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  1. Derbyshireowl3

    Whats gonna happen tomorrow then?

    We will probably win.. all will be well again. Then get beat by Leeds and back to meltdown... Do you not know the drill by now ffs!
  2. Derbyshireowl3

    How did we make them look so good

    I understand that the game is going this way, I just hate that teams think that going long is a no go. If it's done correctly like you say it's a very effective way of playing football. We had the luxury of two 6"5 + up top tonight and they we didn't use that advantage enough. So frustrating to watch. We looked beaten at 1-0.
  3. Derbyshireowl3

    How did we make them look so good

    What annoys me the most is that were two goals down and we INSIST on playing it back or across the back four! We have two of the biggest players up top....why not go long! What's the obsession with not just us but most teams in playing it on the floor. Go long, if we don't win the first ball then some Fu$$3r win the second or third!!! Least we're in there half and not pi$$i&g about at back still!
  4. Derbyshireowl3

    'i dont wear red'

    No offense but they sound horrific mate.
  5. Derbyshireowl3

    How have you coped without footy?

    And plenty in the tank ....
  6. I think this national leauge thing is a good idea. Hopefully no more pointless games v local Tesco lads down in Azerbaijan. It's got to improve not only us a team, but the Sh17e ones too. Actually playing against teams that you actually stand a chance of winning or loosing to is a good thing. Also like the fact you can be relegated and promoted. 1-1 tonight. Come on England!
  7. Derbyshireowl3

    We won but...

    10-0= 3 points 2-1= 3 points... I don't give a **** how many we win by...
  8. Derbyshireowl3

    Another pathetic manager

    It's not going to work for him. This job is to big for him. He's got no personality what's so ever, I actually turn the radio over when he's on. I can't figure out what our game plan actually is. Not good enough I'm affraid.
  9. Derbyshireowl3

    Wigan Athletic 3 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday

    This will be a tough game! 0-4 Bananananannanan x3 Palmer x1
  10. Derbyshireowl3


    Naa semedo was better in my opinion. I can't recall many players getting past him one on one. It was just something I pefered about jose.
  11. Derbyshireowl3

    Atletico Wednesday Shirt

    JUST BLUE AND WHITE STRIPES! its so simple, people think they have to modify it to look good. NO. just plain blue and white stripes is what makes us Sheffield Wednesday.
  12. Derbyshireowl3

    If Fulham win the play offs...

    i can only see him going to a relegated prem team. they got parachute payments to spend, and its not as much of a gamble because hes clearly very good at this level. it would be a big gamble for a premiership club to spends millions on a player thats not yet done it in the top league
  13. Derbyshireowl3

    Defensive manager ...

    I'm still not convinced. Done ok don't get me wrong, but something inside me just tells me that he's not the man.
  14. Derbyshireowl3

    Clean language viewing

    Back of North near away end, half of them are that that smashed that it's just dribble that comes out of there mouth
  15. I dont think the players he signed were bad, I do think the the players he signed were wrong if that makes sense? ... or am I still pi££ed from weekend...