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  1. Not seen a vote yet for Colin West or Patrick Blondeau or that fella Colin Ross I think it was.
  2. Last time we got it right was selling Atkinson, and using the money to bring in Paul Williams, Danny Wilson and Steve McKenzie though to the best of my memory he didn't play that often.
  3. Anything is possible, Jeffers 1 cap 1 goal. Unlikely but let's hope so as we will have made a big profit on him if he does
  4. Can't be a genuine fan, far too honest an answer.
  5. Yup remember those games well, also remember the game when Proctor I think scored a great header to beat them finally.
  6. Can't remember the year but a 5-1 home defeat to Wimbledon, possibly the last one I ever went to with my grandfather hurts. As does the 87 Cup defeat to Coventry, I fully expected a win and another cup semi trip.
  7. No it doesn't matter if it the first, third or 30th game. If we don't beat teams who can't win at home then we are dropping potential vital points which may be crucial end of season.
  8. If we are to push for promotion this year then a win at Millwall is needed, to put in perspective I believe they have only won two or three home games in 2019.
  9. No longer in the grandstand so can't say I've seen it, each to their own but the Veltins Arena does sadly but Hillsborough to shame with the overall experience, food, service, toilets etc. Again sadly the last 20 years without Premier league cash has left us far behind in some areas.
  10. 8/10 for a club in our current position, sensible it seems recruitment, high wages out of the door. Hector would have been nice but Fulham were prepared to pay Chelsea fee and we weren't do sadly no go and Chelsea at least £3 Million wasted plus wages. I think with the current squad we will. E thereabouts come Jan and let's see what happens then.
  11. Thanks I will set off earlier, coming from Lincoln today so that's slightly better
  12. Should be simple to operate, I go to Schalke matches quite often, they have a cashless system and you just load a card at various kiosks around the ground. Their operation makes ours look outdated. Sadly a result of no Premier league cash for a generation.
  13. It's worse than that Jim, we actually paid a fee for him.
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