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  1. So I finally emailed them to see what’s happening with my ST refund, as I’ve not heard a peep, and got a reply of basically... to many people asked for a refund so taking longer than anticipated. change of system not helped fans not answering there calls. they apologised for my delay but can’t give me any more info on when I’m getting my money back.
  2. I hear what your saying, but there’s been about 6 managers that have climbed to the top of the betting odds. We’re gonna start to run out of names soon
  3. I honestly don’t understand the bialsea loving. The most naive manger I’ve ever seen.
  4. It’s hard to describe Patterson. For me, he doesn’t look like a professional footballer, and he plays like a someone you’d see playing Lower League, but he seems to be in the right place at the right time, and scores goals! He’s just a solid 6/7 out of 10 most games. He comes across a likeable person too.
  5. Just for the second half run and assist by shaw deserves MOTM alone.
  6. I had a similar incident to this. I was sat at my seat and this loony toon of a bloke tried telling me I was sat in his seat! I showed him my ticket but he was having none of it. He threatened to get the steward involved so I called him a shithouse and went on my way. Couldn’t be arsed with him as he clearly had mental issues.
  7. Exactly. And if he says...” I like his style of play” the follow up question should be... but he’s been unsuccessful so far. How is he going to be different here? Honestly they should just let us fans interview them
  8. Ok then.. how the hell does paxo come up with these people?
  9. I know we aren't in a position to be picky like, but how do these managers even get to a stage where there on our shortlist? Surly dc looks at there cvs and sees they’ve done absolute nothing in football! So why does he think they are good enough to come here? I just done understand his thought process.
  10. If that was in the PL, it’s a pen unfortunately. The rules are w##k but that gets given. No way should it be a pen tho. Common sense finally come into play this time. When a ball gets smashed at you from 5 yards and it hits your hand.. what the hell are you meant to do. I mean, How does giving a penalty l ( where 9/10 you will score from it) make it fair when it was a hopeful cross into the box that would more than likely be cleared away Comfortably by our player the rules are a joke
  11. He’s such a bad loser. Tried every trick in the book at HT to get In the refs head. His little sidekick Blackwell can F&ck off too. I definitely think they experiment together when alone.
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