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  1. Few things we learnt tonight

    My god, that lineup looks more bizarre every time I read it. I'm pretty sure he selected tonight's team by pulling names out of a tombola drum.
  2. I remember Dave Jones doing it against Hull away several years ago. It worked that day because we had Antonio, JJ and Helan in the midfield. The difference being we had pace coming from several angles and a bit of flamboyance. Chuffed for JP to get a goal tonight, but it was difficult to see how that starting 11 was going to be much of an attacking threat.
  3. Jordan Thorniley..

    Good shout that one. It hadn't crossed my mind until now, but he's got a cultured left peg and can wrap his foot round those crosses. He said he started his career as a left winger I read somewhere. Not a long term solution, but worth considering as a stop gap. If we are going to stick with this formation we have to sign a natural wing back for both sides in the summer.
  4. Only the medical team can save us now

    A lot of the missing 'first team' have been hit and miss for 18 months but for me, getting a fully fit FF, Hooper and Bannan back, and maybe Lees (if he can find his form of 2 seasons ago) back could make a real difference. These guys are the game changers and the spine of the team imo.
  5. Will we?

  6. Jordan Rhodes

    This has been covered a hundred times but if we need to go over it again - many said when we signed him that he will fail because we don't play the game that works to his strengths. He is an out and out poacher who needs quality early crosses. We don't do this and are now seeing what many predicted. I don't blame Rhodes. He isn't even missing chances and it takes us an eternity to break from defence to attack. We should have kept Winnall and spent the £10m (or whatever) on a fast tricky winger and a full back, imo.
  7. Pace

    Our best option to get a cheap, quick fix for a rapid winger with a couple of tricks, imo, would be a loan from a top 4/5 Prem club. Ryan Kent from Liverpool was on loan at Barnsley last season and played 44 games. 2 good feet, pace, good crosser and not afraid to take someone on as he has the 20 year old youthful exuberance. Izzy Brown is another example. Both of these players looked good at hillsborough last season. None of this matters as I don't think we will go down this route, as it just doesn't seem to be the direction CC wants to go in, but I think this is the most realistic way of getting an effective pacey wide man in the squad. Buying the next Knockeart/Antonio would cost £15m or above in this market and we are probably behind several other clubs in being able to attract this calibre of player (for now). I think that even if we signed a flamboyant pace merchant who could carry a ball 60 yards and push a team back, CC would not play them. I just can't envisage him going with anything other than 4 out of Wallace, bannan, Lee, Jones, hutch, reach, in one form or another. All of these are quality players in their own right, but we need another option now. Probably more than one actually.
  8. Obligatory Steven Fletcher Appreciation Thread

    Excellent, I love a good phones-eye view of a Wednesday goal. Sadly, I still find myself staring at that bloody Presto Stand and shaking my head in embarrassment instead of appreciating a vital goal. It's not as prominent from my seat in the north, so I sometimes forget what a shed that away stand is. Anyway - great win. Fletch is on great form at the business end of the season.
  9. The Answer Is Clear

    Megson wasn't showing any signs he could get us out of league one, had us playing atrocious football and has been out of work for several years. I can't see how he is the answer. Although admittedly, I wouldn't mind seeing a couple of Megson style signings (6 ft 4 bruisers) in the squad. Maybe. Anyway, I definitely don't want Megson. I'm not sure about Pearson anymore either. The guy is nuts, and had a nightmare at Derby with an expensive squad at his disposal and Chris Powell as his no.2.
  10. How did abdi do.....

    He didn't see too much of the ball due to coming on late and we were pretty much just trying to clear our lines at the stage, but the few times he got on the ball he was tidy. Did the little things correctly e.g shield the ball look up and pick the correct pass. I like that he plays the ball into the players path as well (instead of behind them like many of our passes last night). I desperately want to see this guy succeed, as we all do, but feel that cc's perspective is that if Bannan is fit, he plays. Given Jones and Bannan played Tuesday and with Lee/Hutch both out, this was a great chance to give him a game (although I knew instinctively that wouldn't happen). Separately, I thought Jones was poor last night - too many loose balls and pointless fouls. Maybe if Bannan is unfortunate enough to get injured (which I don't wish on any player) then who knows...we'll no doubt see Semedo start the next game ;)
  11. NEW SWFC SIGNING - Morgan Fox (official)

    Totally agree. Admittedly all I know about Fox is what I read on the Charlton board when we signed Wiggins - which was along the lines of "Wiggins is 3rd choice lb anyway and we have Morgan Fox now". I would be interested to hear from any owls who have seen Fox play, as the general negativity seems to be based on Wiggins not being successful, therefore Fox will be the same.
  12. Forestieri - there in body but not in spirit

    He's worked hard running the channels and chasing long balls in difficult circumstances. None of the attacking players have really had an impact, which is always the case in games like this. Playing away against strong opposition is about organisation and graft, and getting a smash and grab 0-1. Going to plan so far.
  13. Best Volley?

    Hirsty against spurs in the 3-4 loss. First time volley in the top corner on his weaker foot. Should have got a lot more credit but the motd panel wouldn't shut up about that bloody stupid dive celebration by Klinsman. Also worth a mention - Sibon volley direct from a corner to put us 0-2 up against Derby in THAT 3-3 game at their place [breaks into cold sweat]. The most emotionally scarring game I've ever been to.
  14. Fulfilling Potential

    Etienne Esajas. Signed by Law's I think was, to replace Brunt. Had a few tricks and a hammer of a left foot. After his first couple of games, I thought we'd signed a genuine one-man match winner, bit like brunt was on his day. Instead he disappeared from the matchday squad, drove around Sheffield in his Lamborghini and picked up a wage for doing f-all. Modern football at its best. Straight from the Kenny Lunt handbook.
  15. Don't blame Liam Palmer

    Brexit of course