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  1. I’ve not missed the point at all, my point was that hillsborough was never in the reckoning as Kell and his family are blades that should have been your response to all the Manchester people asking you why hillsborough didn’t go for it as I said in my post after the boxers that are big enough names to box outdoors, 99% of the time box either in London or at their teams football grounds the rare exception has been The millennium stadium and benn v Eubanks at old Trafford hillsborough along with 95% of sports stadium in the country will never be in the reckoning because there is no need for them to be
  2. Do You know for a fact brook isn’t a blade
  3. Isn’t hillsborough used by the colleges and universities for exams also hired by tramlines for artist changing and VIP areas all this talk of events and concerts we could have at hillsborough is ridiculous there are over 60 sports stadiums in this country with over 20000 seats in them every single one of them could be considered for gigs concerts boxing etc etc why do people think they are going to choose hillsborough and especially now the park next door can do it to take into account that when booking gigs the artists that are big enough to sell out stadiums usually do 6 max and spread them through out Britain artists that do full tours usually only do arena tours which puts us in direct competition with a purpose built arena not 5 miles away from us and it’s indoor as well as the arena at Leeds As for boxing again the ones big enough to fill out stadiums either want it in London or at their home town club so again rules us out as who was the last boxing Wednesday fan who was big enough to sell out hillsborough brook didn’t sell out bramall lane and kid Galahad couldn’t sell out the arena so no one is boxing at hillsborough it’s an absolute fallacy this same old BS that the owners are missing out on millions of alternative income, they’re not they’re using what they’ve got like the vast majority of the clubs in this country do you want them running tours of the ground for the masses of people interested in us just out of interest how many have been on the tour of the reebok or pride park or what about the riverside tour in Middlesbrough yeah thought not or do you want an office block and hotel on the side of the ground owned by someone else just so you can say we’ve got one it’s a football ground that has a bit of extra income from local institutions and needs updating, just like the vast majority of clubs up and down the country
  4. Did you point out to all those people in Manchester that Brook is a united fan and wanted it at bramall lane and hillsborough was never a option to him
  5. FIFA announced it last night, so im assuming its global covering all leagues
  6. everyone are entitled to their opinion on this but i would just list players who have been involved this season for the first team who are either academy or u23 graduates players to come through the academy to play for the 1st team Joe Wildsmith, Cameron Dawson, Liam Palmer, Ciaran Brennan, Alex Hunt, Declan Thompson, Liam Waldock Players signed for the U18s/U23s who have played for the 1st team Ryan Galvin, David Agbontohoma, Josh Dawodu, Korede Adedoyin, Charles Hagan, Kwame Boateng In total 13 players which i dont think is to bad and certainly better than we've had for a good few years
  7. never understood the shut the academy down stuff, its starting to show results we sold 2 lads for 500k to celtic which will help fund it and we currently have numerous players in and around the squad or have made their debuts this season that have come through the system Im sorry but for a club with our current standing this is what you should expect 5 or 6 making the first team squads and 1 or 2 getting sold or moving to bigger clubs every year
  8. I thought they were still under the same restrictions as us, Free transfers and no fee loans
  9. as much as it pains me to say it Leeds are doing this with Bielsa, there's a man going out swinging and will die on his sword rather than change his philosophy and the fans still back him Id love to back a manager who says we will attack and play this way and to believe in him and what he's doing and if we lose then so be it but it wont be with a whimper or without a fight or through setting up not to lose,
  10. we will start well for the first 15 minutes then they will start to come into the game and score 10 minutes before half time The 2nd half will start as the first one finished with Plymouth dominating until the last 10 minutes when we abandon our principles of making sure there are 25 passes and 3 back passer to the keeper before we get within 35 yards of their net and start knocking it over the full back in to space for one of our 5 wingers on the pitch to chase, this will result in an equaliser with 5 mins to go followed by constant wednesday pressure before the full time whistle That will be greeted with a hearty round of applause and 18000 people muttering that we should have played like that from the start Well something like that anyway or did you just want win lose or draw as the answer
  11. Playing attacking football in an attacking system with players in natural positions.. Here we go with the crazy football manager/FIFA cheat tactics again Surely you all know by now that the more attacking wingers make the best defensive wing backs and centre halves its just basic common sense
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