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  1. NWR...see piggies are changing name to Bin Laden Blades..has a nice ring to it, also signed a new striker today called Al Qaeda.
  2. Really really really want us to give Lee another season to see if he can get back in the team in a regular basis.
  3. Is Sammie Szmodics at Colchester worth a look?..hard working midfielder who scores goals, only 23 and could replace Lee, Bournemouth interested in him earlier in the season.
  4. Hope those piggy tw@ts dont move for Hector, type of thing they would do just to spite us.
  5. Cant wait for the season to end and see the back of some of these w@nkers.
  6. Lazaar told Italian press he is in talks with us about permanent move.
  7. What about offering Reach to Newcastle in exchange for Aarons and Lazaar ?
  8. Not being dramatic just making the point.
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