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  1. Drive the wife mad with these kind of things, cost benefit analysis and how to get the best value out of our spending. Dont win the arguments over handbags though, it seems that it is nevessary to have mire than one at a time
  2. Arguably i would put Berhanino in there instead of Gregory and allow a fluid and more mobile front three, but we need to stick to a system and keep with it, stop faffing around with trying to adapt for each game. The occasional tweak yes, like the time Atherton was asked to man mark McManaman and he was in his pocket all game. Currently we look clueless
  3. Book through the airlines direct, Another tip on long haul look at going from Paris, Amsterdam or Madrid. Sending the wife and kids next year to NYC, it was cheaper to fly them premium economy from Madrid on Iberia than standard on BA including connecting flights, also get my Avois points too. Difference in APD which may go up in the budget next week.
  4. Went many years ago all i can say is stunning scenary.
  5. Quite a day out, first time ever in the West Stand. Poor game buy my lad enjoyed it though, im sure hes happy with the result as he would have been upset if either team lost.
  6. Complete and utter garbage today, a poor Lincoln side today and i watch them as much as Wednesday. Cant see this team winning we have a nasty habit of throwing things away and yet again did it today. I have no confidence in Moore and his team selections.
  7. Seen a fair few games of both sides si far this season, Wednesday are in better shape to be fair and i expect a two nil win
  8. Was easy to get tickets for this game so i doubt much more demand. And first time ever im in the away end for a match at Hillsborough. Son is a Lincoln fan and been taking him to both clubs since he was 7, he wanted to be with his mates for this one hence in the away end.
  9. We've certainly got the engine room from one of these, been breaking diwn regularly over the years.
  10. Alan Cork scored, didnt he keep on playing until he looked like he'd reached state retirement age
  11. Sorry for thread Necromancy but as a supporter of Schalke as well as Wednesday, long childhood history with them too. Hes just beaten Bundersliga 2 all time goal scoring record with Schalke and i vaguely remembered a thread on him being linked with us, cant believe it was so long ago. 98 goals in 159 Appearances since the link in 2016. Probably more than all our forwards put together in the same period
  12. As you can guess various factors involved, we've lost several players already in my own age bracket late 40s but none were iconic or long served As much as i enjoyed watch Dalian Atkinson hes not the same kind of legend as his strike partner Hirsty. As much as i regret the passing of any of our former players or staff some do gain greater appreciation amongst our fanbase.
  13. Enough hints in the press this week for that to be a good educated assumption
  14. Cant talk sense on here, although Bannon should never be allowed near a pen again. Thats two big misses once this season one back end of last
  15. Bit of perspective needed yes bad result, but i was there when a far superior team was humiliated at Hillsborough by Forest. Lets see what the next few weeks bring before a total meltdown.
  16. Loved that game, Guy Branston, Graham Lee and Darren Purse as my 3 first choice centre backs in 532 formation, with Richie Wellens and Dean Keates in the middle and a guy called James Flood from Stockport County upfront, world beaters the lot of them. Sadly was rather dissapointed with tje first 3 when the finally did turn up at Hillsborough
  17. International player signed for us, stayed one season and only played in the last game if the season, played pretty regularly after too elsewhere.
  18. Total farce but once it was proved the Argentine players has breached Brazils health rules, they had no option to Act. Especially as the UK based Brazil players had stayed here.
  19. Great start to his time here , tired in the second half can’t wait to see him play in the League.
  20. Potentially a brilliant signing and can fire us towards the League Title.Also potentially the biggest banana skin of a signing since Bothroyd. I trust Moore’s judgement though
  21. Here’s hoping we get more than the £4. Million Everton paid for him.
  22. 2-1 win , tough game but we need a win as Sunderland postponed and don’t fancy our chances down at Plymouth
  23. Three very tough away games in the next 5 , no need to panic even if potentially we lose all three
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