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  1. If only we’d won on shots target.
  2. What you after? Relegation? The owls talk family has got it’s wish... please.
  3. I don't think you understand what "papering over the cracks" means.
  4. Heightened Expectations

    Again mate, it's very hard to read what you've put here. Lower prices will have lower expectations, yes.
  5. Heightened Expectations

    You can. Just explain why higher prices doesn't equate to higher expectations. Simple stuff...
  6. Heightened Expectations

    I made the assumption you were saying telling. Still don't understand.
  7. Heightened Expectations

    What? It's just incoherent nonsense.
  8. Heightened Expectations

    Yep. And your point?
  9. Heightened Expectations

    Yes. Really that simple.
  10. Forestieri

    He hasn't murdered anyone no, but he did bring that selfie stick.