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  1. No mate. If you disagree with your boss you get sacked.
  2. What a strange take on things. He’s not you. He probably has a mortgage. Kids. Things that need to be paid for. You know... life. Who just fizzes everything off to subvert their boss? Good lord.
  3. Ah right. Apologies, I didn’t get that.
  4. Of all the things that’s gone on this season, a draw away to stoke has not cost us a playoff spot.
  5. 1st draft posted in another thread, but I've nailed it in the 2nd: Brucey had a dream To watch his cricket team We wished him well and hope he had a good laugh Now that he's back We're having a crack Ohh Danny Murphy, F off you big tw@
  6. Steve Bruce had a dream To watch a cricket team We wished him well and hope he had a good laugh Now that he’s back We’re having a crack We’re Sheffield Wednesday We’re on our way back!
  7. What you after? Relegation? The owls talk family has got it’s wish... please.
  8. I don't think you understand what "papering over the cracks" means.
  9. Again mate, it's very hard to read what you've put here. Lower prices will have lower expectations, yes.
  10. You can. Just explain why higher prices doesn't equate to higher expectations. Simple stuff...
  11. I made the assumption you were saying telling. Still don't understand.
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