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  1. I would normally say that God loves a trier but I think even he would make an exception in this case
  2. If only Chris woods hadn’t bent over backwards in the 119th minute
  3. Manager wise as opening press conferences go that's one of the best we've had in a long time in my opinion, he portrayed a freshness and a genuine excitement about the job i think that comes with a manager on the up and feels like he's been head hunted for the job rather than being out of work and chasing it
  4. although this would be good news i think we all know what the best news would be
  5. I think the fact that despite that bad run they're still 6th in a very competitive league speaks volumes of the great work that must have been put in before that Lets not look short term lets look at the overall picture
  6. Happy with this appointment, he fits what i thought should be the criteria of a young hungry manager
  7. Lip Service I'm afraid he's hardly going to say they're all sat in there quiet because most of them aren't arsed as they wont be here next season is he Neil Thompson is a coach of the team and not a manager so therefore in my opinion cant be as vocal or critical as Monk Pulis and Bruce was especially as he will be back within the ranks next season
  8. Somebody said it in another thread but this as got all the hall marks of another Blackpool, Coventry, Bolton and Portsmouth. Fans in conflict with owners, clubs spiralling into unsustainable debt, losing ownership of the ground, and all while plummeting down the leagues I usually try to find any bit of Positivity from a negative scenario but really cant see any Maybe I'm blinded by the fact that I know I will have paid £555 for a league 1 season ticket
  9. Add him to the long list of managers deemed not good enough for a bottom of the league skint championship club that hasn’t played top flight football for 21 years I think you’ll find it’s a pretty impressive list
  10. Never support another club while Sheffield Wednesday exist but if they folded then you'd better believe im off glory hunting like a shot 9am train to Manchester watching man city until their money goes then on to the next one Ive spent enough years watching crap teams struggle, there's no way im starting again
  11. So what you’re saying is and I’m sure this happened with Leicester or Leeds is that Sheffield Wednesday could go in to administration and be bought debt free and by the chansiri company that owns the ground and have no FFP hanging over it as it’s a new company that owns us or have I got that wrong
  12. Right so it’s a pre existing debt on the ground does that mean the debt has moved with the ground to the new company that owns it ?
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