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  1. He'll probably get another Premier league job and will fail. His success with that lot and those players was once in a generation. He'll probably reside over an average run and get sacked with the team hovering around the relegation places
  2. Exactly this. Let's see what happens on Tuesday night. On a cold winter night in Yorkshire when the sky cameras and potential future employers aren't watching...
  3. No one else go here? Hardly ever a queue (which is just as well as it takes 'em longer to make up some chips than it does atdhe to turn sharply and get up to full pace)
  4. Points deduction still possible with charges against club still going to a hearing
  5. I wouldn't start him at L**ds. Too big a game. One mistake and that confidence could be shattered ... I'm afraid to sa ugh by our own fans as much as the Bellend Rd crowd
  6. Influential yes. And I had thought he's worth keeping hold of. But someone else posted on a different thread that he'd made 250 appearances this decade. So he's scoring one in 5 and an assist in 10 [roughly]. I'd argue that is nowhere near good enough for a team with top six ambitions. It's like trying to buy a lottery ticket to make enough to buy the weekly milk and bread.
  7. Have to disagree. Especially today. Everytime he got the ball it was a long hopeful punt towards Win-fizz-all against 2 6'7" centre halves. And he did it again and again and again when it was obvious it wouldn't work. He's not an intelligent footballer. Not convinced he can change his game, and frequently too slow to release the ball.
  8. I think we have to let him go. I don't know what we do with players (three new players from jan already injured) but we can't afford big earners who aren't available every week. If we have a few star players on big whack we can't afford decent quality squad players to come in when these stars are unfit.
  9. It's not. He's over 30. And came with a dubious fitness record. If base your team around an individual that good what do you do when he is inevitably unfit? He touch today was a class apart. If he had been available even jos would have won a few more games.
  10. What's the point in building around a player who hasn't been available for 18 out of the last 24 months?
  11. All very valid points. And i agree with the bottom line which is out left and right back options are major weaknesses that hamper us both in a defensive and attacking sense. However. i don't think we can afford to bring in anybody. Secondly with regard to managers. Names being mentioned are traditional experienced British managers who have done it before etc. I agree I think we need a change but don't we need a manager who can get the best out of this lot given we can't buy anyone? modern footballers need an arm round their shoulder and 'coaching' rather than a rocket
  12. was in Nonna's thirty mins before kick off. If he doesn't have one why wasn't he supporting his team mates? For all those singing his name last Saturday- if he is fit then I completely back the manager in not playing him.
  13. In fairness it doesn't say it was his Mrs was the patient!
  14. I would concentrate on getting better. Listening or watching to us at the moment is going to do your health no good whatsoever
  15. To the tune of the bangles -Manic Monday It's another magic Wednesday (Per-for-mance) Wish it was every game (Whoa whoa) Up to the premier league Whoa whoa Cos we are magic Wednesday.. Repeat
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