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  1. Come on now FFS. That's enough of the 'bus' jokes. Although a lot of them were funny. Lets show the lad some respect and pronounce his name correctly' As I understand it the proper pronunciation is BUSH or BOOSH. I hope its BUSH. That should give the Owlstalk jokers plenty of ammunition for a few more pages of comical comments .
  2. Come on Trev. Show a little sympathy! Don't you think they've suffered enough in last 3 days. No neither do I. Absolutely ACE. Keep 'em coming.
  3. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere. Radio Sheffield 1.0 news. Stuart Gray negotiating for permanent signing of McGugan, loan signing of Jamie Paterson and in talks with Sergiu Bus over personal terms. What a difference a day makes, Eh?
  4. Looks impressive on video, but so do Atdhe and Stevie. Obviously edited videos can be deceptive and the quality of defenders looks well below championship standard. But lets not be negative! He, like Stevie May, is a young developing player still with much to learn especially at this level. Who knows? If we give them the backing and the opportunity they just might turn out to be our dynamic duo within a couple of seasons. And even if this young lad, Bus, doesn't make the grade £350k is only loose change now innit? Just sell another shipload of tuna and we've got our money back.
  5. New stand for the away end ? Yea fine. But not before we upgrade the facilities on the North Stand and Kop concourses. Bring them upto the standard of the South Stand and the Grandstand as a minimum requirement. Vastly improve the quality of catering (and charge a reasonable price for food and drinks - no-one begrudges making a fair profit but present prices are nothing short of extortion). And of course install 2 new modern scoreboards (must have a 'T' in the middle though, can't break with tradition). Yes to a new West stand but Owls fans must come first.
  6. Highlights?? How can this be called match highlights when the only real highlight wasn't shown. Surely the flicking of the ball over three opposition players in a row by Semi was the only highlight on Tuesday.
  7. Wear another British team's shirt? N E V E R ! ! It should be classed as a crime against your club and you should be denied entry to all future games. I suppose wearing a foreign clubs shirt is just about acceptable as long as it is BLUE AND WHITE. But you're not allowed to wear it in S6.
  8. Congratulations to you all!! But come on ! Where's little Tommy's Wednesday mini-kit. Don't tell me he's already been let down by the Owls Superstore/Sondico.
  9. Why do we stock replica shirts in adult sizes ? Simple, apparently the size which easily outsells all other sizes in this country is X/LARGE. Perhaps this just means that there is a big child obesity problem here.
  10. No.1 - Get slagged off on Owlstalk for not spending enough! No 2 - Get slagged off on Owlstalk for being tacticly incompetent! No.3 - Get slagged off on Owlstalk for not scoring enough! SO ITS GOT TO BE FREE SEASON TICKETS FOR LIFE. Mind you its a bit late for that when you've been paying for season tickets since the late 1960's innit?
  11. Yea it fits 'My old man's a dustman' perfectly. Trouble is it'd take about 20 minutes to sing it and I can't imagine what it would sound like with the Kop singing it 1 line behind the North as usual.
  12. Dalien Atkinson. Could have been one half of a fabulous strike force along with Hirst. Reportedly let down by lifestyle choices.
  13. I see Leon Best has signed on loan for Brighton. Didn't Gray fancy him? Couldn't we afford him? Did he not fancy us? Certainly wouldn't have done us any ham, IMO.
  14. Yes you are correct. Everton hadn't conceded in the cup that year until they played us.
  15. Yes I was there! Travelled down by car with a mate. Got stuck in traffic and was escorted by the way of short cuts and back streets right upto Wembley by a Chelsea fan. Four or five pints before match (no breathalysers in those days). McCalliog - Ford !!!!!! Elation! Trebilcock Despair! On way out of Wembley came across a little lad about 9 or 10 years old sat on a step sobbing his heart out. Sat with him and shed a couple of tears myself and I was 22. But despite the disappointment I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Shows how things change though, I think my ticket cost 10 shillings (50p)
  16. Thanks Trev. At least someone else can see what unrealistic expectations lots of people have. How can you expect immediate success for a young lad still learning his trade, who, lets face it, cost next to nothing, compared with present day transfer fees.
  17. FFS give the lad a chance. He's moved here from an inferior league where he was scoring for fun. He's now facing much better defenders. He's a young lad with, obviously, a lot to learn which I'm sure that, given the chance, he will. Surely we should have learned that young players need time to learn and adjust. Just look at Grant Holt - not good enough for us! Turned into a first class striker at Premier league level. If Owlstalk had been around in the day I dread to think what sort of abuse David Hirst would have received. First full season - 4 goals. Second season - 6 goals. Third season 9 goals. Have some patience and perhaps Stevie will develop into a top striker, maybe almost as good as holt and Sir David.
  18. Of course people still buy the 'Star'. My wife buys it every day to see who's died!
  19. Not sure I altogether agree that Loovens is the best central defender we have had for a long time. Depends what you consider as a long time, but I saw Mark Smith in his prime and Des Walker, both outstanding defenders. But I do think that Loovens is one half of the best central defensive duo I can remember. And don't forget we've got big Claude pushing them both. Essential that we keep all three if we have real ambition of reaching the promised land!
  20. Despite Westwood's assurance I'm afraid that swfc will be agreeable to selling him if a good offer is made. At present newspaper reports quote Liverpool's interest at £2m. Reports in this mornings 'Sun' say that Spurs are prepared to sell Hugo Lloris for £25m. So presumably this means that he is 12.1/2 times more valuable than Westwood. What absolute rubbish! If this is a fair valuation for Lloris then we should be holding out for fair price for Westwood, which has got to be far in excess of £2m.
  21. I can't understand the problem. Its pronounced exactly as its written. And its not only the commentators who get it wrong, just listen to our fans on football heaven and see how many get it wrong. (BTB always gets it wrong too - mind you he gets EVERYTHING wrong). SO come on FFS - All together, after me, its NOO - I - OOOOO !!!!!
  22. Best solution would be for Wednesday player to charge £50 or £75 per season,in addition to present subscriptions, and stream all AWAY games live and possibly show home games a couple of hours after they finish.
  23. Come on! Lets be realistic. Start of this season most supporters said they wanted season on season improvement. This time last season 18 points and occupying relegation position. Now 31 points and 13th. Whats that if not season on season improvement? Yes we all know that with a 20 season striker we could be in a much better position, buts lets face it every team outside the top half of the prem is looking for a 20 a season striker, but they cost millions that we haven't got and never will have unless we get that elusive multi-billionair investor we all crave. So until we get this investment lets ALL get behind Stuart and the team, don't live in fantasy land, and accept that maybe things are not progressing as swiftly as we all of us would like but we are progressing!
  24. well thanks for the best wishes from the sunshine 'Lanzarote Owl. But there wasn't much sunshine when we were there in November - It PSS'D it down. But Happy Christmas to owls everywhere. WAWAW.
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