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  1. A few people having a laugh with the chairman, doing no harm and you all slag them off ..no wonder Hillsborough is a morgue
  2. that first season no one expected us to go up, and he got us so close, playoff finals are a bit of a lottery, if we’d have gone up he would have been a hero. Played very good football, created a good atmosphere at the club. Gets to much stick imo.
  3. Aye, I agree refs get Things wrong, but I’m sure he was stood about 5 yards away with a clear view.
  4. Of course it would have made a difference. That goal could have kicked us into gear!
  5. So what will happen to the ref.. nothing as per. Now I’m not saying we would have won if MO was still on the pitch, however how many times have we played bad then second half come out a completely different team? That red virtually stopes us having any chance of a comeback. This season has been one of the worst I’ve seen officials, they cost us so many points with there lack of common sense. we lose 3 points and the ref goes about his business next week as normal. Joke.
  6. I really like Dawson put he pi££3ses me off how he just walks to get the ball back when it goes out and we’re loosing 2-0! Hurry up man, show some flipping urgently! We loosing ffs
  7. I see it as some kinda trophy. Just off to city sauna now for a drink....
  8. The ref was shocking all game, he was so inconsistent with his decisions. He couldn’t wait to be in the lime light and show a red. Another ref that’s probably never played football before And doesn’t use common sense, just goes exactly by the book. I like to call them jobsworth.
  9. Very good player at this level. Strong and quick. Just what we need. I still think he could do well in the PL tbh.
  10. Yeah because Nuhiu definitely strikes me as someone that purposely doesn’t try when he’s got a new contact.....
  11. We will get rid, he will sign for another club, smash it for a year, the team he signs for will be laughing at us, Saying why did they let him go, what a steal.. bla bla bla... then he will do the same for them as he did to us and Watford. Just get rid. We’re doing alright without him.
  12. Yeah, agree with that, but to say you couldn’t hear them is incorrect. We need to make Hillsborough a fortress.
  13. I was also there pal, I don’t know how you can say you couldn’t hear them? That first 30 minutes, they made a cracking atmosphere.
  14. Might get a bit of stick for this, but we need to get Hillsborough rocking like they do at Elland rd. as much as I hate Leeds they make a racket at home.
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