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  1. I’d have thought if it was a question then it would be, Are Wednesday fans banned from buying season tickets ? but as you’ve nicely pointed out the use of the English language isn’t one of my strong points
  2. I think its a bit weird and sad that youve targeted me over one wind up post about you and not the OP or fan in question For you to insinuate that I've been anything but sincere to both sides of the argument is wrong , I've stated that as yet no one has been confirmed to have been banned form getting a season ticket over this issue and equally I've stated in numerous posts that if this turns out to be true then its a complete disgrace and the people at the club should be ashamed I've also stated that the historical lack of communication from the club and ticket office needs an investigation I've stuck up for fans in past threads for taking the money when offered as I did it myself on the first one and used the credit from the 2nd one to fund this seasons so for you to suggest that I'm getting any kind of pleasure from someone else's misfortune is a joke in my opinion And as long as they've not been edited or deleted then anyone can go and look at all my posts in this thread and make their own mind up
  3. i hope you're not suggesting that people are banned from Games
  4. Wednesday fans banned from buying a season ticket I never mentioned individual games, all i pointed out was that at this point no one has had it confirmed that they have been banned from buying a season ticket over this issue
  5. to be fair it was Tricky Trev that started the topic not Neil, unless you are telling me Neil is Tricky Trev which would be a bit to obvious given his great love for the man
  6. just for clarity at Page 10 and anyone doing what i normally do and jump through pages to the latest one at this moment in time Nobody has been confirmed by the club to have been banned over the issue No Journalist has reported anyone being banned over the issue No Fan has come forward and said they are banned over the issue
  7. fair question To be honest at the start of the pandemic id have said it wouldnt have surprised me at all, but with all the off field improvements in the last 12 months Kits,marketing,prices, social media etc brought in by MR Dooley and the obvious step in to the back ground by DC I would be surprised now
  8. fair point but also like I said at no point in the article does it say he's banned
  9. Thats the point ive been trying to make all the way through this thread At no point in the article does it say hes banned, He tried to buy a season ticket on a day when other people have stated on here they had issues buying them, and has come to the conclusion that it is because he took the club to court and decided to go to the press with it as there has been no communication from the club about why he couldnt get the ticket on the day (Very Poor from the ticket office) All I'm trying to say is before we dive in on DC and the club or equally try to defend the club lets try and establish the facts of the matter first Has he been banned ? Has anyone else who took the club to court been denied a ticket ? Did the unlucky fan happen to attempt to buy on a day when others also had issues ? Has he jumped to conclusions on the reasons behind it ? we've not got any answers to the above but because a journalist has reported it and credit to the journalist he never used the word banned that was the OP, we automatically assume the club of being guilty Lets wait to hear from the club and DC and if they come out and say it was an IT issue and others had the same issue then i will take their word for it, but there needs to be a investigation into the historically poor communication from the ticket office and club in general If it turns out that the club have indeed banned the fan and all other fans that took them to court for their money then like i previously stated in my opinion its an absolute disgrace and the club deserve every criticism coming to them Also this was a thread about a fan being banned its now descended like all other threads like this into an argument about the rights and wrongs of taking the club to court
  10. so not banned then just very poor communication from the ticket office
  11. like i said previously my mate had the same issue on the same date
  12. Can one of the star journalists that frequent on here get clarification from their colleague that the fan in question has indeed been banned or was he just denied a ticket on that day as its reported in the article
  13. I'd also like to point out for anyone thinking that im trying to be the biggest and bestest fan or a DC sympathiser or a sheffiled star conspiracy theorist That if the club have indeed banned him for perusing his money then DC, Dooley, staff, advisors and anyone else involved in the decision are an absolute disgrace as no one knew what anyone elses circumstances were during the pandemic
  14. i thought the story was about a fan being denied the chance to buy a season ticket on the day he wanted to and hasn't received a reason why and assumes its because he took the club to court although he hasnt had any confirmation and the club havent confirmed that either But maybe im just reading it to literal and not reading between the lines enough like others
  15. get your tin hat on pal you cant ask those questions on here without ridicule
  16. All true Although the journalist never mentions being banned, that's a headline from here, the journalist just reports of him being denied a season ticket at the time he wanted to purchase and theyve assumed its because he took the club to court Like i said i dont know how many took the club to court and id be interested to know if any tried to get a ticket again let alone a season ticket
  17. not taking sides here, but from reading the article it seems that they haven't been told they're banned, they just said it wasn't possible to do the season ticket on the day they went for it are we absolutely certain that they are banned or is it just a case of poor communication from the club office again, something we've all encountered from time to time Does anybody else know of anyone who took the civil action thats tried to get a new season ticket ? My mate tried to buy his son a season ticket on the last day online (june30th if memory serves me right) and couldnt process it so had to go in the shop and get it
  18. And the fact theres a national issue with kit delays and as of friday only 7 clubs out of 92 had their away kits out, i think the club have done well to get both kits on sale even if its limited numbers and should be taken into consideration when giving a WTF comment
  19. I take it you've not seen the news over the weekend, I think the club have done well to get both kits out and on sale https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-62256634
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