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    Engage with us

    Maybe hes had a warning from the league regarding FFP and his excessive sponsorship of the ground,shirts,taxis and kit maker
  2. you're right lets go back to Allen, strafford or Hully days with jack all to spend or MM days where when we do scrape together a 1 million pound budget we spunk it all on stevie may

    Hopefully not

    What if the kids are better than what we are selling

    Hopefully not

    Must try harder
  5. If you think they are going to get anywhere near 12 million for brooks, you are very much misinformed. there is a reason that its an undisclosed fee

    Squad or Ground

    ok Just think it could really revive the north of Sheffield if we got it right, but I understand that doesn't concern everyone involved with the club
  7. Why wouldnt you reward die hard fans who renew no matter what they would sell their clothes/family to make sure they can afford the season ticket they do with the cheapest option, or are you abdicating fleecing the fans that would pay anything to see wednesday phase 2 is a slight increase but still a lot cheaper than pay on the day game to game so gives the humming and arring an option to decide on the saving offered or not Phase 3 i agree with you it would need a few signings and sales to convince people to buy but again in like I've said in previous threads to take you up on your constant Doom and Gloom negative comments, You cant just get rid of players you deem to be overpaid/under performing you either need to find a buyer or pay them up They have made announcements on the new shirt prior to this How do you know there hasn't been any back office Corporate/commercial improvements, why do you feel that fans need to be informed of every move the club makes,

    Squad or Ground

    that was the model that was made on Eric Taylor's design and plans for Hillsborough but fate and relegation got in the way and unfortunately it never came off but that was designed in the 60's imagine if we had pulled it off our far a head of our time would we have been You've got to remember we was always at the forefront of ground development when we built the north stand and west stand, we just never built on it

    Squad or Ground

    Hillsborough is hardly a Backwater place but what i will say is that if we do move a way from Hillsborough a lot of the surrounding post codes will degenerate completely, im not sure people realise how much income is generated for the local businesses by having our home ground there And lets be honest having a ground bang smack in the city with a hotel, offices and conferencing facilities hasn't exactly catapulted our neighbours into the footballing elite

    No sign of the kit!

    I bet I can guess who they are to

    No sign of the kit!

    Whoa there dont you dare come on here spouting your facts and sensible answers This forum was not built on sensible answers, it was built on meltdowns, scaremongering and rumours
  12. it would be nice for the club to listen to the fans again with sales as the biggest barometer to go with I would suggest that the club could argue that they are listening to fans 2 years of record sales speaks very loudly while they are at it don't charge me 359 to have one £30 is plenty and if the club is making more money doing themselves then pass some of that saving to those paying he tickets and buying the merchandise. Thats not really how business works is it, the idea of making it ourselves is to enable us to have more money coming in for FFP, now when we are in the Prem you can have an argument
  13. Reported Record sales of the last 2 predominantly blue shirts, would suggest there is not much of an appetite for protest and those that did are in the minority and wouldn't register enough with the clubs sales figures as for running a competition the club did that for the white kit, and if there was to be another i would suggest they do via there own database and not a fans forum