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  1. Not sure what his overall performance was like, but the strike from Lazaar that hit the post deserves a mention.
  2. I agree with the op. It seems refs look for reasons to book him sometimes and he still has this reputation as diving every chance he gets. That cretin Ronnie Moore was going on about it. I could understand it, to a degree, if he was going up to the Rotherham fans and goading them with a bit the Chris Maguire 'sit down' treatment, as that would be inciting...but celebrating a 100th minute equaliser after you've had the cr*p kicked out of you all game is really harsh. Especially when it means it's resulting in a red card.
  3. The headline is a bit generous to Blinker for me. Scored 2 absolute worldies on his debut then his skill and pace evaporated. Good hair though. Think we've got the best value out of Loovens out of the Dutch lads, to say he came on a free.
  4. Damn, got me again. Once more, I walk into a thread full of youthful optimism that the poster is 'in the know', has credible sources close to the club etc about a genuine 'possible signing' full of pace, flair and 25 goals. Maybe deep down I knew it was no more than the old 'could he do a job for us' thread, but I dared to dream. Threads such as this make me want to go and walk into the sea. Damn you OP, damn you...
  5. My scathing attack on Palmer seemed to make him up his game. Good goal lad - all is forgiven.
  6. Villareal are superior opposition, so if we lose this game (as we are in every department so far, including the score line) I will not be too surprised or disappointed. I assume Jos is playing Hutch and JP together to cope with their attacking threat, and will not use this set up regularly in the league. However - the lack of balance in this team is very frustrating to watch. Again we have no pace, Boyd and Palmer look poor down the flanks and can't get into the game. Nothing coming from the midfield creativity wise and we break up the pitch at the pace of a tugboat, allowing them to get their entire team back. Nuhiu looks isolated and his touch looks rusty. FF shouldn't be played in a front 2 for me. Apart from that, it's all good and I can't wait for the season to start.
  7. We need to sign someone. Anyone. I don't care. Just do something to give this thread some relevance.
  8. I tend to always look at performance over points, as in the log run the former generally decides the success of the team. Yes, we have beaten fulham at their place but ultimately what does it count for if we are the ones hovering in 16th and they are pushing for auto promotion. They have a very balanced side with all the right attributes of pace down the flanks, power, a good central midfield and striker. We have done well to recover recently and add a bit of gloss to a frankly awful season on and off the pitch, but this weekends match shows that we have lot of work to do before we can think about the top 2. Several players over the hill on big wages who will be difficult to move on, and several signings needed in key areas which we may struggle to fund. Hopefully Jos can pull off some some good deals on free transfers and loans in the summer to inject some positivity. Wawaw.
  9. Onomah likened to a "baguette filled with dogs*it". Top marks to that villa fan for comedy insults.
  10. My god, that lineup looks more bizarre every time I read it. I'm pretty sure he selected tonight's team by pulling names out of a tombola drum.
  11. I remember Dave Jones doing it against Hull away several years ago. It worked that day because we had Antonio, JJ and Helan in the midfield. The difference being we had pace coming from several angles and a bit of flamboyance. Chuffed for JP to get a goal tonight, but it was difficult to see how that starting 11 was going to be much of an attacking threat.
  12. Good shout that one. It hadn't crossed my mind until now, but he's got a cultured left peg and can wrap his foot round those crosses. He said he started his career as a left winger I read somewhere. Not a long term solution, but worth considering as a stop gap. If we are going to stick with this formation we have to sign a natural wing back for both sides in the summer.
  13. A lot of the missing 'first team' have been hit and miss for 18 months but for me, getting a fully fit FF, Hooper and Bannan back, and maybe Lees (if he can find his form of 2 seasons ago) back could make a real difference. These guys are the game changers and the spine of the team imo.
  14. This has been covered a hundred times but if we need to go over it again - many said when we signed him that he will fail because we don't play the game that works to his strengths. He is an out and out poacher who needs quality early crosses. We don't do this and are now seeing what many predicted. I don't blame Rhodes. He isn't even missing chances and it takes us an eternity to break from defence to attack. We should have kept Winnall and spent the £10m (or whatever) on a fast tricky winger and a full back, imo.
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