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  1. Getting ready to drop a division are we ?
  2. Megson has done nothing recently - he's well past it.
  3. The Club was left in a poor state by those who went before. They were looking for a quick fix and then they would move on. Jos needs time to turn the team and Club around to make us a solid Premium team, not one yoyoing between divisions. Relax and enjoy the ride.
  4. It is fairly obvious that Jos is operating within a few restraints that no other potential Manager would take on. A new appointment would have to be someone desperate enough to come not any of the ones mentioned on here. Take care what you wish for.
  5. We had all this before when leaving Olive Grove - not another one!
  6. I thought Hector was brought in to sort out Achilles?
  7. When he retired from playing he became local policeman.
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