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  1. Hope he comes back as manager but I hope he doesnt move next door
  2. I will always want to stay at Hillsborough its not just the history its the surrounding community built on Sheffield Wednesday being in Hillsborough, the pubs, cafes shops etc etc, the area of Hillsborough is struggling at the moment and loosing the ground and club would be a death nail Whats to stop us redeveloping where we are with some simple planning more bridges over penistone road and the river would provide more access, move turnstiles to the entrance of bridges, why not make it unique done properly with busses and trams we could easily cope with transport issues
  3. Any truth in the rumours that wednesdayite contributed to the report against the club
  4. on that basis we would still have the same problem with SAG and SYP in a new stadium, the derby game was the most expensive at both grounds is anyone telling the pigs that they've got to move ground rotherham and doncaster have new grounds and have restrictions on them Root cause analysis all points to SYP
  5. Ridiculous comment, we have to relocate and spend 100s of millions on a new stadium because SYP are not fit for purpose, Re style, redevelop but never relocate
  6. We did his comment at one the steering group meetings was that he'd worked in stadiums up and down the country and had never encountered a SAG like the one in Sheffield,
  7. of course they are its the owlstalk way
  8. Fair enough but how can they print Crap with out getting pulled up on it, one look at skybet says hes not in the top 5 I don't think hes even be better than 14/1
  9. As of a minute ago there is nowhere on the website saying that and Rowett is 4/9 with skybet
  10. Obviously all Mr chansiri's fault it's not an opinion currently being aired on this forum there may be a reason behind that
  11. some people on here will use any story or rumour to a turn a thread into a chansiri bashing exercise
  12. There is absolutely no way our fan base or this site would wait 3 seasons before moaning about the style of football
  13. you dont think Skybet have inside knowledge ?
  14. Some Would argue if you've never been a share holder then its never been your club as such and you've always been a customer under other owners not just Mr Chansiri
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