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  1. Agree even down to 10 men we played some good football, dont know how Vaulks shot stayed out, but the defence once again was a nightmare, both of their goals should have been cleared or at least challenged properly. Arguably thats 3 points dropped already because we cant defend crosses.
  2. Maybe its just a long time ago, but throughout the 90s when Man Utd turned up i expected a win, didnt really rate their defence. On the other hand Arsenal i always expected a defeat their defence seemed like an impregnable wall. Obviously neither on a par with Nilsson though
  3. Always suprises me Neville gets in these, luck of playing for Man Utd at the right time I guess. Certainly dont think he was really any better than Dixon, Watson, Petrescu or Lauren of his contemporaries
  4. Late and high, that challenge goes in on one of our players, everybody saying not a red would be clamoring for one for the opposition player.
  5. Positives we looked the better team for a good part of the game. Negatives Defending crosses still not resolved both goals should have been defended far better. Not convinced with Stockade one iota Need to get a couple more bodies in sharpish
  6. Whatever the final score is tonight, been by far the better team. By far the best performance so far this term
  7. Late and high, if that was on one of ours i would want a red.
  8. Reserve judgement until after the next two, both very very tricky games and losing both games is far more likely than winning both. I think one point from the two games will be the outcome. For me the level of performance in the games will be just as important as the result.
  9. Hasn't looked as sharp and half a yard slower this season, it happens. Pudil's legs went quickly, literally over half a season you say the difference in performance.
  10. Agree, this season he will take over from Bannan as the first name in our midfield. Bannan is still an outstanding player to have but he seems to be a little slower, age sadly catching up.
  11. I was there but have no recollection of the game, i look at my program collection to remind which games I've been to occasionally, some like this nothing memorable stood out so booted from the memory banks.
  12. Certainly give some of them a good game, probably struggle against the very top teams. Obviously standards change but one of our former players kicked around our lower Leagues then played for MLS side Orlando but that was about 20 years ago. Can be quite difficult to judge English Leagues relative quality as the sheer influx of foreign players over the years into the Premier League have forced many players to drop down a League and in turn forced others to do the same.
  13. And in true Wednesday style buggered up winning the League after being the first team promoted.
  14. Hirst would be a very astute signings in many ways. Would get fans back on Chansiris side Decent player for this level He wants to wear the shirt Mend the rift between the chairman and one of our legends. Boost the morale of the fans. No saying t will happen, but compromises on each side it may happen and would be good for both parties in many ways.
  15. Of course we love to moan, we caught the habit of our other halfs. We only moan in here cos we dare not moan at home
  16. Owlstalk is not the home of common sense, raise the mob and grab the pitchforks for this decidedly level-headed post. Lol
  17. Agree given time and space and the points you make, just like the thread saying long ball is dead in the Premier League, Brentfords 4th, get in own box, long ball to Toney down wing cross to centre and goal. Fantastic direct /long ball play, defence to goal in 20 seconds.
  18. Hate playing out from the back unless the players are good at doing it, so easy to go pear shaped look at Brentford second goal last night, won the game for them.
  19. Best comment i can make he's exceeded all expectations from when his signing was announced. And from watching Wednesday for 40 years the number of forwards on that list is relatively small.
  20. All subjective and your opinions valid, i liked Nuhiu but he was frozen out for long periods by Carlos. FF great in his first season, but after that i was never that impressed, great skills but not convinced by playing down the middle in pair, my opinion others will disagree. Would replace Madine with Wickham in his first loan spell though.
  21. Barry's 32 hes going to start slowing down, 3 games into the season is a little bit early to write him off though. I would think that by next season we would be making more tactical use of him rather than first name on the teamsheet.
  22. Not watched anybody other than Wednesday or Schalke for years, watching Manure tonight, they're living upto their name.
  23. Makes sense Sunderland put a fair few hefty challenges on Dennis, rather he was rested and 100%than risk another injury.
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