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  1. Thanks for this utter shower Carlos... Can't believe he paid money for Jones and swapped Winnall for Butters
  2. Thanks for this utter shower Carlos... Can't believe he paid money for Jones and swapped Winnall for Butters
  3. hallam_stallion

    Carlos IN

    Time to go
  4. hallam_stallion

    It bloody hurts but its only 3 points

    Absolutely not "just 3 points" I'm afraid. Many performances over the past 18 months (starting with the playoff final) have been tepid, bore-fests with no urgency, pace or guile... yesterday's was an utter disgrace. He's assembled an expensive, bloated squad without pace, creativity or passion, and I'm afraid yesterday's result against a team put together for a fraction of the cost from the lower-leagues has proven to me that Carlos has made a complete mess of the momentum built up from his first season and has taken us as far as he can. Time to go I'm afraid.
  5. hallam_stallion

    Pub before derby

    Horse and Jockey on Wadsley Lane... great Stancil Ales on tap and a nice easy half mile stroll down the hill to the ground
  6. hallam_stallion

    Summer 2017 non-mega transfer thread

    Keogh would be massively underwhelming... no better than Loovens. Hoping its a smokescreen
  7. hallam_stallion

    Fulham Ticket Sales

    According to twitter Fulham got 3100 tickets. should be a decent atmosphere regardless of next weeks results
  8. hallam_stallion

    Wolves game looks like selling out for home fans

    The restricted view seats on the Kop haven't been on sale online for any of the games recently... the Huddersfield ones aren't either. I'm guessing that these are now the last to go on sales or left for POTD. I would really hope that these don't need to be sold before further seats can be released for home supporters in the West Stand.
  9. Absolutely abysmal! At least this may change a few plans before deadline day. We're absolutely powder-puff in midfield and have no pace at full-back/wings or upfront. Sort it out DC/CC
  10. hallam_stallion

    New Shirt £5 Discount

    That's not what the deal was I'm afraid. You had to pre-order the shirt as per the link posted. Negative thread number 496 and counting
  11. All 3 look fantastic. Will definitely be buying the home for myself and my kids
  12. hallam_stallion

    Famous owls at Wembley

    Saw Jon Newsome in the bar outside block 232
  13. Yup - says to me that the bottom tier is a possibility if required.