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  1. jack whitham

    New Kit

    Try it with white sleeves with blue trim.
  2. jack whitham

    What if it’s a 1 Stripe!?

    I like that..would like to see it with black shorts and blue socks with white tops.
  3. You are joking i take it?
  4. jack whitham

    One for the ladies

    Saw Hutch yesterday walking up near Hallamshire Hospital wearing just black shorts and trainers.
  5. jack whitham

    was it? and why?

    It was 1965
  6. jack whitham

    Brilliant .... Jordan Rhodes

    Well done Jordan Rhodes
  7. jack whitham


    Nice guy but has to go at the end of the season.
  8. jack whitham

    Made my mind up

    Spot on
  9. jack whitham

    So Jos in or out at the end of the season??

    Fans dont pick the manager thats the job of the club.
  10. jack whitham

    So Jos in or out at the end of the season??

    Well looking at the score at the moment...anybody.
  11. jack whitham

    So Jos in or out at the end of the season??

    I do like Jos and given the probs he has faced in his short time here hes done a steady job...but we need a good Championship manager who knows the league and more important how to bring in bargain players maybe from lower divisions, i feel that is a better way to go instead of unproven foreign players, we need a good mix of youth and experience.
  12. jack whitham

    Lee - Halo Effect?

    What an idiot.
  13. jack whitham

    hirst to united

    And how soon does he and his halfwit dad think it will be before he gets first team football?..i would guess at never.
  14. jack whitham

    Have a look at this..

    David Ford and Jim MCcalliog ...loved those days.