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  1. In a very average championship a fit Wickham for a season woukd be the difference between bottom half and a play off push. Since we lost Fletcher in the New Year we looked toothless and abject with no focal point to our attacking play. Since the restart we have looked better and in fairness could well have six points gained rather than four. I feel that with a fully fit Fletcher or Wickham we would have been able to pick up at least six or seven more points in that terrible run and still be in play off contention, even with the EFL charge hanging over us.
  2. So get relegated and a double whammy by starting next season on - 12, but stay up and you get away with it. EFL not fit for purpose, feel for the Wigan fans as pointed out this smells fishy with a recent takeover.
  3. Personally only one iconic shirt number for any team and that's no 9. The goalscoring centreforward and arguably the pivitol point of a teams attack.. If shirt numbers are iconic for any other reason its a modern thing since squad numbers rather than 1-11 on the pitch and down to the player being a great.
  4. Totally vindicated and given 12 extra points due to the EFL causing unnecessary damage to the team
  5. Agree, we should have paid what was need to sigh Houriane, we were in desperate need of a midfielder not two more strikers.
  6. Before the play off final too, since DC has come to the club the recruitment has been shambolic, I don't deny money has been spent and a positive case can be made for most signings Even though some have the dubious distinction of being some of our worst in hindsight. It's just that so many players have come and gone or still here and they don't fit a system to get the best out of them.
  7. Sadly no, I see no indication under the current manager where he fits into the formation. Part of the issue we have had over the last few seasons is players not fitting the formation. Millions have been wasted because of this.
  8. Not the best but most memorable is the 4-4 League Cup game vs Chelsea. As a young lad I went through the whole range of emotions watching Wednesday that night.
  9. Slightly different top ten to the usual. Your Top ten memories ie Sheridan's Dink Redas sliding challange Whitton goal vs Middlesborough to keep us up Waddle vs West Ham Brighton play off 1ST leg Chapman goal vs Man Utd in 85 Harkes vs Derby Blackburn league Cup away Kaiserslautern Home Matias goal at Leeds
  10. Signed a one year contract as a squad player, agreed not very inspiring but with so many out of contract, so much uncertainty it seems like a reasonable choice to make.
  11. All different perspectives, I don't see Carl Shutt on the list but his goal scoring record of 16 in 40, is betters than Di Canios of 15 in 41. Not arguing he's as good but statistcally you were as likely to see him score as Di Canio. Quite frankly the core of the list should be players from the period 1929-1939,our most successful period two Championships one FA Cup and looking at the league tables challanging to win the league every other year too.
  12. Quite obvious Taylor has got a new contract lined up elsewhere and possibly the club is putting pressure on him not to play for Charlton and get injured, for all we know it could be us and we lose most of our forwards on the 30th. Not ethical but it might help keep them below us in the table.
  13. Didn't the chairman say in one of the fans forums nobody was on more than £35k per week, however its possible mrmason could be correct as potentially the chairman could be quoting base salary excluding bonuses, signing on fees etc. Just playing devil's advocate as both figures could be correct. Like many people my own base salary is a lot less when I strip out the added extras, ie phone, car allowance, medical insurance, bonuses, pension etc
  14. Ability wise Guy Branston Attitude Bothroyd Value for money Abdi Arguably too many candidates to mention in the last 20 years though
  15. No respect for any dirty players ours or others, seen too many of ours crippled and careers cut short due to them. Big difference between the hard but fair type and the out and out dirty.
  16. So Hirsty was upset after being illegally tapped up, the club stuck to their guns and refused to sell. I'm hindsight should have sold but a fully fit Hirst and we may have won another cup.
  17. Here's the problem probably better than anybody we've had since him, but was a step down from the likes of Sterland, Nilsson and Harkes. For the £800k I think we paid a solid performer but we needed to sign better to progress.
  18. I'm with you, the badge on the 97 shirt is my favourite. I appreciate I go against the majority but I never really liked the minimalist owl however i feel the club is missing out on revenue by not using it on merchandise as there is a great demand for it.
  19. Not the only one who's failed to be fair, although he would be more fondly remembered if he had shown a better attitude. Getting rid of the likes of Pembridge and Magilton who both played consistently in the Premier league after our demise in the previous 18 months and replacing them with Scott and Sonner didn't help either.
  20. . If its from 1990 not a single Sheff Utd player gets in, even some of our players not getting in would improve their squad over the same period. Ie Petrescu, Alexanderson, Carbone.. Do it from 2000 and its more a contest. I did think of Deane but then thought about it and realised Fletcher is a better all round player.
  21. Maurice Ross, so bad he went after one game.
  22. Considering most of the first team squad is out of contract in eight weeks or so there would be very little incentive for them to defer any wages, especially as they may not get a new contract elsewhere any time soon. As for the others I suspect negotiations will be ongoing but I can't see an issue is delaying £2k a week on a £10k per week contract. Whilst for some it's a finance motivated reasons, others will make a social judgement call and take the money later.
  23. Anthony Gardner sadly another player whose career was beset by injuries.
  24. Sering as Worthington in both 80s and 90s, I would drop him from 90s and put Petrescu in there at LB. Also a controversial one but would go 433 and drop Bright and Put Jonk in a midfield three. I know Jonk gave up after his first season, but he showed enough class in the first year, I would love to have seen what he could do with him Sheridan and Palmer as a midfield three. If sticking to a 442 Again would swap Bright for Degryse nothing against Bright but I think he and Hirst would have done far better in the one season together if Hirsts injuries hadn't been about.
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