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  1. 100% agree, FF and SF’s Work rate was superb, winning the ball back for us on several occasions.now here is the negative side of that...........teams like Liverpool have their strikers do the exact same thing and rely on strikers work rate tracking back to launch counter attacks. When FF and SF won the ball back invariably the ball was then either passed back to the crab who then passed it back to wildsmith or it was passed to the blancmange Boyd for a quick counter attack who then in turn fell over. Moral of the story is if your strikers are prepared to work hard for the team defensively you Have to have pace from wide areas and midfield to benefit from this and last night we didn’t
  2. Wildsmith Baker Nielson Pudil Fox preston hutch bannan Boyd FF Fletcher
  3. Don’t know if he was ever considered for the Job before Jos but he is exactly the type of manager we now need. Championship experience, brilliant results on a small budget, sells players for healthy profits and replaces them easily. All the attributes we should be looking for. Has an attachment to the club, albeit not a great one but his managerial record really does speak for itself. For me JL is coming up as a bit of a fraud on a big salary
  4. Unless I’m wrong (which I could be) wasn’t K Lee mentioned as not training for 10 days early this week? Is JL getting players mixed up perhaps? Just can’t buy What JL has just said in relation to Abdi that’s all, doesn’t make sense
  5. Looking at Fernandos and Jaoas insta stories it seems as though they have had a meat and beers birthday bash for atdhi today. Personally I think it’s great to see the players getting on and bonding well ready for Saturday season opener. Whats everyone else’s thoughts?
  6. After today IMO I don’t think we can play pelupessy and Hutch together as we become very deep as a midfield. I also think that playing Lees in the right hand side of a back 3 isn’t ideal as his distribution isn’t his strong point. Based on pre season and the players available I would go with Wildsmith Hutch. Lees. Van aken palmer. Reach Pelupessy. Bannam Fessi Joao. Fletcher
  7. No the season has been put to bed, I was wondering what people thoughts on how we develop the squad for next season, are. It’s clear we have a lot of stranded wages between players aged 28-32 and Jos has made his intentions of reducing the squad age quite clear. The club clearly have to balance the fees paid and current values against incomings etc. 3 of the biggest decisions surely have to be made over Westwood, Rhodes and Hooper. In an ideal world next season our squad would certainly contain westy and Hooper but these are our 2 biggest assists in positions that we could cover comfortably giving us a cash injection for transfer market. Rhodes on the other hand, if he goes in the summer would probably cost us between 5-6 million in losses potentially. in terms of freeing up wage budget then personally I feel Boyd and Fletcher, who didn’t cost us a penny would be first out of the door then potentially Fox,Jones and Palmer if we could find buyers for them, close behind? What are everyone else’s thoughts on this knowing that some pretty tough and probably not popular decisions are going to have to be made
  8. Looking at our transfers which would be included in this I make it :- van aken and pelupessey. Adding Boyd and venancio into the equation and then potentially Rhodes depending on when his agent was paid makes reasonable reading for us. That isn’t including potential agent fees to get jos in as well as fees paid to butterfeets agent and fees paid to agents of the u23s who have signed pro contracts. Big tick for DC on this one. on another note Wolverhampton Wanderers at just over 2 million............yea right
  9. Butterfeet is stealing a living and an absolute disgrace the the 8 shirt!
  10. JL has to give confidence to all the fit players at the club ATM. Carlos admitted he lost the rest of the squad by only selecting from the same 12/13 players. For me JL has been clever with selection to keep the small squad we have happy/fresh
  11. After listening to Jos in the press conference talking about the long term injuries And in particular FF it seems even more aparant now that CC and HIS medical staff handled our injury situation really poorly. Add in to this CC’s comments about reserve players it’s clear now that his ethos was this.........I have my best 11 and they will play even if that means the particular individuals don’t have to Train because of their injuries!! The number of times CC referred to “managing little injury problems” in his conferences over the past 12 months does make me wonder if these players have been forced to play through the pain barriers with the help of quotezone injections until the broke, for want of a better word! Steven Fletcher and Keiran Lee’s names spring to mind immediately. CC really has left Jos picking up the pieces quite literally hasn’t he
  12. Brave men rejoice in adversity, just as brave soldiers triumph in war. Should be pinned up around the training ground ready for Friday time for those who are fit to step up to the plate and do us proud
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