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  1. Really? Didn't think he did bad. But he was better when Murphy came off mainly because Murphy did next to nothing on the wing
  2. Do people realise reach wasn't playing CM today. He's playing just off fletcher. Almost as a second striker
  3. Brilliant. Soon as I stick a tenner on bullen there gonna announce monk. IF Cowley is announce fair enough but if it's pulis, my phone is going through the nearest window
  4. Here we go. Has a bad game so he is suddenly over rated again. Of you cant support our players when they play bad then you don't deserve to when they play well. Constructive criticism fair enough. But bazza is nowt like over rated
  5. For me has to be Rhodes am Fletch up top. Rhodes always played well with a workhorse (Fletch) and some one who gets balls in to the box... Both reach and Harris?
  6. 4_4_2 Westwood Palmer Hector Lees New Lb PACE HUTCH BAZ PACE FLETCH RHODES
  7. I'm hoping IF Rhodes goes then winnall and fletch might be a decent partnership next season
  8. Matias pretty much always worked hard, that was one of the best things about him. Also... Maybe some people think he will suddenly improve is cause he is 22years old. And got about 10-13 years left of his career?
  9. Matias poor effort? Back end of this season he's worked his socks off. Not his fault about his injuries if that's what your talking about. Onomah would be a very good signing for anyone is this league in a permanent deal and they will make a fair bit of cash on him in 2/3 years
  10. Westwood. Palmer Thorniley Hector Penney Hutch Pelupessy Nando Baz Reach Joao
  11. Dawson. Palmer Hector Lees Thorniley Penney Joey (Dcm) Bannan Reach Fletcher Joao Stick that hammoud on bench..
  12. Cheers for the reply how do I book mega bus?
  13. Has anybody got 3 seats available for a coach leaving from Doncaster? Or even medowhall?
  14. I've had a pound on 0-4 at 200/1. you never know. Sean Clare to score 3 and big Dave to bag in last minute
  15. never mind hirst. get seen Clare signed up
  16. Id play... Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens/hutch who ever is fit enough to play Fox Boyd Lee Bannananana Reach Hooper Winnal Subs being rhodes, ff, matias and who ever else. I also think this os a game that might suit fletcher to be honest but i want winnall to be given a fair chance. Wednesday win thos one 4-1 with winnall, boyd and ff scoring 2
  17. Acording to nixon djouro been here 4 days and he was told it was sorted sunday and were still after hutton...
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