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  1. For me the club have got to acknowledge the clientele that goes on the North and talk to them, much like Palace did and asked them what they wanted and what would improve the atmosphere, I would think that the Kop is the best place to do this, as all of us of a certain age (i'm 41) know and former players have talked about, the noise from the Kop use to roll down and the volume increased. lifting our players and putting off the opposition in fact I think it was one of Monks 1st comments as an opposition manager and player trying to quieten down the Kop Also the T1 and the next block have got to realise that they are needed to help increase the atmosphere, pointing and gesturing from the north across 2000 empty seats to 1k away fans at best most games isn't doing anything they're never going to get to them to have a Scrap, and from what I've been told we are never going to be allowed out on to Leppings lane again so you're not going to get at them after either, so the best way to intimidate the opposition and their fans is with the atmosphere ,I'm not speaking from a far as my season ticket is in block S about 6 rows from the back, so i'm there i know what happens The club have also got to encourage this with sensible pricing so that the POTG fans that use to like to go and sit on the north with the end blocks can still get to their mates if they move to on the Kop and also acknowledge some of the songs and chants may have swearing in and accept this for what it is (although i'm still not comfortable singing about the size of our centre half's wee wee tail) Look at the Palace fans with their Banners and Flags as well as other clubs they create a great atmosphere, I appreciate that we have the harshest SAG in the country and bringing Flags and Banners would probably give them Heart attacks but the willing to compromise and work together has to be shown to be coming from us, that way they cant accuse the club or owner of being stubborn. This is in no way going to create a 30k electric atmosphere overnight it will take years of rebuilding and persuasion to do that and like i've said previously we've never really had 30k consistently , but if we do do something then we need to stick with it and see it through, A 25k average creating an intimidating atmosphere would probably get more youngsters interested and wanting to come and get Hillsborough the reputation back it use to have As for the band I think the problem is they seem to work against the atmosphere not with it, for me they only seem to come in and play when the kop start singing and play over it, if i was at the club id be asking them not to play when the crowd are singing but to play when its quiet and try and lift the atmosphere think what im trying to say is yes we all have our differences of opinion and views on whats happening on and off the pitch but surely we need to start looking at ourselves as a collective and realise we can and cant influence, and the major one is the fans and after all said and done what all of us want is the best Sheffield Wednesday we can be isn't it? and even if others departments don't always do their part as well at times, at least lets get to a stage where you cant fault the fans for doing their part
  2. We will never get a consistent 30k gate and we never have we have a die hard loyal base of 20-21k who go week in week out we have another 2-4k that turn up if they can be bothered or we are playing well and another 4k who go to big matches its always been this way and always will yes the pricing has effected the POTG fans but don't believe for a minute that selling tickets for £20 would fill the ground as it wont
  3. To be fair i'll hold my hands up you're correct on the Sgt Wilko system
  4. for the 38 years i've been watching Wednesday, with the exception of Atkinson, Francis and a season and half of carlos its pretty much been direct and often poor football based around a 442 The football under Charlton, Wilkinson, Sturruck and Megson/Jones (promotion season) wasnt pretty but effective The football under Pleat,wilson,Jewell,Shreaves,Yorath Laws Grey was pretty uninspiring bordering on crap The Football under Eustace,Turner,Irvine and Jos was abysmal I know that Football moves on and we need to as fans but weve pretty much put up with poor football for 40 years give or take a 5 year period
  5. 100 % agree with you, its getting to the stage where i hate going and having to listen to the 8ollocks spoken around me, hammering westwood or palmer or fox or reach or Dave, it was the same Saturday im sure people actually go to hammer the players Imagine paying £40 at blackburn and waiting until the 89th minute to announce to everyone around you that youve been saying since the play off final that westwood isn't good enough,# Its frightening the mentality of some of our fans and its not just the football manager/ fifa generations this bloke behind me must have been mid fifties
  6. He's currently the caretaker manager of a championship side that is 11th in the League Hes been caretaker since July and is a situation he and the club are reportedly happy with thats probably why and nothing to do with Finances, especially seeing as Beatie is allegedly coming in next week to join the coaching staff
  7. And we wonder why we get called deluded
  8. Emmerson Thome, Lawrie Madden, Trevor francis, Viv Anderson, Glen whelan, Chris Brunt that spring to mind
  9. He cant do anything right in some peoples eyes can he
  10. I cant believe the threads got this far, hes an embarrassment that has had this coming to him for a long time weve had to put up with and endure his antics at far to many away games over the years and in Portugal, hopefully he can reflect over the next 2 years that he's not as popular as he thinks, he's not as funny as he thinks and he's certainly not as tough as he thinks
  11. Yes by some self absorbed self serving delusional organisation and oh yes and south Yorkshire police are there as well
  12. I think the people living in those houses would probably be against having their homes and business flattened
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