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  1. Just got back

    you know every single question would have been about George or why hes no longer involved at swfc, it would have been very awkward for all involved, probably the better decision not to go
  2. Just got back

    I can also understand why he didn't go last night, he was in a total no win situation, as we all know when he would have been in the meet and greet every single person would have asked him what is happening with George. Whats he suppose to say "actually Wednesday aren't offering enough money"? or "I don't want him to have the same regrets I did" or what ever other theory you've heard
  3. Just got back

    Really If you get the chance to speak to him directly about it when hes not in a Wednesday do or at the ground and you will get his honest opinion
  4. Just got back

    What makes you think he has a love for the club or ever had a love for the club
  5. Tomorrow

    Cheers mate, he was 44 at the cup final and a big burley brick layer so was a bit out of character , mind you he still is a big burley brick layer at 70 just not as fast and a lot softer
  6. Tomorrow

    I'm not quite as eloquent as most of the posts in here but my first memory of knowing what Wednesday meant to me was listening to the 86 semi final on the radio because i was told I was to young to be taken and crying my eyes out at the final whistle, but my most treasured memory is of the 91 cup final 2nd row from the back of Wembley, I was 13 my brother was 9 with my dad sat between us, and as the final whistle went and we was hugging, my dad hugged us both and with tears rolling down his cheeks and with his blue and white hooped Wednesday bobble hat that had been to Highbury in 83 and villa park in 86 he just kept uttering the words we've done it lads we've finally bloody done it. Like I said not as eloquent as others but even now I've got a lump in my throat thinking about it
  7. Pearson has repeatedly said he wouldn't do it while he still lives in the city, Pardew is ok when hes on his winning streak but his history suggests he might win 7 on the bounce but also likely to lose 5 on the bounce after it I'm old enough to remember Eustace following Wilkinson so Bullen would be a no from me there is no outstanding lower league candidate for me so that leaves 2 options either go foreign again or do what sunderland did a few years back with Roy Keane and appoint an ex superstar ie Giggs, Lampard, Scholes etc etc this is probably why I'm not in the clamour to replace him I just don't think there is a decent alternative imo
  8. wow you've found me out I'm not a true fan because I spelt Gray with an e I wouldn't be shouting about peoples grammar if I was you looking at the bit in bold, I suspect you forgot to write a section of your rant But for the Carlos should have gone months ago can I ask who he should have been replaced by
  9. Like I said previously I don't think he will I think it will rouse the majority in to offering more support to him
  10. I think it would finally put it to bed the idea of whos speaking for the majority and who isn't I personally don't think it will happen because like I said I don't think many of them go and if they do I think they will be pretty much shouted down within seconds
  11. Before I start I'm not a happy clapper as anyone who knows me will testify but I'm also nowhere near the drama queens demanding carlos gets the boot, I still acknowledge that weve actually finished 6th and 4th in the last 2 years following the dross served up by Grey, Jones, Irvine, before it So I issue this challenge to the Carlos out brigade at the next home game or even at Burton, if its not all out free flowing attacking football that you demand, have the Balls and the courage of your convictions to stand up and chant the manager out, instead of being a faceless person on here this will settle the argument, either you will be backed by your fellow supporters or you will be in the minority, I suspect the majority of the Carlos out brigade don't actually go to games but I'm happy to be proved wrong
  12. Steering

    It was last August when I went my point was on the ground i.e. Segregation and redevelopment, basically said they were bound by the SAG and SYP and they'd had a number of plans to update the away end without redeveloping it but DC wasn't happy with what had come back, there are no plans to redevelop until we're in the prem obviously this time if i if I get an invite it my question would be down a different route
  13. Steering

    You really haven't got a clue have you the one I went to this time last year DC got challenged about the executive boxes prices and had a passionate argument with the guy who raised it as for the rest - lack of signings, failing to do our business early despite fans expected/demanded to do theirs early each year what do you want them to do buy anybody early so that you can feel like your money has been spent buying the right player and quality takes time not just the click of a mouse - the lack of build up to the season from the club on the PR side, and not just any season but the one that marks our 150th celebration What do you suggest they said the celebrations would be ion going through the year so far weve got a fan designed kit, a party in the park that will be bigger than previous ones and a friendly to be confirmed and all before the season has kicked off, please tell me what else you want - absence of ground improvements, it's embarrassing that some clubs will be visiting the Lepp for the first time in a few years next season in the state it's in. Plus the turn off of the TVs. So you want to spend money on players and the ground even though it was stated there would be no ground improvements until we are in the prem to help us fully concentrate all our major spending on the squad, I personally am not embarrassed by our ground and couldn't give a shinny poo what people who watch us on tv think But you stick to your football manager dreams
  14. Marc Wilson - Perfect Fit

    would be a great signing for us and an improvement on what weve got which is all you can really ask for in a signing But this is Owlstalk and we will hammer good players before they sign
  15. I use to think that but I appears that things may have changed as you can see in the picture from the star that they are selling parts of the park