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  1. Suppose it going to be yet another game where we throw away the points.
  2. If not true enough now, it certainly will be come the end of the season, but we fo have a relaid pitch and a new large scoreboard and lest I forget new advertising hoardings
  3. Number 1, remember receiving it as a Xmas present from my grandparents whilst I was working over the pond.
  4. So so many poor players over the years, difficult to be critical of players at the end of their careers, blame those who signed off on them. But David Graham, Maurice Ross, zigor Arlande, Bestwethick, Pecnik, Bothroyd and Branston must rank with some of the worst I've seen
  5. Crystal Palace or Norwich I think 82/83 season, can't remember the score without looking if up, but I have a feeling it was a bore draw. Whichever game came first, regular from the promotion season to the end of the 92 season.
  6. Yes we could as its still on our in hands, but the bitter truth is the squad is not good enough to do so
  7. Half of those are a generation later to be fair, and he was considered at one point due to injuries to those in front. Certainly as effective as Dublin and Sutton in his role. The problem for many players the England squad was pretty much settled for most of the period 86-90. Shilton, Lineker, Pearce, Butcher Beardsley Steven Barnes etc it was very difficult to break into that clique no matter how well you played domestically unless you were at Man Utd, Everton or Arsenal.
  8. Regular goalscorer and far worse players have won international caps fir England, don't forget Arsenal paid £500K for him when that was a lot of money. His record stands upto say John Fashanu who won England caps.
  9. If Jeffers and Bothroyd managed to get England Caps, then pretty much all of our players from the 83-86 seasons and 90-93 teams. Although Hodge, Pressman, Pearson Warhurst and Bright would have been capped in they were playing in their prime in the era 2008-2012 when England caps were given out to anybody who had a half decent game or to.
  10. Not tying down Shaw has cost the club From £2million upwards, we should have snapped Leicester offer up as soon as Hirst made it clear that's where he wanted to go. Whatever transfer business we have done under Chansiri has been appalling, no plan no effort to move players on etc. If we are customers then the players are commodities and need treating as such, buy low and sell high.
  11. 22 or so years since the last one, possibly the same again. Although technically we've had England Internationals since and several players have represented us at various age levels too.
  12. Arguments sake £10k each per week on a 4 year deal, just over £4million in wages for the pair. If they both keep playing as they are could we sell the pair for that amount in the next four years. I think so, so imo it would be a worthwhile investment. Or we can get journeymen on the same amount with no potential resale.
  13. Given Swansea's current form I will expect an away win, anything else will be a huge surprise and make me highly delighted. Not saying we can't win as we are grinding out results but the realistic approach is not to be surprised if we do lose.
  14. Snowing here in Lincoln, made me book a ski holiday for 2022. Expecting shitstorm Tuesday when the wife gets back and she finds out how much I've spent on a holiday for me and our son. #Banff2022.
  15. Paterson reminds me of Chapman, has the knack of being in the right place at the right time to score a goal, however scruffy it may be.
  16. We had a shortlist , nobody on it produced a good enough interview or reason to get the job. Happens everyday in all walks of life, I would rather we wait and make the right decision rather than another Pulis type mistake.
  17. The one thing the goal does do is put doubt in the mind of the opposition if he plays tomorrow, at the end of the day his record previously does mean he deserves respect and he can still finish given a chance. Agree he might not be the player he once was but I would rather play Rhodes than Marriott.
  18. The problem with the squad it's not as weak as people seem to think it is, on the otherhand it's not as strong as it seems on paper. Westwood, Iorfa, Lees, Bannon, Luongo and Rhodes on first glance seem a good base to build a squad about. The issue being we dont seem to have had a plan for over 12 months on how to attack
  19. Great result and performance tonight, I don't believe this team is as bad as some on here make out, however too often over the last twelve months the sum of the parts have equalled a 1970s British built car
  20. Not quite yet, wait till the end of the season if we are relegated, most of the senior players leaving on frees again and the accounts published showing huge losses. It's quite possible we could end up on the steps of the High Court again.
  21. Scott Carson and Iain Henderson both quality loan keepers
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