Semedo

    Any of this matters why!!?
  18. Rhodes pessimists in minority

    Saw him get 4 in one game.
  19. S6 Clothing

    Yeah, premium pricing...
  20. Leicester bid for George Hirst

    We don't even sell players that we don't want...
  21. Nuhiu scores stunner in training

    Glad you spotted that
  22. Nuhiu scores stunner in training

    I have it on VERY good authority that we offered him double the wages that he and his agent were actually expecting
  23. I'll agree with the last 2, but not only was Taylor a good player, who went on to have a great career, he was a much better footballer than Carlton, and by that time, had a much better attitude. I was gutted when we swapped him for Whittingham.
  24. You should start a thread...
  25. This >>>>>>>>>>> I remember him being booed in a couple of matches before Christmas! God didn't have the workrate for some of our students of the game, yearning for Howard's banzai style of a few seasons earlier...