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  1. Dawson- poor kicking, and slow re-starts. Good point blank save in a vital moment. 6.5 lees- solid 8 borner- solid 8 ajadbodhrhfjv (MO) left us so exposed first half but a very good second half. 7 palmer- didn't do no wrong. 8 lee- what a player, we play well when he plays. 9 hutch- tackles, runs and plays with everything. 8 reach- must have covered the most ground today. Never stoped. 8 harris- what we've missed in ages. And actually has talent to back up the pace. 9 murphy- looked good with the ball, confident and a tidy goal. 8 FLETCH- MOTM, worked his nuts off, won fouls, won headers, linked up, and scored. 9 WAWAW
  2. Is it a good deal? They could just loan us some unproven u23 player that can't even get a game for the u23? Or have I missed something?
  3. Agree 100 %, what is the point of signing a contract if 6 months down line you suddenly decide your leaving? If your not willing to honour your contract, which is probably better than 90% of most other contacts then pay the price. If I was chansiri and Bruce was determined he was leaving, I would let him leave but make him see out the contract. Fizz him, we don't owe anything to him, id make sure i made it as awkward as possible for mike cashly and Bruce if he was to leave.
  4. I just don't Understand these teaser/daft reveal videos, is there a point to it? Just show us the kit ffs, or am I just getting old and miserable?
  5. Is definitely take LC. He's a leader. Be good to have someone like that in the dressing room. He's nowhere near as bad as people are making out. He wears his heart on his sleeve, he's played at the highest level and Steve Bruce obviously thinks he can get something out of him. So for that reason...I'm in!
  6. There isint anymore. If a club has a player that a PL club wants then they just pluck a stupid figure from thin air because there's that much money in the PL, they know they will consider paying it. It's madness.
  7. Park behind rawsons on a side street. 15 MIN walk to ground a crafty pint after while the traffic dies down Free.
  8. I've never even heard of him or seen him before, but he was class. Best player on the pitch today.
  9. Westwood. They had a winger called ezu or something, he was quality!
  10. Actually found it amusing. lets fly it over Hillsborough on the 43 min when a lot of people are going down stairs to get a pint! At least do it on the 60th min or something! Idiots
  11. We need to keep him. It showed against Norwich How much we missed him, I like Dawson and he will have a good career but I think we would have won that if Kieran was in goal.
  12. Proper hard game this, but nowt to lose, let's just go for it. Rather lose 5-0 and know we've had a reyt go at them, than draw or lose 1-0 and just sit back.
  13. Was we at the same game? I actually thought he was one of the better players today! Yes he's not a world beater but he definitely solid enough tonight. Won most tackles and headers and worked hard along with Boyd on the left!
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