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  1. Leeds Allocation

    **** em
  2. Man of the match

    Westwood- 7- didn't have much to do Hunt-8/9- constantly up and down. Some good crosses to. Lees-7- steady, solid enough. Jooooooost-8- solid, didnt look out of place to say its his first game. Reach-7- was really good in spells but his crossing at times makes me pull my hair out! Wallace- 8/9- pefer him to Wallace. Miss his cheekyness and crossing when not playing Jones-7- I dont even realise hes playing half of time. Bannan-7- feel he could have gone forwad a bit more but still quality when on ball. Lee-8- god he makes a difference. Hooper-8- smart player. him, Fletcher and lee seem to work together well. Fletcher-8- I believe he should be first on team sheet. Always likely to get a goal.
  3. Ruthless but controversial

    Thankgod your not a manager!
  4. Just got home thread

    I stood on the side bit and it was rubbish.
  5. There is a special thread for such positive posts like this.
  6. On my way back now, poor. Seems to be no plan, no passion and no idea. Cant pick a M.OT.M Carlos has got to go now. Its got to a point now were we need new ideas. A fresh mind. The longer we keep carlos, the more backwards we will go. It will be a shame to have all this talent and waste it.
  7. Go to pub drink 10 pints

    People are way to sensitive. Have you tried driking 10 pints? I bet if you do, you will be singing it with the rest of us ;) Its just a laugh fella...just dont follow though with it and actually beat the wife!
  8. Team for Bolton

    You aright fella?
  9. Appalling Wednesday fans booing the team off

    If I don't supply my customers at work they complain... The players and manager are not supplying me right now... so ill complain. Simple
  10. Next season kit

    this! we could have smashed sales by just been the 150th anniversary kit alone.
  11. Owls v Rangers - OMDT

    You are joking right??
  12. SAG and SYP own goal?

    Its like the longer we dont have an incident, the worst it becomes. Which makes no sence! Its embarrassing. Its like how far can we push them untill they knock it down. Is that what they want?
  13. Summer 2017 non-mega transfer thread

    Been saying this would happen eventually. Although some might find it harder than they think. I mean who likes going to burton on a cold Tuesday decembr night.
  14. George Hirst on loan to Chesterfield?

    As much as I want him to go out on loan, im also worried he will go there, smash it, then have every team in England wants to sign him! They can bugger off, hes ours!! Haha In all seriousness I hope he goes and kills it :)
  15. Jose Semedo

    I haven't been blessed in been able to watch some proper legends, so people like jose along with bullen, liera and jj are standout players for me personally. Not blessed with magnificent ability, but not at all bad players, but what they gave to club is priceless. I love players like them. Its not always about ability for me. So thsnkyou jose semedo. WAWAW.