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  1. No doubt YOU think your posts are funny, SolihullOwl. I very much doubt that anyone else does.
  2. Don't Leeds Utd have a fans message board ? 'Just Visiting' seems to spend most of his waking hour monitoring just about every thread on Owlstalk!
  3. I can understand the thinking behind having a cheaper phase 1 price to try and encourage early sales, thus bringing money as soon as possible Really don't understand the reason behind following phase 2 with yet another phase. Considering the huge increase applied to prices in phase 2, surely anyone intending to buy a season ticket, who for whatever reason, was unable.to buy during phase 1 will have made sure that they obtained their tickets during phase 2. I really can't see the club selling more than a handful of tickets in an even more expensive phase 3.
  4. Please hurry up with the time lapse. Can't wait to see those machines Knitting our new pitch.
  5. Yea ! They were results that hurt. but they weren't cup finals !! Boxing Day? Man Utd? Can only remember one BOXING DAY !!!
  6. Well London owl, not only am I devastated that any Wednesdayite should fail to raise his children as anything other than true owls fans, I am amazed that you should think it better for your child to support Arsenal than either Chelsea or Man U. Although I have never been one to harbour a grudge I'm afraid I have not yet recovered from 1993, and I doubt I ever will. Arsenal FFS !!!!
  7. 'Operationalization' ? WTF? - is that even a word? If it is I've no idea what it means.
  8. "I bet you lot never sip Guiness" ? No body ever SIPS Guiness - you have to gulp it properly
  9. I'm sure I read somewhere that he is a close friend of 'The Special One' If true there should be chance of some brilliant loan opportunities.
  10. I can think of about 20 managers/head coaches I would prefer to this chap. 14 clubs in about as many seasons doesn't inspire any degree of confidence does it. Can only see this ending in tears. If he is appointed will I support him - OF COURSE I WILL !!!!
  11. Some say 'You sign for the club, not the manager' Others said 'We need a bigger name manager to encourage better players to come to the club' Which is correct? Suppose both could be right - If you are Chelsea or Man Utd etc. players sign for the club. If you're a mid table championship side perhaps players sign for the manager.
  12. What's up owlZfan 84 don't you like Jonathon ?
  13. As appointment will be one of Head Coach maybe Jimmy Floyd would be worth considering. Young, successful at lower level, football pedigree excellent and his lack of managerial experience would not be such a disadvantage given that he would be working under the guidance of the committee. Others I would consider - Gus Poyet, Roberto DM, or David Moyes.
  14. Perhaps yes, but depends entirely on his replacement. Some seriously frightening suggestions out there - Waddle & Sheridan? Wednesday legends, I hope not, would hate to see their memory tarnished. Carbone? Di Canio? - both unproven and probably unreliable. And God forbid Roeder or worst of all COLIN !!!!
  15. Klopp ? Which Klopp is that then ? Klippety ? Yea. The old jokes are the best.
  16. Not just Lidl. I've never had my car parked for me or been escorted into the shop, even at Waitrose! Mind you I've been escorted out of the shop a time or two!
  17. Nobody gets promotion to the Premiership 'on the cheap' Transfer window only opened yesterday! Wait and see! Keep the faith! Serious money will be spent !
  18. Well Asteener, if the treatment you say you now expect as a 'customer' of SWFC is the treatment you already get as a customer of any other business you use, then I must be shopping in the wrong bloody supermarket !!
  19. Brilliant work, Wath-owl. Fascinating to watch the whole transformation from the start until now. Anyone else noticed how good the weather has been, watching the shadows move across the pitch shows sunny it has been almost every day. I'm afraid I don't remember it being so good in S10. (Maybe Wath-owl edited all the crap weather out)
  20. 'News Now' reports Owls close to concluding deal for McGugan. Bid expected to be accepted. Lets hope that this is the start of a hectic transfer window !!!
  21. Loovens not re-signed yet ! If Sol Bamba is available GET IN there. Lets show our intent to be serious challengers this season. Would form a great partnership with Lees.
  22. Well there is certainly a serious amount of piping under the pitch. They'll have to be careful when digging holes for the goal posts or the pitch will be flooded again before the first bloody home match !!
  23. Nuhiu for me. Much more skill than Booth. On another point - If 237 people have cast a vote and Nuhiu has 97 votes, Booth has 113 so who did the other 27 vote for ?
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