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  1. F.A.O John Terry

    Use some different bait, please. Terry deserves all he got.
  2. Jordan Rhodes - WINNER

    If he'd been match fit/sharp last night, Rhodes would have scored at least a hat trick and possibly 4, which we know that he's definitely capable of doing.
  3. We're just good at finding new ways to concede
  4. 20 pages and then locked...
  5. We can't even run a shop properly. What do you think?
  6. Gary Hooper Wanted by Premier Clubs

    He won't even sell them when they're considered worthless to SWFC...
  7. This is the key. Smart Alec comments may well give you and your keyboard a warm glow, but the porcine ones are winning the marketing war. Trotters down.
  8. To all those who abused Carlos..

    Never said that you don't support him, but don't stick the boot in after the fact. You can't think that doubts are unwarranted!?
  9. To all those who abused Carlos..

    OP's just a hindsight warrior. If you can't post stuff like that before the game, then don't show yourself up by doing it afterwards.
  10. This is a cracking OP, and does show the importance of every game, something that whether he gets it or not, CC does not demonstrate a grasp of.
  11. The problem is we're not only losing to teams that have spent more money than us are we? Carlos' death knell will ring to the tune of Huddersfield and dem Blunts.
  12. George Hirst

    Helpful, very helpful...FFS
  13. George Hirst

    This is our biggest concern after Sunday!???
  14. Pork for lunch boys!