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  1. So then People, what’s your plans for Saturday??? 8:40 Train from Sheffield to Manchester, think that gets in at 9:36. Brekkie and a few hours drinking in Printworks in Manchester then off to Bolton. wawaw
  2. Role call for Birmingham

    Just Me, doesn't matter tho as WAWAW.
  3. Anyone in Blackpool watching the match on Sunday?? We will be in Walkabout.
  4. Drink ....

    On it now, hope this helps WAWAW
  5. Which Pubs in the centre then for Saturday? Was going to get train across Saturday morning but now staying over in Leeds Friday night as to get an early start Anyone else doing the same? wawaw
  6. Will be in City centre from around 8:30 not sure which pubs though. Maybe spoons in Station
  7. Wednesday Win 2-0 and 32,000
  8. Preston Away Roll Call

    Me + 1 Leaving Sheffield in the Car @ 10:30. WAWAW UTO
  9. Newcastle Pubs

    In Mile Castle Spoons, where is everyone else??