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  1. Don't forget his two assistants will also be going with him so its not just Bruce its compo for the whole group who are all currently under contract to SWFC
  2. That would be the absolute maximum for me ....squad player ....not remotely a first choice for me. Just too average ....ability ....average...tackling .....average ....distribution ....bang average ...pace ....average.....covering ability .....very average .....and he's prone to really bad repeatable play.
  3. Palmer to be let go for me I'm afraid. The lad has made giant strides but from a really low performance base and the mistakes against Villa and Preston show vulnerability in a position where we simply cant afford it anymore
  4. Exactly this ......we need to know what the target is, and if the fans are bearing the brunt then they need more than an extended season ticket with a few bolt ons
  5. Yes please .......scored against us twice at Hillsborough a couple of seasons ago (last game of the season i think)....pacy direct works his socks off
  6. Thanks for confirming what i was thinking ....you and you're JUTS have a great week-end
  7. Christ on a bike ..........no wonder Owlstalk needs a new server .....clogged up with crap..... at least come on here and debate the OP .....2 absolutely meaningless and pointless replies 1) Calling for a death sentence 2) Calling me a Bell End .....no wonder the clubs on its arse ....juts spend 10 minutes on here
  8. I'll leave you and you're one brain cell to it then..... dont think too hard and use it up on something useful though will you ?
  9. Hilarious mate 9/10 ......is that it ?
  10. It’s you who’s using the wet wipe pal not me ..... yeah I’m a barrel of laughs normally ......just can’t understand small minded people wanting the death penalty for using the wrong word. Not even remotely funny even if it were meant as joke. If you’ve got anything even remotely useful to add to what the thread was actually about then let’s all hear it .....otherwise give it a rest ...
  11. Well ....use that wet wipe for your arse because that’s what a ‘press conference’ is generally called death penalty .....grow up
  12. Not really interested in negative crap. The thread was started, as in my opinion, the question hasn't been asked or answered in a straight forward manner If it were to be asked in this way then a follow up could be asked in respect of of the January transfer window as to whether they will be freed ....put on the transfer list .....loaned or simply left to see their contract out. Personally i would quite like to know if its only going to be an injury crisis like last year that puts these players anywhere near playing again I would also like to know what it is these players aren't doing that stopping them from playing ........attitude, fitness, fall out This manager has more options than he lets on, these press conferences are rubbish and he gets off lightly That ok for you ........?
  13. Don't really care what you think pal FFS
  14. A question i would like an answer to in the upcoming Press Conference Q. Will George Boyd, Almen Abdi, David Jones, Kieran Westwood or Sam Hutchinson ever be selected for either a match day squad or the starting eleven whilst you are manager of Sheffield Wednesday.
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