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  1. Carlos on new deal

    It's all about the 'tree angle' apparently
  2. Carlos WILL stay...

    Carlos staying, new 1yr deal agreed today.

    Obviously more clued up than us then!
  4. Poll: Should Carlos Stay?

    At the evening with Hirst and Sheridan last night they were telling everyone he's getting chopped, Argentinian lined up to replace him. Mixed emotions personally, but what will be will be.
  5. Charlie Taylor

    Heard from a weeds fan at work he's been refusing to play for a while bow ever since they refused him a move in January. They have covered it up under an injury since then but now it's out.
  6. Cardiff have been poor for years, they just don't travel at all.
  7. Best visiting team this season

    Worst I have seen in a good few years was Birmingham, they were truly woeful that night. Totally devoid of anything, sure we see plenty of poor teams but with all of them you can see a game plan even if it is parking the bus for a point Warnock style. Zola should never work again, that team of his had no idea at all.
  8. Let's be clear, David never has been and never will be a supporter. His match day role consisted of him floating from box to box nailing booze. He never watches one minute of the game, the last corporate game I went to he upset one of our group with his 'I couldn't give a bobbar I'm only here cos they pay me' line. He was my boyhood hero, and still is but he never was a fan. That's the top and bottom of it. Have no doubt if a chance came to move George on and significantly increase his income David would not think twice about it.
  9. QPR Away

    Any idea what our allocation will be for this one?
  10. Who was the last.....

    He will be on bench at best. CC usually gives 2 weeks minimum to integrate, said as much in radio Sheffield after wolves game. Patience pays....