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  1. Wednesday fans will be in all the stands I'm sure. Times have changed at football thankfully. Give us a wave during the game!
  2. 5,500? What about all the other Wednesday fans going. I'm sure they will give us a wave from the Preston areas!
  3. All the money taken by the circus is going to charity I hear. Red Nose Day I believe!
  4. I found one that was covered in loads of dust. Someone said it was Kevin McCabes!
  5. If anyone has a spare I would appreciate it. Thx!
  6. I need one ticket if anyone has a spare please,
  7. We can't go so I'm selling our two tickets in the grandstand for £50.
  8. Me and the Mrs Can't now make tomorrow's game due to my work shift changing. Will take £50 for the pair!
  9. It's just a charity event for Red Nose Day!
  10. I used to be in the Cubs when I was a nipper. Can I have it please?
  11. Can't wait for it. I remember not too long ago going to Brum and the Police threw about 150 weds fans out. Fighting all over the place. How times have changed! Any away fans pubs?
  12. Spoke to a Villa fan last week. He told me Bannan is a right boozer. Didn't he lose his licence for drink driving?
  13. Can anyone co e up with all white kit with blue collar, blue strip down side of short and sock? With our old badge too please.
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