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    Really Disappointed

    my dad is 71 his answer this morning when i spoke to him was "bit of a daft decision but not really bothered there's more than one way to skin a cat "
  2. Just a question But if Abdi is as done as we all think he is and has to retire through injury would we be due the market value that we paid as a pay out for him through insurance (assuming weve insured him)a
  3. see my reply to the next interaction where i said he shouldn't sign players on the whim of fans
  4. yes totally agree you should never sign players on the whim of fans elite or non elite
  5. Totally agree, one quick conversation on here with the elite and they could have told him not to listen to his head coach, not to listen to his finance team and not listen to his recruitment team
  6. WOW why are we not utilising this knowledge of the elite, DC really needs to get on here and offer prominent positions within the financial, scouting and coaching areas of the club to the elite. just think we would never have to worry about signing a player that didn't work out ever again, and then we could be up there with all the other teams in the premier league who have never had a signing not work out Owlstalk would be shut down and we would all be happy, safe in the knowledge that the Elite have saved wednesday
  7. The worrying thing for me is the 11 players entering the last 12 months of their deals to include Lee, Hooper, Westwood, Bannan, Joao, there is no sign of resigning these so will then want to resign to a club being run as badly as ours. Pudil today and Bannan last week stated they want to end their careers here so yes some will want to sign
  8. Not one player will come for that if there is another club interested 1k difference and players mayl think about it anything 5k and over and the player will take the guaranteed money
  9. Come on mate you know the elite few on here know better than the owner, manager, coaching staff

    A full stadium helps us

    Well played Congratulations on being the first one to blame the owner in a new thread Maybe this should be a race in every thread first one that somehow managers to change the thread in to DC's fault
  11. at the very first steering group meeting Chansiri said the cost of a box to run was 23k a game and MM would sell at any cost even at a loss just so that it would show money coming in saying the cheapest was sold at 17k Not sure if that was correct or not

    Start of New season.

    Thats the Spirit
  13. Doom must have had the leg over last night to be this optimistic
  14. not exactly there was an original chesterfield that folded then the current one Full name Chesterfield Football Club Nickname(s) The Spireites Founded 1866; 152 years ago (original) 24 April 1919; 99 years ago (current incarnation)[1][2] Ground Proact Stadium

    Sad but true

    your right my mistake I forgot that there is always a flaw in being positive on here