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  1. Glad to hear she's a qualified chef too. There'll not be much call for out of work tank drivers when she leaves the forces.
  2. Problem is that players only have a sell on value if our owner is prepared to sell them.
  3. Penalty in play-off final? - Nailed on. Equaliser at Brighton. - Errrrrr? Bloody crafty that Hooper I'nt he? P.S.. Gi Sid James back.
  4. I remember seeing him on TV a few years ago saying he couldn't give a feck about football and that he's a big egg chasing fan.
  5. Not really worth starting a thread for. I thought it was common knowledge that he was watching the first test when it was reported that he wasn't taking over until Feb 1st.
  6. Don't let low blood sugars stop you. A couple of Elev 8's and you'll be fine. The sports drinks, not the sports bra.
  7. No one. But if he was our Geoffrey, well that would be different. Wonder what happened to him? Must be waiting for an aggro thread.
  8. Agree, Chelsea will rest most of their first choice. And look what happened when Wenger did this against us.
  9. Voted Fletcher (obviously) but though Boyd had a great second half.
  10. Can't believe it!!!!! Surely they are long time readers of OT.
  11. Easy answer. D.C. says he has the money but P&S stops him from using it. So, D.C, himself, buys 3000 issues of 1867 scheme at £5000 per pop and donates the seats to schools etc. £15 million raised and gates up by 3000 screaming kids will raise the atmosphere. Don't want the kids sat near me though.
  12. Bloody Hell. We've got a team full of great players.!!!!!
  13. Gone a bit quiet on this thread now. Anyone prepared to come back on and admit they were wrong? No, I thought not.
  14. At this level he has scored 5 goals in 40+ appearances.
  15. And nobody can identity any of 'em. Except to say they're all 'piggish'
  16. According to Colin, the loan move to pigs is "fully funded". I presume this means Blunts are paying all his wages.(and loan fee?). As for Wilder, I've never known anyone take so long to say so little.
  17. No chance it will be 12th. Chelsea have Europa game on 14th. Book your train tickets for Millwall.
  18. Let's worry about Luton first!
  19. Is that your way of calling him a donkey?
  20. Sorry, players are only allowed one song each. Don't you think it's bad enough having the kop singing one line behind the North without them singing a completely different song, FFS.
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