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  1. brixowl


    We had all this before when leaving Olive Grove - not another one!
  2. Hillsborough is forever tainted.
  3. brixowl

    Why did we sign Hector?

    I thought Hector was brought in to sort out Achilles?
  4. brixowl

    Peter Springett RIP

    When he retired from playing he became local policeman.
  5. brixowl


    DC has dropped his teapot?
  6. brixowl

    Cardiff in for FF

    The sharks are gathering.
  7. brixowl

    Nuhiu isn't the answer

    Nuhiu isn't the answer - but what is the question?
  8. Wild rumours and speculation - a premier team offer and any of the players would leave instantly - get real.
  9. Football’s latest arms race: the battle for Europe’s best youngsters intensifies . Interesting story on the net concerning up and coming stars holding their clubs to ransom. George Hurst springs to mind.
  10. brixowl

    Laughing stock

    There is a lot of negativity about the place which I am sure tells on the players. Some people love doom and gloom and feed on it like a drug. Best be positive and support the team. When you have been a supporter for 60 years plus you learn how to keep calm and carry on.
  11. brixowl

    To the Dean Smith brigade

    Roll on Christmas.