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  1. Peter Schmeichel when he was still at Brondby and i believe Jaap Stam was looked at too.
  2. Varadi second time round not a patch on the first
  3. Yes, the whole time there was very unpleasant to say the least.
  4. Never has an issue watching Wednesday, but was at the Galatasary match in 2000 courtesy of an Uni friend. Truly frightening never been back to Turkey since and will never set foot in the country again.
  5. Skyscanner to compare prices and book with airlines direct. Watch out for sales etc. BA can be good value especially if you shop at Sainsburys and use their reward card, im racking up bonus Avois miles all the time especially with all the weekly offers and online shopping through BA portal with a BA credit card.
  6. Going to Vilnius to see mates in September £28 return flight from Luton, cant go wrong at that price.
  7. Iorfa and Dunkley have the potential to score a fair few in this division, Borner too if he stays. Depends on the quality of balls into the box for them at set plays.
  8. If you really think putting 90 quid on one side for a few months is having too much money, I sincerely hope your own Financial position improves soon.
  9. Hence why I've backed against us, seen two teams in 83 and 91 who should have won the League and ballsed it up, and this squad is not in the same League as either of those quality wise for the respective division.
  10. Dont back Wednesday to win.
  11. Dont gamble anything you cant afford to lose, nobody would be doing the lottery otherwise, and i would not have to learn and cope with the feeling every Wednesday and Saturday morning that i have not become an overnight multi millionaire. Nothing beats the feeling every so often getting the email saying you have won the lottery, log in and its £2.60 again. Lol
  12. Agree, but we are a big name for the League and the odds reflect that. Just laid us at 9-1 for a tenner on betfair as Champions. £90 quid invested to earn £10 better interest than a bank and if we win the league ive lost £90, i dont think i will be that upset about it
  13. Hirst senior but thats with hindsight, FF soon as hes kicked off he should have gone. Pudil should never have been signed at the end of his loan, his legs were gone. Keeping the likes of Beevers, Wood and Spurr when we had offers on the table. The list is endless we have never been good at selling players and having the right replacement lined up, last one i can think of was Dalian Atkinson RIP.
  14. Not much will be done when the likes of Elon Musk gets away with calling a guy a peado, Not racist but the same principle, sadly the authorities play lip service, lest we forget we have a prime minister who in a newspaper article called Burka wearing women letter boxes. How can we fight racism when it starts with the PM?
  15. Quick digging around was after he got the boot from Coventry and Francis gave him some game time in our reserves, not sure if he was looking at him ir helping a mate out.
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