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  1. I think you'll find that this happens at pretty much every ground in the country TBF.
  2. ^^^^^^^^ This !!!! Please, Please, PLEASE................ let it be FYLDE
  3. Why on earth would anyone give a 'neg' for this post? Oh wait a sec.................. It's @mrbluesky.
  4. Don't worry Blackadder.......... @Lord Nilsson has a cunning plan. FFS
  5. Looks more like Brian the Blade to me. Hope he's not had his usual bottle of 'red'
  6. Reports in Sunderland Echo that Sheffield Wednesday are one of two or three clubs interested in signing Aiden McGeady in this transfer window. F F S !!!
  7. Obviously they're not. And well done to 'em all !!!!
  8. To be fair, I suspect that this rule (or one very similar) is common for every football stadium in the country.
  9. Big crowd on Sunday? Well the last 7 minutes today just knocked about 5k off.
  10. You've been taking photos in the Blackpool Pleasure Beach Hall of Mirrors haven't you?
  11. No I haven't. And I'm not sure that I want to either.
  12. Couldn't agree more ! Would love the club to revert to its original and "proper" name:- THE WEDNESDAY FC.
  13. But you're not supposed to be reading it as a poem Forget the voices of Patrick Stewart, Brian Blessed etc. and especially bloody Pam Ayres You're supposed to be singing it in the voices of Shane MacGowan and Kirsty MacColl FFS.
  14. Brilliant!!!!! Ring Football Heaven tomorrow and sing it to 'em.
  15. Nah! he only skinned him a couple of times but TV showed the replays about 20 times.
  16. If the EFL were to do that you can guarantee that the goals they deduct would all be related to games that we won by a margin of one goal. Thus, in effect, deducting us 18 points ! The Bastuds,
  17. Ahh ! That explains the piggies nickname of 'Didsy' for McGoldrick then.
  18. Is there any proof of this? We've seen this mentioned many times on here, but is it true or is it another Owlstalk "FACT"
  19. I thought that Harris was pretty poor in the first half, made too many poor decisions with his final ball. IMO he improved massively in the second half when playing on the left and cutting inside.
  20. If "Little Jimmy Krankie" has her way you still will be.
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