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  1. As title says just after a ticket for myself for Barnsley away.
  2. Are there any locations where Wednesday fans are gathering, there's 3 of us just grabbing food and looking for some other fans to meet up with
  3. Don't suppose anyone has a spare I'D I could use to get 1 ticket for Newcastle away preferably a member/foundation member or season ticket holder with 150+ TPP Thanks
  4. Is it true we are taking around 1800 the boro, should we not be doing better than this?! Ino it's just after Christmas and it's on sky but that's a prity poor excuse for what could be a big game where the team needs maximum support
  5. Me and my brother live close to middlesborough and are looking to get there at 13 45 ish was wondering if any fans are traveling up for the day and going for drinks before hand around middlesborough?
  6. Any one who can't make stoke even upto lunch time tomoro pm me I'm desperate to buy a ticket
  7. If any body is selling a stoke ticket please pm me as I will buy it from you and collect!!
  8. Looking for 2 tickets for the stoke gane if anyone can not go pm me and ill buy them strict away!
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