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  1. I do agree with that but still doesnt stop us working on our finishing.
  2. We need to sign Siriki Dembele from Peterborough, great little midfielder and scores goals.
  3. Showing on red button on sky sports this morning.
  4. We would be better giving Adedoyin a chance instead of Marriot.
  5. Well that would be a major f@cking improvement.
  6. Spot on , we need a completely new midfield and Mr overated Bannan gone along with Harris and Reach.
  7. Was with my dad in the north stand, never cried as much as i did on the way home, Man City did everything to hand us the game but dont think Bowyer read the script.
  8. Can see after a few games for us being called Jizz
  9. Dont forget Daveyboy is an expert on everything ...not.
  10. Clarke Salter transfer being reported on the at the bridge podcast on twitter.
  11. Reach..one of our best players for the last 4/5 years
  12. Remember Bannan talking about Brentford in pre season and saying they would be a perfect team for him to play in.
  13. Would sell Bannan no prob, good player but slows down our play.
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