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  1. And you don't think that was anything to do with management?
  2. Comparing this to the league table tells you just how badly we've been managed.
  3. swfc4_sufc0

    If Fulham win the play offs...

    Don't we get the rest of their parachute payments to share if Villa go up?
  4. That sounds eerily familiar...
  5. The problem is that people who've been priced out (or stop going for whatever reason) don't just sit around waiting to be priced back in. They find other things to do, which then become a habit. Their other halves realise that regular attendance isn't as vital as previously claimed. Whatever it is, dropping the price for one or two games isn't necessarily going to reinstate the previous desire/availability; it takes time, and a lot of effort(s).
  6. swfc4_sufc0

    The ref playing no stoppage time

    How does blowing the whistle in the 90th minute, as opposed to say the 95th minute, affect the chances of a pitch invasion???
  7. swfc4_sufc0

    Guard of honour

    #spent the money and ended up struggling...
  8. swfc4_sufc0

    Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    Fair enough.
  9. swfc4_sufc0

    Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    He wouldn't have been allowed to walk off with a really bad knee injury. It actually looked like an ankle injury from the stand?
  10. swfc4_sufc0

    Blast from the past - Lee Chapman

    Really not pretty to watch. He scored goals that others weren't stupid enough to score! We originally called him 'Goal Machine' in juvenile irony. By the time he left, it wasn't ironic.
  11. swfc4_sufc0

    Jeremy helan

    Pity he didn't tell us until 2 seasons after
  12. swfc4_sufc0


    #BoxingDay1979 I think you'll find
  13. swfc4_sufc0

    Lucas Joao

    'Pass the burgers'?