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  1. Think you've blown it there. Look forward to refund hitting my account early July.
  2. Looking forward to that then. It hasn't been interesting for the last few years.
  3. Never been a great goal scored against us. All flukes scored by lucky B@stards!
  4. Brings back the memory of (in?)famous line of commentary "and that's another fuckerea" Did this really happen or is it another 'urban legend'
  5. Well you're certainly of the correct forum here then.
  6. Oh, FFS, will someone pass me a razor blade.
  7. Yea @BIG D & @CrosbyKitchens That's the spirit. Supporters Eh?
  8. So after this season it will be six times. To be hoped you never get relegated again after next season then, you'd not be able to count how many times.
  9. If the top team in each division was promoted with no relegation, why (with the exeption of the Premier league) would it mean one extra team in each division.
  10. According to an article on "Birmingham Live" Barnsley insist that any punishments against us, Derby and Birmingham must be applied this season and Paul Conway is quoted as saying that Barnsley will take legal action if the cases are not handled "TO THEIR SATISFACTION". So, presumably, if any points deduction for all three clubs is not enough to save the Dingles he will take legal action against the EFL..
  11. I remember the pen knives. Ours were distributed by our teacher about 5 minutes before 'home time' with strict instructions not to play with them but take them straight home. I had my handkerchief wrapped round my cut finger before the bell rang to end the lesson.
  12. As I understand it the Pro-fit is more like a slimfit shirt and therefore much tighter (could be wrong though) With my experience of Elev 8 sizing, if you usually wear a medium in Adidas etc. you might find that the Elev 8 XL is a decent fit.
  13. I think you are mistaken. The shirt is available in Pro-fit, but is still available in standard fit (except for medium and large). It comes with sponsor on the front. As far as sizing is concerned I find that if you compare the "Elev 8" sizing with Adidas/Puma etc you need order at least 2 sizes larger.
  14. Has any football club (apart from us, obviously) even sold any STs for the 20/21 season.
  15. OK. If the case is held next week, Wednesday are found guilty and fined £10m and docked 6 points, you would be satisfied? Yea, right!
  16. Probably my all time favourite away shirt. How long is it since we saw replica shirts with "Made in UK" printed on the collar label?
  17. 1min 58. Is it my eyes, or has someone pinched the flagpole in Barkers Pool.
  18. Yea, you can count me in on this. Having had a ST every year since the early 70's D.C. would be paying me to go by now.
  19. Of course you haven't!!! They've only started wearing the shirt this season.
  20. You read the Stir? Even worse you read the piggies articles? Should be absolutely ashamed of yourself, sir.
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