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  1. Young manager, still got something to prove, both better and worse managers out there. I'm not disappointed and think no reason why this could be the club it clicks for him.
  2. Exactly the match I was thinking of, thought it looked a positive combination at the time given a chance to develop.
  3. Would like to see Rhodes get a decent run out and I believe he would be better paired with Winnall over Nuhiu.
  4. Dawson Iorfa Borner Bates Fox Reach Luongo Bannan Forestieri Rhodes Winnall
  5. I know it's not a fantastic amount (5) but he has more assists than any other player this season.
  6. Think we will start to see a lot more of Fox if he continues to perform as he did against Bristol, with Pudil or Reach stepping in when Fox unavailable.
  7. Westwood Palmer Lees Loovens Fox Wallace Hutchinson Bannan Forestieri Rhodes Winnall/Hooper
  8. He's contributing to far too many clean sheets for my liking!
  9. Like Huddersfield beat us with ease the other week? Oh that's right......they didn't.
  10. I prefere to be a glass half full type of person..... we have gained a point on the top this week with Brighton losing last night and with Newcastle drawing means they havnt pulled away further, despite us only achieving a draw with Bristol.
  11. We signed Gary Taylor Fletcher on a months loan. After this transfer window it's clear to see just how far we have come with the calibre of player we are now able to attract.
  12. Without sounding bitter, if Rhodes does indeed end up at Villa along with all the other players they have bought in this window, it would be very amusing if they didn't even make the play offs!
  13. But it's also a tactic which has won us 6 out of the 10 league games losing only 1, it seems to be working and beating top six teams in the process which was a big weakness last season.
  14. Just realised, we have only conceded 1 league goal in the past 6 matches, that's some formidable defending, surely got to be one of the most in form defences in the league at the moment.
  15. Think playing with these two up front and with Hooper yet to come back driving the competition for places, combined with the amount of clean sheets we are keeping, we can seriously start eyeing up 3rd/2nd place.
  16. I'm sure he will tell them, behind closed doors in a professional manner. Not in front of the media making a spectacle of the club.
  17. Yet we have won 5 of past 9, only losing one with 5 clean sheets in the process? Call me a clapper but I don't think that calls for Carlos to be sacked! As for the switching players, playing 3 games in a week and multiple injuries kind of dictates the need.
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