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  1. Paul Aldridge

    Would depend on attitude of Chansiri. If he believes he knows it all then the job would be a thankless task and have no chance of succeeding. Don't know if this is true of chansiri but is based on working with such individuals
  2. Felt he should have left after Huddersfield. Would have left with his reputation more or less intact. Not going to happen now.
  3. Kieran Lee swan dive

    It was a definite penalty. Just another awful decision by an awful referee.
  4. Just a rumour...

    I very much doubt any truth in this.
  5. John Lowey

    First game he played walking down to ground my dad tells me we have a new player today and he has been told he will be the new Derek Dooley. I was only and obviously believed my dad. Lets at just say he wasn't !
  6. Wembley obviously but for me it will be when Deane's weak effort went through his legs at the sty to condemn us to a 2-0 loss when although I was in my early 20's I couldn't believe a team as good ours at the time could lose to a bunch of cloggers