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  1. Presumably you'd started again by the time he won the title at L##ds...
  2. Problem is finance is just about everything. Wilkinson with Carlos' budget would have us in Europe in 4 seasons, for example.
  3. Maybe you are, but I was there. It wasn't the whole crowd of course, just a section in the lower part of the South stand, at the Kop end. He tried a couple of tricks in front of them that didn't come off, which was too much for a few young "experts".
  4. Chris Waddle. Booed early in the season he became Footballer of the Year.
  5. I'm glad he scored, but he still looked as if he was towing a caravan when he came on. Still never forget that night at Hillsborough when he tore us a new one, against a promotion team..
  6. Actually I do. I was at the game of course, and subsequently spoke about the whole incident, as well as the general situation at the club with the then Company Secretary. And that's absolute pure fact.
  7. I only watched the highlights and there was no sh!th*usery, so we'll be fine at Wembley
  8. Only fit/effective enough to be a sub currently.
  9. To be fair, that's mainly because we can't defend for 80 minutes. And it didn't end that well for Keegan and the Barcodes.
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