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    Press conference live now

    what if that was the main criteria and every manager like the one who was offered the job before him said no im not working under those conditions, (new ipswich manager) we would end up without a manager full stop Or Like 95% of the managers in the leagues he took the job under certain conditions, ours being get rid of the high wage earners, dont let any future contract clauses kick in, you are going to have to concentrate on the academy and none of these can be made public. someone will always take the job on By the way for the record im not a Jos fan but feel the need to defend certain accusations that aren't fair

    Press conference live now

    Not what i said is it, I said that maybe the impending situation was explained to him before he signed and he knew as of the beginning of the season that if westwood wasn't sold it would become a potential problem the following season, and maybe he agreed to take the job on those terms

    Press conference live now

    It is the case, and maybe he took the job knowing what was coming and who would have to be moved on

    Press conference live now

    He's not allowed to pick westwood, anything else said is just towing the party line People know this and i would suspect that the local journo's know this, which means if they do know this then they are more afraid of repercussions from the club rather than their journalistic integrity

    Nuhiu and Joao

    Nuhiu and Joao One is an over rated lazy bar steward and one is an over rated useless bar steward Ill let you decide which is which
  6. Never use to be a nice club on and off the pitch, At away grounds we was hated, if we wanted things changing at the club the crowd wasn't afraid to say it, Now we are just to scared to say anything in case we upset someone and they wont speak nicely about the club in the future, well personally i don't care what any ex employee or owner thinks of the club in the future if they aren't doing or didn't do a good enough job for Wednesday then they want telling And don't tell me being negative doesn't help the team, if we hadn't been negative to great stalwarts of Sheffield Wednesday in A) Peter Eustace, we'd have never had Ron Atkinson and the 5-6 magic years he and francis provided and B) in Chris Turner we'd have been in the fourth tier of english football Lets get nasty again as a fan base and a club

    Big Mick Now !!!!!

    Mick McCarthy is only the answer if the question is, name an out of date manager who hasn't done anything for 10 years and is a pr1ck

    Sheff u info

    good luck mate i think your best bet is on the night or day before

    Brizzle Presser

    or did he mention tom lees backing off him for 30 yards instead of hitting him or are we just going after joey this month

    Really Disappointed

    my dad is 71 his answer this morning when i spoke to him was "bit of a daft decision but not really bothered there's more than one way to skin a cat "
  11. Just a question But if Abdi is as done as we all think he is and has to retire through injury would we be due the market value that we paid as a pay out for him through insurance (assuming weve insured him)a
  12. see my reply to the next interaction where i said he shouldn't sign players on the whim of fans
  13. yes totally agree you should never sign players on the whim of fans elite or non elite
  14. Totally agree, one quick conversation on here with the elite and they could have told him not to listen to his head coach, not to listen to his finance team and not listen to his recruitment team
  15. WOW why are we not utilising this knowledge of the elite, DC really needs to get on here and offer prominent positions within the financial, scouting and coaching areas of the club to the elite. just think we would never have to worry about signing a player that didn't work out ever again, and then we could be up there with all the other teams in the premier league who have never had a signing not work out Owlstalk would be shut down and we would all be happy, safe in the knowledge that the Elite have saved wednesday