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  1. I find it quite pathetic and desperate that Charlton are trying this hard to get us relegated when it’s there own fault they are down there in the first place. If they were mid table would they be going off like this? Wish they would Concrete on there own club rather than getting a decision overturned to save there own backside. Shouldn’t be so sh!7 in the first place.
  2. He’s just a solid 6/7 out of 10 most games. He’s one of them that would go into any team and get the same score. I actually think reach is better suited to play in the premiership Where it’s slower and less fouls are committed.
  3. Blackburn at home was horrific. One of the worst I’ve seen at Hillsborough.
  4. Although I’m not a massive fan of the collar, I still really like the away one.
  5. I genuinely don’t know if your taking p**s 😂
  6. wildsmith-6 should have been stronger with there second goal. We need better I’m afraid if we want to do well LeeS-6.5 I think he found it hard against a very physical ashdjdbolaonga or what ever he’s called. Iorfa- 8 some decent blocks and carried the hall our well. palmer- 6.5 same as lee harris- 7 took the game to them on a few occasions and caused them a few problems bannan- 7.5 shocking first half and was at fault for 1st goal, good second half, got on the ball and tried to make things happen shaw- 6.5 looked ok. Kept it simple lee- 7.5- looked very good for first 30 minutes then just seem to burn out Murphy- 8.5 seemed to have the beating of there full back most of the game. Decent crosses too. dave- 6.5 held the ball well at times but no threat infront of goal Wickham - 7 Got into some decent positions And held the ball well, but again, didn’t look like scoring.
  7. I just don’t get it. That second half we was the much better side. So many games this season we’ve the better side.. yet we still end up losing. It’s not as if we are playing bad either! We seem to make a mistake and it ends up costing us every time! Other teams make a mistake and they get all the luck in the world.
  8. Start him upfront. Make the man captain for this game. He deserves it. I for one will miss him. I understand we need to move forward but we will struggle to find a player like atty, on the cheap again. He’s so handy to throw on for last 20 minutes when you need a goal.
  9. The last time we played Fulham they were a horrible team! time wasting, Petty fouls, diving, the lot. I think harry arter came on and kicked everyone and everything. The worst I’ve possibly seen at Hillsborough Fulham. When we scored that equaliser in the last min, I don’t think I’ve celebrated a goal like that in years! im fully expecting the same again.
  10. I honestly just prefer monk to dross cus at least he talks with a bit of passion. He seems to care. I just couldn’t relate to jos. He bored the shiyte out of me 😂
  11. So we get rid, and then what? We replace him with someone else and he has the same problems. He might have a honeymoon period but we will soon be back to square one. How’s a manager meant to build a squad when all’s we do it sack them. We need a manager to stay long enough to find the problems and address them.
  12. Monks not the only one that can’t motivate these players. It’s not his squad. How’s a manager meant to prove him self if we Don’t give him time, to bring his own players in and get his own instructions across? I actually like monk. I think he’s trying to do his best With very little. He’s bringing in young players from the academy, he seems to have got rid of the so called “bad eggs”. I don’t know if he is the right man to take us forward but he definitely deserves the time to give it ago. He’s also definitely not the problem with why we arnt very good too.
  13. God It wasn’t that bad! I still defend monk. He’s not had the time yet. Can’t keep sacking managers all the time. They need time to build a squad. I thought tonight's performance was ok. Both teams can’t afford to lose, so was hardly going to be a thriller. We didn’t get outplayed.
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