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  1. Wilder has already same they are looking at freebies, bringing in yet more lower league players. You can only survive going this way for so long. There are no Bournemouths or Watfords to save them next season, I will stick my neck out and say it's a cert relegation for the snortbeasts. UTO
  2. Bannan has given everything for the shirt in his time here. Deserves better, he could easily play in the Prem. Bleeds blue and white.
  3. Monk is king midas in reverse, the players have actually got worse under him, if possible. Monk out.
  4. The majority of Championship managers would love to manage Wed, we should prove our ambition. Chris Hughton Neil Harris Gary Rowett Or to show REAL ambition Nigel Pearson David Moyes Mark Hughes Big Sam Gary Megson
  5. We will be the first big club to get punished. Would put us above Man City in terms of size, they got off, think the powers that be will want to make an example of us to prove even the biggest clubs can't break rules.
  6. It's called getting your excuses in early!! We had all season to prepare for Blackburn & Brentford
  7. I wouldn't take the refund to be fair, but have already decided no more season tickets for me. Bought one for 20-21, but already agreed to sell it on, once we know when we are allowed to attend. My 35 year run of home and away games without missing will end because of the decision to not let us in, so I thought now is the time to bow out.
  8. Does that mean me and the wife can go dogging again?
  9. It puts those moaners in the NHS to shame, grumbling about PPE, and working in care homes, when these brave footballers could be risking everything by kicking a ball about in empty grounds, after everyone in a mile radius has been tested. Think we should applaud footballers, every Friday at 8.00.
  10. My run of consequitive home games stretches back to 1984, I haven't missed away this Century, but I have become used to this situation,and very blasé about Football and Wed. Understand and respect the decision to resume behind closed doors, but niggles, and shows how it's money before fans everytime. So I have decided to stop going away, and see if I can scale down home games, although I have already committed to next season. UTO
  11. Massive over reaction, we are in the hands of idiots.
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