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  1. Lighting it up He was an average youngster who in the years he was here failed to show the right application to numerous managers and coaches not just Moore to nail down a regular starting spot The only exception was Jos but as in with all the lads that leave us i wish Good luck to the lad in making his living in the professional game
  2. its a no from me In fact its a no and please never mention it again from me
  3. No idea mate, you can start worrying when ever you want although it seems you are already, I was merely just pointing out that the companies house website isn't the quickest to update so probably isn't the best thing to go on Personally I will start to look into it and worry IF there is any announcement from either the club or the finance company to say we haven't paid it or agreed any other deal and until then its all just speculation and assumptions that lets be honest 95% of us know nothing about
  4. As previously said in this thread and others about this, if your screen shot is from companies house then it can take months to be updated
  5. no but the slow build up and pedestrian pace is down to him
  6. why are the kids going to come in and ignore the managers instructions ?
  7. 25 years of miss management after Atkinson and almost the same before Atkinson We've never quite got the balance right have we
  8. remember it sitting in the town hall for a while the man was light years ahead of his time What could have been if wed had that in the 60s
  9. for me It was the best place to watch wednesday I always wanted us to be unique in the fact that I wanted the rest of the ground to be one continuous cantilever stand from the north round the west and to the south with all your exec boxes and such like, but to leave the Kop totally separate one big intimidating wall of noise rolling down on to the pitch like against Chelsea in the semi or Kaiserslautern but that was in the days before it was all seated and probably long gone in these sanitised non swearing inoffensive tourist encouraging modern stadiums that have to be used every day of the week rather than just for football
  10. I’ll check with the lad who runs it how many places ?
  11. Park hotel have a bus going if you want contact details
  12. Honestly I don’t think it’s poor but pretty easy in my experience of using it, I renewed mine and 5 other season tickets on it I’ve bought Huddersfield tickets on it all with out issue the points issue on line I can’t help you with but my only possible explanation for it is a privacy/security issue you can only see there user id and not their personal details which would include points and credit but like I said that’s only my opinion and experience
  13. Bought 2 adult and 1 kids tickets on line early this week using my extra credit with no problems what so ever literally took minutes had to go down to the ground Thursday to register 2 existing kids season tickets to my existing season ticket as they had been in another account previously anyway got to the ground with the queue already outside, got told by the guy in front that his mate had told him the end of the fence indicated 45 minutes wait 15 minutes later I’m pleasantly surprised to be getting served and all changed over within 5 minutes 4 people serving and 2 of them were training 2 other staff up on the system while serving everyone Yet people in the queue still moaning about not being able to walk straight in and pay, I don’t get it you go to any supermarket or retail shop and you see people queuing In my opinion the online system is simple and easy to use and the ticket office was quick and efficient and to be fair I’ve never had an issue in the past I feel that some fans are now looking for reasons to be angry at the club and don’t get me wrong there are still plenty but this sent one of them in my opinion
  14. Having spoken to someone who met Dunkley at the kit launch, they were full of praise for his passion and desire to see the club and players do well to the extent of even slaughtering trialists for not working hard enough to earn a contract He was saying that if you are a young lad released and a club like Sheffield Wednesday offer you a 2nd chance then you should be crawling off the pitch in exhaustion Which I'll be honest I loved hearing
  15. each ticket has to be allocated to an individual even kids tickets its so every online ticket sold is registered to a person on our database its the same in the shop Apparently it is for many reasons including covid but mostly to stop people buying tickets for unknowns, so away fans dont get them or in case anyone kicks off, uses persistent foul and abusive language or racist and discriminating language they know who bought the ticket and deal with it accordingly
  16. if so someone best have a word with Leicester Man united QPR Inter Miami Juventus Real Madrid Palermo Barcelona
  17. blue and white stripes black shorts for home kit alternative unique designed away kit ie not an off the shelf bulk order one or a design used by every other club And a local launch promoting local business and local band What's not to be positive about unless you live your life worrying about what the other side of the city think
  18. To be fair I’d take that at this point
  19. my guess is most of them dont but take football management games as gospel
  20. i think we will be seeing leaked pictures on here and other social media VERY soon
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