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  1. Renewed 5 season tickets on line in about 5 minutes I hammer the club for plenty but thought this process was simple and easy to do
  2. I know it may be tongue in cheek given your previous stances on him but I wouldnt be so sure he is getting anything at the moment
  3. you'll find him now either mooching around his shop, Bradfield cricket club or Oughtibridge cricket club he doesnt venture in to the Park Hotel much now
  4. To be fair to Dave if you know him well as i and others on here and from the local community do (or to be fair youve read his twitter) you would know he's been telling any one who would listen that everything wasn't as it seemed behind the scenes from Day 1 and he predicted early doors the current situation without promotion would arise
  5. The ground staff deserve medals for what they are producing at this stage of pre season
  6. I renewed 5 of us last night, 2 asked for credit, I can confirm they did not have the credit on their accounts we all ended up with the same £110 each
  7. I wonder if, because we negotiated the fee rather than going to a tribunal we managed to get a % sell on clause in there
  8. Honestly I just don't ever get how any swfc fan or sufc fan can actually begin to think of this as an idea I don't care how long youve been watching us or how long youve had a season ticket, I dont care how bad its been and for how long and i dont care how far we fall in the future, because in my opinion if you want to merge with SUFC or think it should be even discussed or considered then I'm sorry in my eyes you are not a Wednesday fan, you're a fan of football that watches wednesday And you can make comments about being a true fan or uber fan i dont care this
  9. Honestly quite frightening that there are still people out there looking to move or portion blame else where it’s really quite simple, one person owns the club if that one person pays his staff on time they can’t hand their notice in it’s not the players fault, it’s not the agents fault, it’s not the banks fault, it’s not Covid s fault it’s one persons fault, The Owner
  10. Fair play to @maidstoneowl,to still be on the bank holiday session at this time on a Tuesday afternoon takes some stamina. I take my hat off to you
  11. You can never be to old to hold your hands up and admit you got something wrong
  12. Cheers Big step for me this, Rightly or wrongly I've been against supporters groups in the past and viewed them as select people trying to work their way into positions within the club. I'll be giving you my money and trust to prove me wrong and back you to help our club
  13. Also if for arguments sake i was to join the trust today would i be included in any survey
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