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  1. Boxing Day; Easter; Exeter; a couple of other games...
  2. The memories of him sitting in the Cantilever, and of course Boxing Day would have been enough. RIP Big Jack.
  3. Didn't we get promoted at Exeter, a game that I went to?
  4. They're paid to train, not to play. Maybe this shouldn't be temporary?
  5. I know for a fact that the Chairman has the final say on everything.
  6. Really loved the Blunts begging for the whistle at the end. Still can't believe Rob Jones missed that header at the death.
  7. I just think that our results, and team, just kept getting worse from then on. The game wasn't the cause, but a symptom.
  8. Losing that game was in my view the start of the decline to where we are now.
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