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  1. Derbyshireowl3

    How many games...

    We have top players already, what about when he benched hector and got battered? What about Sammy who's clearly better than pelupessy? The manager is responasble for us been where we are and if we don't change him I can see us falling further
  2. Derbyshireowl3

    Half season tickets

    Surly common sense should be used. Something that our world has forgot exist.
  3. Derbyshireowl3

    Half season tickets

    Wow. Makes me so proud this club at times. Fair play to the fella for still going.
  4. Derbyshireowl3

    Half season tickets

    Fair enough!! Why didn't he just buy a full one at start? Im surprised anyone actually potg tbh!
  5. Derbyshireowl3

    Half season tickets

    No I agree, I cant see many, if not any actually buying one! Why would you?? Unless he drops the price, then it wouldn't be fair on people that paid full whack at the start of season surly?
  6. Derbyshireowl3

    Half season tickets

    I didn't actually! I was thinking will chansiri lower prices this season with us been poo! Or will he have the cheek to bang them up? Also people that are buying one, whats there reason.
  7. When do they go on sale? Will anyone be mad enough to buy one? Whats he going to charge?
  8. Derbyshireowl3

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    Why are our fans saying it's our reserve team?? Most of them players have played most games this season. I Don't get it
  9. Derbyshireowl3

    is the bacon game

    i see this game as a free hit i personally dont expect owt from it so if we lose then were still 5h1t if we win then we can laugh our nuts off at them that they got beat by a 5h1t team win win
  10. Derbyshireowl3

    Chansiri kicking off

    I think your looking to much in to this....all I'm saying is that I'm pi$$3d of ok!
  11. Derbyshireowl3

    Chansiri kicking off

    Personally The more I pay the more I feel ripped off.
  12. Derbyshireowl3

    Chansiri kicking off

    Obviously I don't condone anything like that. There just moron's which unfortunately every club has. However I do think fans have right to be angry. I'm angry that I'm having to pay top whack to watch my club play crap football! I can't imange anyone to be happy!
  13. Derbyshireowl3

    Chansiri kicking off

    Im sorry but football is a passion. You emotionally invest your self in it. When things are going well it's an amazing feeling. When we got promoted from leauge one against Wycombe, everyone was happy, partying together, drinking together, nothing could take the smile off our faces! So when things don't go so well it's the opposite. It gets you down! We pay A LOT of money to watch and be apart of swfc so to call them embarrassing for taking in to seriously is a bit harsh IMO. Fans have a right to get angry when they pay this much.
  14. Derbyshireowl3

    I feel sorry for jos

    How? He literally came out and said he's not got his hands tied and the players he's got are good enough...how can u back back a man that says that and then gets the results he's getting?? U gotta be winding us up?!