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  1. I thought you said serious question I personally cant stand the Wednesday/Leeds/England/Kell Brooke/Puka Pie/ Ken Bates supporting/self absorbed tuneless freaks if you are running a Poll
  2. I know I saw it ~That would have taken some explaining in the office
  3. All i want to say is what a great post, nobody is condoning what happened, it was just simply the way of life for a football fan in that era To many people today look to be offended and outraged when there is no need to be
  4. Stupid article by the star again Stupid Title for a non event Thread Both scream look at me
  5. This should be a banner that pops up on your screen when you log in to owlstalk
  6. There is no way everyone will get to ask their questions it will be a farce as everyone will be shouting over each other
  7. Has anybody had confirmation that they are attending yet
  8. he will only leave if he chooses to, The owner will not sack him
  9. for me i think Keane is better than that, he took Sunderland from bottom of the league to champions and like McCarthy his work at Ipswich is looking better than it was at the time, but understand hes not everyone's cup of tea Sad thing is there isn't that many realistic targets out there, if DC does get to that stage then it will be an out of work manager because we cant afford compo
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