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  1. at people actually moaning at the prospect of us signing Lee Gregory. Still lives at Hackenthorpe and is a free agent... also fits the mould at 6ft 2 to lead the line... would be a great L1 signing. We'll need a mixture of youth AND experience if we're going to have half a shot of a decent season next year.
  2. We were on the high court steps the last time in 2010, so I'd argue we were. Not that I expect us to go back up next season.
  3. Wage bill is nowhere near £30 million anymore... that was 2 years ago. It’s all moot anyway as whatever the sum owed it’s an absolute travesty things have been left to get this way.
  4. Yup. Just can’t fathom how it could possibly be anywhere near £12 million. Yes, we’ve had ongoing issues since Dec 2019, but according to numerous reports the monthly wages issues were always settled up. It only seems to be the last 3 months where there’s some salary plus bonus payments due. I think someone has misplaced a decimal point.
  5. It’s a shocking situation, but I too don’t see how the number could be anywhere near the £12 million quoted given our annual wage bill for the season just finished is reported to be around £19 million in total.
  6. Seems a sensible guess. Though a 20% reduction on my £550 North Stand ST still feels a little too steep for L1 football. Date of first signing announced: 23rd June
  7. Seems a weird one this. The kid hasn’t been able to get in the Lincoln team, but we should be interested? Has he had a long-term injury or is he just not good enough for Lincoln’s starting 11?
  8. Spot on Dot. Multiple doom and gloom threads with the same people posting the same things... we’re not even at the end of May yet FFS. Nobody in the division has signed anyone of note yet, so let’s just give it another month or so before we’ve all pencil dived out of a high window.
  9. “Considering it” Vs “have put players on furlough” Might do Vs Have already done
  10. I think it’s a sensible idea tbh... as seen from clubs like Leeds, Villa et al when their crowds have dropped and they want to improve the atmosphere whilst cutting stewarding costs. That’s why we won’t do it though... because it’s sensible.
  11. Not sure which is more bizarre... that some thought we had a shot of signing him or the fact he’s signed for Watford.
  12. I agree yes. Though I doubt we’re paying Champ wages to Hutch, Urhoghide and Dunkley given the situations they were signed under. Id be happy to let Borner go if the option arose
  13. Lees and Van Aken... best part of £40k pow saved already. If we’re playing 4 at the back we need 4 or 5 CBs - Dunkley, Iorfa, Hutch, Borner and Urhoghide. Maybe we’ve had some positive news from Urhoghide about his contract?
  14. Had a reoccurrence of a serious knee ligament injury and missed the rest of the season from April... ... maybe we’re learning our lesson re: signing crocks like Dunkley?? Either way, it’s not a big deal to not be signing a 25 year old L2 to centre back
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