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  1. Do you know something we dont?
  2. No pace last season and it looks like no pace this season...f@cking joke.
  3. jack whitham

    Rhodes fails to score on debut

    Norwich fans very pleased with Rhodes performance.
  4. While i do understand our problem with ffp this is a stupid move by Wednesday, i believe Rhodes could have rediscovered his form working with Jos and following the new fitness regime, time will tell i suppose but i have a strong belief this is a decision we will regret.
  5. F@ck FFP, we need a fullback a commanding CB..and a pacey wide man, yes i know the squad we have is very good but very injury prone, we get 3 games into the season and players break down we are struggling again, get your finger out Wednesday.
  6. Naismith just left Norwich for Hearts.
  7. The club should have the balls to transfer list the players who we all know are stealing a living....bringing 2 or 3 new players in the summer is something we all look forward to and we know they are needed in certain positions, can only see a mid table finish next season.
  8. I call a prolific goal scorer someone who scores on a regular basis not someone who suddenly has a little burst of goals, do your research next time Mr clever staleowl...sorry its freshowl isnt it?
  9. Whatever you say boss
  10. Yeah..hes never going to push out all those prolific goal scorers we have is he?
  11. As i said before some clubs just spend and spend and seem to get away with it.
  12. Agree with this but what is a realistic price for Rhodes should anyone buy him?..think we would struggle to get 5 mill so 3mill for a season long loan seems excessive.
  13. Wish i had your confidence.
  14. Thing is we dont want to just get by, the 5 coming back have serious question marks against long term fitness...they get injured again and we are back to last seasons situation.