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  1. Unfortunately missed out on a Forest ticket. I live in Nottingham so can meet at the ground at short notice if necessary. Would be most appreciated!
  2. If anyone's got a ticket in the home end you can have em for free
  3. I'll be in a boozer by midday, probably Spoons, but I can let you know. Can meet me there or at the ground (won't be at the ground til half 2 I'd imagine though)
  4. Took mine an hour or so to show the discount but it got there in the end
  5. Amen to that! We're not all bad over that way!
  6. Didn't see them make an effort to sign Pecnik when we wanted rid... really don't think either of them were as good as people seem to think...
  7. How the **** does anyone expect us to get anywhere near a player like that?? There's ambition and there's...
  8. Ploughing millions upon millions into the club just because he's old?? The guys got family ffs, he's not gonna wanna flipping gamble on losing shitloads of money/inheritance to pander to the needs of impatient fans on an internet forum!
  9. Can see it being unpopular of course but his name to the tune of 'dirty red and white [email protected]' fits a bit well... prefer the simple ones myself
  10. Since Wickham got taken off our team on FIFA I've been spanked rotten online. Says it all really
  11. Great news! Perhaps this will stop the inane 'Bywater organises the defence better so should be given a chance' nonsense that gets spouted...
  12. Neither do I to be honest. I really don't. I sort of get the feeling it's one of those Owlstalkisms that's been repeated so many times that people believe it because from what I've seen I don't think there's much in it at all. There's certainly not enough to suggest Bywater could be our saviour when Kirkland has played so well
  13. I thought the lack of long throws came from being 3 up and so not bothering committing people forward unnecessarily and risk getting caught on the break. There's a time and a place for them, Jones is no mug so I can't see him not using them when we need it
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