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  1. None mate, we seem especially crap at finding raw young talent and turning them into quality, consistent players and turning a profit. The comparison was more that other clubs seem to do it - Peterborough, Leeds, United, Brentford maybe. I need to cling onto the deluded, naive, blind hope that we can do it at some point as well.
  2. Leicester signed Riyad Mahrez from the French 2nd division for £400k. Similar to Knockaert. Every so often a gem is unearthed from an obscure league. This kid could be a success or complete failure at Wednesday, but the type of signing we are now in the market for is unlikely to be a household name. Any signing we make who you've heard of is likely to either be a crock or over the hill (see George Boyd). We might already have Reach, Harris and Murphy, but they are inconsistent and have a limited skill set. If this new kid is rapid and skillful, but a bit mardy - I'll take that if it gives us a bit of an x factor when the game has slowed to a snails pace and we are lumping hail mary passes to whichever number 9 is playing.
  3. Love the guy, and to be honest I prefer him to Lees. He just seems to have more presence as a player, character and leader. That's not slating Lees btw, who on his day is immense, but I think needs a leader next to him to perform at his best. Borner and Iorfa at CB for me. It's been said on here before, but everything else aside, Bruce needs some credit for his signings. Borner, Harris, Luongo for nothing, and of course Iorfa who cost I'm pretty sure the same fee we paid for Peter Atherton about 3 decades ago.
  4. As another poster said, we have been mediocre, or at many times worse than mediocre for a couple of decades. The club has had well publicised issues recently with ffp, the stadium 'sale' and compliance issues. DC might have had other management targets which would be considered higher profile or more ambitious, but if they knock us back because we're not as attractive a proposition as some fans think we should be - then he has to look elsewhere at managers who aren't first choice. We could do worse than Monk, and whilst he has had a few clubs and sackings recently, at least he is still young from a more modern era of manager, whilst also having experience in the champ and prem. Honestly, I would have preferred the Cowleys, but I'm glad we've not got a dinosaur like pulis with outdated tactics and philosophies.
  5. Bullen has been the consistent link between the players and management for some time. He has become a bit of a 'Mr Swfc'. Forgetting for a moment that he isn't the right man for the permanent job, and as much as I like him I firmly believe he isn't quite up to the task, I wouldnt want to give it him because when he eventually gets sacked, he leaves the club completely and we lose a staff member who has ingrained himself with the club and fans in a positive way. Keep him as coach, and caretaker manager when required, but don't set him up to fail and leave the club by making him the permanent manager.
  6. Exactly. Leeds fan said same to me when we signed Tom Lees. I'll reserve judgement until I see him, if he ever arrives for his medical that is. Sometimes it just doesn't work at certain clubs. If he's fast, young(ish) and can move us up the pitch quicker than George Boyd, than that will do me. On a season's loan, it's low risk if he doesnt work out. At least we're not stuck with an ageing has-been on a huge salary for 2 or 3 years as per our previous approach to transfers.
  7. Love it when Brian Laws can't quite think of the word he's looking for. "His first touch was...explicit".
  8. Because of our finances and recent league position finishes, the market we are currently shopping in, imo, means we are limited to: 1) Young players in early to mid 20's that have had a good season or 2 at a lower league but are unknown at championship level, or young players that were once promising at a higher level but have lost their way due to injury or form (or both). 2) Older players who have been playing at a half decent level but are close to being over the hill and are released. 3) Unknown quantities from foreign leagues e.g Julian Borner. We are seemingly not in a position to buy the next big thing or splash on a player at a good age, in good form and with championship experience, so it should come as no surprise that we are looking at players like McEachran (once touted as the future of England's Centre mid). We need to be savvy in our dealings and we may have more misses than hits, but at least the players we are getting in more recently are still young and will not command huge wages (and at last we are signing some young pacy wide players). JM fits the bill for the market we have to shop in at this moment in time.
  9. Not sure what his overall performance was like, but the strike from Lazaar that hit the post deserves a mention.
  10. I agree with the op. It seems refs look for reasons to book him sometimes and he still has this reputation as diving every chance he gets. That cretin Ronnie Moore was going on about it. I could understand it, to a degree, if he was going up to the Rotherham fans and goading them with a bit the Chris Maguire 'sit down' treatment, as that would be inciting...but celebrating a 100th minute equaliser after you've had the cr*p kicked out of you all game is really harsh. Especially when it means it's resulting in a red card.
  11. The headline is a bit generous to Blinker for me. Scored 2 absolute worldies on his debut then his skill and pace evaporated. Good hair though. Think we've got the best value out of Loovens out of the Dutch lads, to say he came on a free.
  12. Damn, got me again. Once more, I walk into a thread full of youthful optimism that the poster is 'in the know', has credible sources close to the club etc about a genuine 'possible signing' full of pace, flair and 25 goals. Maybe deep down I knew it was no more than the old 'could he do a job for us' thread, but I dared to dream. Threads such as this make me want to go and walk into the sea. Damn you OP, damn you...
  13. My scathing attack on Palmer seemed to make him up his game. Good goal lad - all is forgiven.
  14. Villareal are superior opposition, so if we lose this game (as we are in every department so far, including the score line) I will not be too surprised or disappointed. I assume Jos is playing Hutch and JP together to cope with their attacking threat, and will not use this set up regularly in the league. However - the lack of balance in this team is very frustrating to watch. Again we have no pace, Boyd and Palmer look poor down the flanks and can't get into the game. Nothing coming from the midfield creativity wise and we break up the pitch at the pace of a tugboat, allowing them to get their entire team back. Nuhiu looks isolated and his touch looks rusty. FF shouldn't be played in a front 2 for me. Apart from that, it's all good and I can't wait for the season to start.
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