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  1. Derby going into admin on Monday would pretty much sum up our season lol.
  2. Last time in this division we had the quality of Guy Branston, If we can find a suitable deal to keep him and he plays at centrehalf then it's a no brainer. If the plan is to play him in midfield then get shot.
  3. The Chairman takes a lot of the blame and rightly so, however its the players that this season have consistently failed to see a game out. Failing to defend a lead yet again today has seen us relegated, 27 points dropped from a winning position is totally and utterly unacceptable. Good riddance to most of them leaving despite starting on minus 6 points, the Chairmen not paying you and a Managerial merry go round, their inability to do the basics on many occasions has cost the club we all on here support our place is this division.
  4. Post premier league going 433 Westwood Watson loovens Gardner pudil Lee Lopez Whelan Antonio fletcher FF from 1st season Subs Grant Lees Gray Brunt Hooper Nuhiu for the lols Hutchinson
  5. Stick that team against the 83/84 promotion team or even the 89/90 relegation team and were down.
  6. Dalian Atkinson RIP, just to see him going at if full pelt, replicating his goal vs the Scousers
  7. Derek Dooley pretty much guaranteed a goal when he took to the pitch.
  8. Totally agree about wages getting out of hand, I remember back in about 95 I was earning more than some Premier League footballers taken from knowing some squad players at a then Premier league club. Now some earn in a week what I make in a year and for the record I work in one of the most lucrative professions in the UK when bonuses are added in and with 30 years experience. I can only sit in disbelief when I see the figures bandied about for Championship player salaries never mind the PL and then see the amount of money clubs are losing each season it is a totally unsustainable m
  9. I have two sons and they first went to a game in 2016 vs Hull. Youngest one not interested in football so has hardly been since. Took my eldest to many games since and have had seasons tickets even though we didn't go to all games, he's been very lucky he's never seen us lose a league game at Hillsborough unless it was on TV. The problem is I live near Cambridge most of the time due to work and then in Lincoln when I'm it not there over the last few years he's been to many games for them as enyoyed their success has a season ticket for them too so he can now go with his mates
  10. Fantastic ground, love the card you fill up with cash and use at the various quick food outlets around the stadium, jush wish Hillsborough was as organised.
  11. Been a difficult season as these are my second team, long family story but I had Schalke shirts as birthday presents from about age 7 due to a family friend. Always had the positive that they were doing fine even as Wednesday were bad, now it looks like both are to be relegated the same season.
  12. IF only we had managed to grab 5 or 6 points from a losing position rather than the 0 we have actually done this season or not dropped the nearly 30 points from winning positions. No mental strength in this team has truly cost us.
  13. Suppose it going to be yet another game where we throw away the points.
  14. If not true enough now, it certainly will be come the end of the season, but we fo have a relaid pitch and a new large scoreboard and lest I forget new advertising hoardings
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