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  1. No need to get personal pal. Do you watch/play much football? He didn't mean to contact the ball with his trailing leg, and if he hadn't, it would have been a penalty and a yellow card. Or red, given our track record with refs.
  2. Only just got away with that tackle. It was his trailing leg that got the ball, not the one he led with. Necessary, but lucky.
  3. That's not far off what actually happened I'm afraid.
  4. I've seen every Wednesday promotion from Exeter 1980 onwards, except for 2012, when I was on my son's stag weekend in Barcelona (I warned him when he arranged it, but at least there was plenty of pork with us to witness our joy...) We were both at Wembley for Sheridan's 'ping' in 1991, but I'm afraid it just does not compare to promotion.
  5. Interesting that his total spend in 2019 dosh is the cost of 50% of an England back 4 player
  6. I'm as close to the England as Reach is, and I have no idea where my boots are!
  7. See if you can find another Vardy that we actually want this time...
  8. Another in the regiment of 'Those that got away'. In Banks' case, twice.
  9. Wasn't the punishment 5 games when the 'offence' was committed?
  10. Summed up the communication throughout the game. Bullen spent the entire first half telling Westwood to get the ball to the fullbacks early, which he saw, and refused to do. Then, when we're a goal behind, he eventually realises that we need to score, but ends up with a team that doesn't know who's supposed to be playing left back, never mind how we're going to play...
  11. I should have made myself clearer. Our goal was against the run of play, and I can't understand why the ref booked Bannan, if he saw what happened he had to send him off, if not, what was the booking for. In the end, QPR deserved the win; i was just expressing a view on how they did it. Basically with methods Billy Davies would have been proud of.
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