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  1. jack whitham

    This side after international break

    Guess we all see games differently.
  2. jack whitham

    This side after international break

    I dont know im not quite sure what the hell Pelupessy does.
  3. jack whitham

    This side after international break

    I think Preston is a better player than Pelupessy.
  4. Piggy tvvat Wilder didnt sleep well last night
  5. jack whitham

    Jos out

    Hutch off to Q P R according to a guy on twitter who has been talking to him at the training ground.
  6. jack whitham

    Still dicraceful

    The effort tonight was top notch and young Dawson was excellent after all the slating hes had ..but lets be totally honest, as an attacking force we are dire and i hate united as much as any wednesday fan but they have a team cobbled together costing peanuts but are light years ahead of us on a pure footballing scale, Jos has to go..he is the man responsible for coaching and tactics and we show nothing, Jos out and take Bullen with you..we need a complete change.
  7. jack whitham


    Horrible tiny pig..used to have turn ups on his underpants when he played, so small his legs only just touched the floor....also hes a tvvat.
  8. What a complete little ugly plant brain stinky flaps.
  9. Bannan gone missing again..always does in big games
  10. He was talking about attendance figures, the O P is a shat stirring idiot, i am not a Jos supporter but dont make up stories just to give the guy a bashing.
  11. jack whitham

    Ian Holloway

    The man is a complete idiot.
  12. Better look sharp then isnt his contract up at the end of the season ?
  13. jack whitham

    Pelupessy - that's quite enough

    When has he been played in his favourite position?..one of the reasons he left Watford and what does CC do?..play him out of position.