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  1. elyowl1

    Steven Fletcher

    This Got a few goals and leads the line very well , shame he’s been injured. I will rest judgement until next season he’s fully fit and with Jos as manager. I expect when injuries clear up and players are properly conditioned we will see exactly how good or bad our recruitment has been , until then it’s pretty hard to judge the players when tactics and fitness have been an issue all caused by Carlos. I would also point out I was one of those who defended Carlos until the end but recent revelations have cast doubt on the wisdom of that position.
  2. Lawrenson is so boring and possibly the worst commentator I’ve heard. Im dropping off to sleep listening to his monot.....
  3. elyowl1

    The Taylor report.

    In my mind the biggest issue was the fencing , pretty sure no fencing people could have escaped the crush far easier. Poor policing contributed no doubt , It could have been far far worse given stadium conditions back then , imagine a stand like Valley parade with fencing like we had. Thank god that nightmare scenario never happened.
  4. How odd just been discussing that game today with a Chelsea fan who was there , both of us having great memories of it.
  5. elyowl1

    Katiren Meire

    £11 million for a kid striker who scored 10 goals in 45 games in the third tier of English football. We currently have a striker the same age as when you sold him with a far superior goal scoring record at relevant international age groups , sat wasting his career away and likely to leave for a pittance. Unless you are privy to the conversations between her and those she reported to then sadly it’s their opinions which counted as doing a good job or not. Again it is a flawed assumption that anything she did at Charlton has the slightest relevance to her role here at Hillsborough.
  6. elyowl1

    Katiren Meire

    The assumption she did a bad job at Charlton is flawed , she had a brief from the owners which she followed and obviously did well. Its not her fault that the owners wish’s pissed off the supporters and as far as I can see she has made a decent start here following OUR owners brief. No doubt she will upset some of our fan base at some point but sadly you can’t keep everybody happy.
  7. elyowl1

    Young George Hirst

    I’ve worked in Investment banking for twenty years , earn a very decent salary and I can guarantee his offer will be far in excess of mine. For a 19 year old with no real experience in his field it will be a very good offer. When I first started working an England International I knew earned 8 times my weekly wage approx at £4K per week , that differential is now approx 50-100 times my weekly wage depending on the player. Wages in football are total madness and when clubs get in financial distress the players and other clubs get paid out but it’s the little businesses who end up out of pocket.
  8. elyowl1

    The Rovers Return

    Can’t blame Big Ron at all , he was obviously caught in two minds hence the u turn. Dissapointing for us but in the same circumstances everyone on this site would have done the same If it was Wednesday offering us the job.
  9. elyowl1

    Totally gutted.

    I’m sorry it’s all my fault , I took both my kids last night. Both are good luck charms the only defeat they have ever seen live was at Wembley.
  10. Can’t see a win tonight , best we can hope for is a draw. Hopefully I’m wrong and we score a 91st min winner off Keoghs backside
  11. elyowl1

    George Hirst - sorry

    Fair wage , he’s turned down a contract offer which is the highest ever for his age group offered by the club and higher than 95% of posters on here. Fair wages and football do not go togeather.
  12. Please Dont judge me by your own circumstances , if you paid 6k for two weeks holiday in Florida that’s fine however I pay less than half that due to the fact we have a family home there and have done since the 80s hence no accommodation costs , no car hire either and we don’t need to eat out we go to the supermarket and buy in. I made a comment based on my own personal circumstances not a generalisation , I know how much I’ve spent going to matches over the season and I know how much a holiday will cost ME. Over the last three seasons my wife has allowed my to take my sons to games on a regular basis and we have been season tickets holders for two seasons because I bought into the chairman’s vision. The level of performance and commitment I have seen this season is making me wonder the sacrifices we are making as a family are worth it.
  13. My fuel cost to goto the games is over £1300 a year alone never mind season tickets , food and drink and the amount of money spent in the club shop. You assume the only cost involved is a season ticket.
  14. I will be renewing two out of four tickets , my wife and youngest have only been to three matches this season so no point really. However another season like this then I will stop going. with the amount of money I spend during the season I can take my kids to Florida every year and given this seasons effort and performances it’s better value .