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  1. Chelsea have had 9 in 10 years, including Hiddink & Jose twice each. All of them (apart from Lampard) won major trophies as well. Its just modern football / business... you can't afford to give people years and years in the hope they "might" do well if its clear from their record over 30-40+ games that they aren't performing.
  2. How on earth would anyone know who would DEFINITELY come unless you ask them?
  3. Leeds haven't "Sold" 15,000... they were offered for free as part of the season ticket holders rebate incentive (along with an LUTV pass for the remaining fixtures + £50 credit in the club shop). You could also buy one for £25 if you were'n't a ST holder. I don't know how many they have sold, but if its more than 2000 I'd be surprised. EDIT - The Free "Crowdie" is offered to 19-22 year olds, senior concessions and disabled supporters categories, so I'd imagine this would make up at least half of the 15,000
  4. He's missed 2 or 3 at the back post, including where Bamford should have scored
  5. Full backs have both been very poor... Westwood and the CBs have kept us in it
  6. Been coming. Desperately poor from everyone in front of the defence. Tuesday papered over the cracks... Overhaul required
  7. Dan Burn (Wigan) potentially off to Fulham for £5m... WTF!?! Burn / Egan... looks like £5m is the new norm for a standard Championship player these days.
  8. Villa have had a bid of £6m accepted by Bristol City for Joe Bryan... wtf!?! FFP & tax problems one week to the tune of £40m... takeover... splashing £6m the next. What an absolute joke this system is.
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