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  1. Any videos of this? Asking for his wife.
  2. Longer match report than we get for a league game on SWFC official site. What a game !!!!! By the sound of it Scunthorpe had 99% possession and we scored from 5 break aways.
  3. WHAT!!!!!!! WHEN!!!!!!! HOW!!!!!!!!! Well I missed that. When did they disallow Derby's goal !!!! Presume 2 extra points will be added to our total at the end of the season.
  4. Use drones at every game hovering above parked cars on Herries Road. Should be a relatively easy job to photograph/film the lowlifes and probably identify them as they are likely to be known to the police already. Also an economical use of police manpower.
  5. Goal line "save" at Derby a couple of years back.(Keogh ?)
  6. Right, before I start I know I've got too much time on my hands, but have just watched the closing stages of the match against Rotherham on I-Follow match replay and decided to see just how much time was actually added. When the 90 minutes point was reached and 8 minutes added time was announced Thorniley was still on the pitch so the game wasn't restarted until he left and the substitute, Iorfa, entered the pitch. The game restarted with our goal kick on 91mins 5 secs. Iorfa puts the ball in the back of the net on 99mins 7 secs. WOW ! An extra 2 seconds over the allotted time. UP YOURS, MINI-PIGS. (And Ronnie Moore)
  7. ^^^^^^^ This! AND-------- You can understand what he's saying.
  8. WHAT !!!!! They've named a stand after him already?
  9. So have I. Usually about half an hour after I get home from the pub.
  10. Poor trolling. I think you'll find that although Bruce didn't achieve promotion, he made a very healthy profit on transfer dealing whilst with Villa.
  11. No, you're getting mixed up with the Dingles. The rest are ,pretty much, true tho'
  12. HEY!! I didn't say "I saw " my teeth " Mine are pearly white ----(ish)
  13. Is it just me? I always have to look twice to see the "bat" on the Batman logo. At first glance I just see an open mouth with yellow teeth!
  14. Irrelevant. !!! I'm not speaking on their TV and radio.
  15. Nice to hear a manager speaking English us fans can understand.
  16. You should have been at school with me, Morepork, High Storrs, late 50's. They used to serve cheese pie with tomato soup poured over as gravy. Luverly !!!!!!!!
  17. Think you might be right SOB2. Maybe gives the game away by offering a "like". Isn't that a term used on one of the Pig forums? Owlstalk prefers the "agree" (previously known as the plus) button.
  18. Perhaps 'play-off finish' means you are predicting your team to finish in places 3 to 6. i.e. you won't be paid out if they finish in top 2 unless you have wagered 'top 6'.
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