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  1. & iam still waiting for ben10 & Rhodes to sign you obviously spend to much time on owlstalk lad you need to get out more
  2. your obsession with this thread is worrying #getalife
  3. It's only a game I think flesh & blood more important life about priority's lad
  4. Giving this one a miss to spend quality time with the family. family over everything
  5. 1-0 to the wednesday boys & bould what's the score
  6. Was chatting to some other Wednesday fans about players that always seem to score against us come up with a few names Kevin Phillips being the most obvious & few last min goals aswell clinton morrison David speedie Kerry Dixon Graeme sharp & dean Saunders can anyone think of others ?
  7. Who put the ball in the arsenal net Steve the massive tool bould did
  8. He wears that blue hat all the time never seen him without it even even it's red hot what a lad
  9. Would love hutchinson to take him Out then a wednesday fan to take him out again with a nice right hook
  10. Listen on radio in a nice warm room feet up
  11. I seriously think we will beat them don't fear them at all keep it tight to start with one bit of magic will win us the game all the negativity of the last few years had gone S6 will be rocking
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