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  1. They have a playing identity and the manager knows his best starting 11 and his best formation We have none of the above
  2. Boothy

    Hooper - hutch- Lee

    Its pretty obvious that the clock is running out for these players .......none of them have a great recent injury record .....the manager has stated that the age profile of the team needs to be younger.......he needs players who can play 35/40 games a season at high tempo.......the training bar and fitness requirements of this coach are obviously way in advance of the previous coach and i think these 3 together with your abdi's jones Boyds etc just arent hacking it. I think it would be a minor miracle if we see any of these 3 play any meaningful part of this season, sad to say.
  3. Boothy

    Liam Palmer

    Just not good enough in any aspect of the game, not quick enough, not aggressive enough, no good enough with the ball, cant see or sense danger ......I'm struggling to find anything in his game that's a plus I'm afraid.
  4. Boothy

    Grays First Summer

    Kirkland, Tony G, LLera, Loovens, Goochy all out of contract at seasons end. I don't think he will be getting a holiday as we will need our usual influx of freebies and loans to patch us up ready for next August
  5. Dixie............He played Sunday league with the Timbertop for a couple of matches when he was coaching at Barnsley (after he had stopped playing) ....lovely bloke
  6. Boothy

    Jack Stobbs

    Played in a pre season friendly against Hallam and actually played wide left. Was nil nil at half time then he came on and was the difference, cut above everything else Wednesday had out on show that night. Very quick and nimble and delivered a good ball, very bright and eager to get involved , glad to see him get involved with the first team
  7. Thanks mate he just needs break like some of the current Wednesday squad have had
  8. He will be if he keeps that level of performance. One or two duff kicks aside (probably down to playing against a pub side on a pub pitch) his handling shot stopping and the control of his defence (he was always on at them) was immaculate for a kid that age.
  9. Were you there last night ? If you follow your argument to its logical conclusion then Wednesdays Development Team are just above Parks level because they were outplayed (by admission of the manager) by a level 10 Step 6 team. I dont really know what your argument is other than a cheap shot at local football
  10. Yeah that full back wasnt the first I've seen to succumb to 'cookie shuffle'
  11. He was frustrated ....you could see it from the touchline. They can all clearly play and some have pace to burn and a few tricks but they never really got going and all credit to Hallam for that. It wasnt Hallam just chasing around like headless chickens either it was patient controlled and had a cutting edge. I think the fact that they were tactically out thought (on the pitch that is) would be a worry. There wasnt a Wednesday player who looked like he could sort thinngs out on the pitch. I would hesitate to say it but I think one or two of the Wednesday players were acting a bit 'big time' and took the opposition a bit too lightly so I wasnt suprised at his comments afterwards. Cookie ?
  12. Thanks, he always been about a year behind in terms of Physical development so he needs another half stone on but he can play. TBF both Chris Waddle and Lee Bullen both spoke to him after the game and gave him some great feedback so I'm sure they will be keeping tabs on him. Sam Eckhardt was the lad up front who also played for Wednesday and United Academy but at Full Back Ismail Lammy/Kallum O'Kane/Herve Sezerano who played last night have all played in the academy systems so they are no mugs. I thought the young Wednesday lads thought it might have been a bit easier than it was and found it difficult to change gear during the game. Hallam had a clear game plan and have been training for about a month with that system and TBF it caused Wednesday alot of problems. Personally i think theres a lot of honesty at local league level and its completely underated. There are some real gems if only pro clubs woould look hard enough and take a chance on players. You playing again this season?
  13. Step 6 actually so its nearly twice as good as you are making out. I would be more worried that a team from that level controlled the majority of a football game against the cream of SWFC's development squad.
  14. Number 8 is my son. He played for uniteds academy and sflaphorpes as well but got released which is unfortunate as he is a massive wednesdayite. same age as Adam Hinchliffe and played in the same team as him . Makes me laugh with all the 'Pub Team' references on here. Hallam have a lot of players who have come from the academy systems and are only 19/20 themselves. Like it or not for some people on here they made a 'professional' set of players who train every day with each other look very ordinary. And that was done with skill i.e. ball retention and quality passing and movement not just lumped up front