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  1. Irrespective of how we’ve played this season , poor referring has cost us potentially a minimum of six points from the top of my head. Today , Bolton away , Burton and Birmingham. Time to bring in some form of review system , If Cricket and Rugby can manage it so can football with the amount of money at stake.
  2. Best Sheffield Wednesday Kits Ever

    Don’t get me started on bloody dresses , just got the other half to have a clear out , over 100 went on eBay. I get moaned at for not buying enough new clothes.
  3. International Breaks

    Minimum holiday entitlement in Uk is 28 days , I would complain to your boss if you live here he’s breaking the law.
  4. Absolutely despite our rather patchy form , glaring referee errors and inconsistency have cost us points at Burton and Birmingham with incorrectly ruled out goals and definite penalties not given vs Bolton and Derby also. This doesn’t excuse our poor performances in some matches but if the refs had done their jobs properly we would certainly have had more points on the table.
  5. Butterfield and Bannan

    Reminds me a little bit of Lopez in his play.
  6. Always been in the stay camp however it’s time to make a change , Poor showing again today and it’s not good enough. In in the words of Napoleon I’d rather have a lucky manager than a good one and Carlos has certainly had more than his fair share of bad luck which is a shame but he’s not switching things around enough and we can all pick the team and substitutions every week.
  7. Cracking challenge Hunt
  8. Sloppy in the middle , but a good strike in fairness.
  9. Top 6 we should be looking at ten points from those fixtures , top two we need to be looking at 12/13.
  10. Looking at that it’s just the teams who spent over 100% turnover or that’s how I read it anyway.
  11. Sky Championship Table Predictor

    So Leeds Champions
  12. My grandfather always used to call Mel Sterland Stirling
  13. Marwood and Chapman
  14. The Top Six

    What's that got to do with his pedigree , Tricky Trev was in his late 30s and used to come on and control a game upfront for us. Given the current situation and the way we play Bent would be a better option on our bench than Rhodes. Rhodes needs to be starting but with Hooper on form and fit there is no chance of that.