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  1. Missing it like mad! I’m a football fan who will watch any football that is on tv... And when there’s no footy on.. I’ll just watch sky sports news on repeat. I can’t wait for it to come back on! My wife on the other hand is ABSOLUTELY loving it! Haha I’m also not wasting as much money!
  2. Madness in it. Absolute madness. I can’t get my head around people wanting to lose there money.
  3. I really like him as a player.. but he can’t nail down a position at any club unfortunately, And managers seem to get fed of him. It’s a real shame because the lad has bags of talent. On his day, when he’s playing with full confidence, he could easily play at the highest level imo
  4. I’m sure I heard an interview where he said he knew it was tome to retire when he was at us as he just felt bored good player tho!
  5. I’ve never ever seen us or another team take a battering like that before. It’s was unwatchable. How they didn’t score just baffles me. It was just meant to be our day. Even the goal we got was lucky! Football can be a funny old game at times and that’s why we love it! I’ll never forget this game and it will definitely be one of them games I tell my grandkids about when Im older.
  6. You make some valid points. scrap my idea. there’s a reason I only work in a warehouse
  7. Are they good? Are they run well? I refuse to support a s#it team again!
  8. They should build a fan park.. which would include.. beer huts, large screen, burger vans, Even mini games for the kids. Imagine how good that would be! it’s fun to dream
  9. He will smash it in league 1 tho something to hopefully look forward too
  10. I’ll be happy with some sort of credit/vouchers to spend on what I choose, so away games.. club shop.. cup games. id personally be happy with this.
  11. The actual Football would be worst.. but I wouldn’t give a monkeys! I’d be able to have a proper day out. Spend money on more booze and get to more away games! i love football for the whole.. not just pretty football. Money has spoilt the game in so many ways!
  12. Completely agree. I rather not go up like that. I’ve spent sheds loads of money watching Wednesday try and go up... I wouldn’t want us to go up with and not be able to celebrate. Just defeats the point in been a fan in my eyes.
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