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  1. Has to go back, bet fat boy Bruce is laughing his ass off.
  2. Im not saying dont rotate players if there is a need to match up but its the way you approach the game...we need to press more.
  3. Why is there all this bullshit about having to play a different way if you are away from home ?..its a game of 11 against 11 on a football pitch, it comes down to desire and wanting to be better than the opponents you face, going out and attacking and playing like your life depends on winning the game..thats how you get promoted, i f@cking hate those piggies but thats what they did last season and you have to take your hat off to them no matter how much it hurts, so pick the best attacking team you have and go for it, football is a simple game or at least it used to be before all this technical sh@t changed it.
  4. Should play Lees and Bates as the centre backs and Borner in Hutchinsons place.
  5. So you think the other 10 have played well do you ?
  6. Same old same old..i for one didnt get carried away with our start to the season ive been watching us too long, neg as much as you want but we are f@cking useless.
  7. Agree with the remarks regarding Bannan, dont get me wrong he is a good player but as soon as he gets the ball the play slows down..Hutchinson the same with slow build up, when we talked about needing pace that needs to be all over the park, sharp crisp pass and move, playing at a high tempo will bring Murphy into the game more, Borner does look class and has the quality to run the ball out from the back as well as defend solidly..would like to see him in Hutchinsons role with Lees and Bates as the centre backs.
  8. Murphy off for me..apart from the goal against Barnsley he has done nothing, Reach is a luxury player..will score a wonder goal now and again but his overall contribution is minimal.
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