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  1. Your right ultimately it does make no difference EXCEPT for the next few months , years , decades when it's mentioned. Boxing Day , Cup Semi , and mind the gap game all spring to mind when thinking of Derby matches.
  2. Over Hyped or Another Error?

    You forgot the monthly broadband connection too . For one person to argue they cant afford £42 for a ticket unless they are unemployed , knowing this fixture has been due since the end of the season is absurd how much would they pay £20. I get it if it's a family of four but for a one off game for an individual who's not a member or a season ticket holder I have no sympathy , get a part time job for a week , one shift would have covered the expense.
  3. RIP Derek Wilkinson

    RIP Derek
  4. OWLS IN THE PARK 2017

    its fine , half the time I don't know where I live , in footballing terms most supporters are Steven Gerard's one city people , I'm a Dean Windass I've been all over the damn place due to work.
  5. 2-1 win , and quite happy that the team we are playing nearest to our 150th birthday is one of the two teams actually older than us. Wonder if Sky will mention the fact on the day , I'm sure they would be going mad over the fact if it was one if the darling premier league teams.

    Who's the gaffer ?
  7. OWLS IN THE PARK 2017

    I live in Ely , I moved to Nottingham from Sheffield In 1986 that's over 30 years ago , I've not lived their since 1991 when I left for Uni.
  8. OWLS IN THE PARK 2017

    its my mum who should feel guilty dragging me out of Sheffield. The worst part was going to the City ground nearly as often as Hillsborough because going to the football is what you did with your mates as a teenager in the 80s.
  9. OWLS IN THE PARK 2017

    Not since 1986 dragged kicking and screaming from Loxley to Nottingham and never had the chance to move home since.
  10. OWLS IN THE PARK 2017

    300 mile round trip and can't get the new kits , waste of money for me.
  11. OWLS IN THE PARK 2017

    Would have gone to get kids the kits and a day out would be a wasted drive now so will give it a miss.
  12. predictions for Septembers games

    Rephrase , the only game I could see us losing is Cardiff , most of the games look like they will be draws , I expect us to get seven points from the month but with our team and luck I really can't forecast which games these will come from
  13. predictions for Septembers games

    Only game I can see us losing is Cardiff , I can see a lot of draws though so seven points.