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  1. Can't understand why Dave isn't front and centre
  2. Lee's disallowed goal against Leed. Goal of the season, and 4-0 is so different to 3.
  3. Deadline Extended

    A faint whiff of common sense breaking out at Hillsborough?
  4. Ross Wallace - Injury

    Clare's out for the season.
  5. Says a lot about the morale of our team that nobody even bothered to appeal for what looked like a clear foul from the stand and on tv...
  6. That seems to have become a club tradition
  7. I still refuse to work out the cost of that season. It would dilute the magic!
  8. Were the subs right today?

    Fox should never come on a pitch again unless he's got a garden fork in his hands
  9. Somebody at the club could write it for him, just like the Bolton guy probably had his written for him. The point is the desire to deliver the message.
  10. Wow; just made it to the end! Are we still in trouble?
  11. Letter sent to the FA

    I didn't know that we had the equipment installed?
  12. I take your point, but we do appear to be establishing a reputation for not knowing how to benefit from kids that we've developed.
  13. Gary Hooper

    To be fair, I just think that his kit's too small