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  1. Keane out for season ? Must be Nuihu's fault !!
  2. Enough, Enough. Lets end this thread now. Its getting no where, no one agrees with anyone else. Same things repeated over and over. Reading all these posts has started to make my head hurt and my eyes bleed. You could say I feel absolutely FACT !
  3. Length of service I think. Used to be 10 years with club. Don't know if that still applies though. Maybe that's why there seems to be far fewer testimonials than there used to be as very few players stay with a club for that length of time these days. The few that do such as Gerrard, Terry, etc don't really need a testimonial bearing in mind the sort of wages they get these days do they?
  4. Don't they say "never go back" (just ask Danny Williams). Was pretty decent for us when he was here, but that was ten years ago. From the little I've seen of him on TV since he's not improved in that time. It's not enough to say he's better than what we've got now because IMO he's only marginally better. We need MUCH better. He is not the answer.
  5. Not a massive fan of the band myself but I do think they do their best to add to the atmosphere. At times Hillsborough is silent until the band try to start up a song or chant. The main problem is that the band is located in the wrong place and so fails to engage the whole of the Owls support. IMO they should be located more centrally. Why not give them the 2 or 3 rows directly behind the directors box !!
  6. You only have to look at the videos we saw when we signed him. Most of his goals stemmed from good crosses or neat, intelligent through balls from midfield. So he is going to struggle to impress given the present lack of creativity in the team as a whole. Give him the ammunition and you will see the best of him. Mind you I suppose that we can say exactly the same of Stevie May. It's early days for him so far. Lets wait and see how he progresses over the rest of the season, then really judge him over next season.
  7. Sorry if this has been mentioned before but I think the limit for emergency loans is 3 months. This means that any player brought in will have to return to parent club before end of the season. Maybe Gray is waiting for a couple of weeks before bringing in the long awaited winger so that he will be available until the last game of the season. At least I bloodywell hope that is why we are still waiting!
  8. Just been specafing and come to the conclusion that it's all a load of NIVEL DRIVEL
  9. Got to be Chris Waddle ! Saw all of both players Owls careers. Both brilliant performers and both had incredible ball skills. Chris gave more to the overall team performances than Paulo IMO. Although Paulo's individual performances in some matches were outstanding (as mentioned in a previous thread these were usually in home games though). The fact that he was a bit of a nutter also added to his entertainment value. What would a player like Chris Waddle be worth to us now. We are crying out for a class winger. Most good wingers can beat the defender to the byline and deliver a cross into the 18 yard box for their strikers to attack. When Chris Waddle dropped his shoulder, left the defender for dead and crossed the ball he didn't put it into the area for the striker to attack - He put it directly onto the strikers head or directly to his feet. I have never seen another winger with the ability to do this on such a consistant basis. Both Chris and Paulo gave me so much pleasure and happy memories but Chris comes out as clear favourite - ABSOLUTE WEDNESDAY LEGEND !! Not quite as good as Paulo at manhandling referees though.
  10. Demolish the West Stand? Lets fill it with 25000 Leeds yobs first, then demolish it.
  11. Black shorts. Hooped socks. Collar on shirt. Back to the 1920's then!
  12. Plenty on sale outside Hillsborough yesterday. Why didn't you buy one while you were at the match !!
  13. Not bothered how many superdooper new scoreboards we get. Can put one in every corner for me. But they've got to have a 'T' in the middle. And they've got to say SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!! at least twice every game. It's the WEDNESDAY WAY INNIT !!!!!
  14. Don't like the idea of goalkeepers being captain. Captains need to be able to influence things, encourage team mates, give directions to team mates etc at anytime during a match and on any part of the pitch. Goal keepers obviously are unable to do this if the action is in the attacking half of the pitch. Therefore the answer must be LEES.
  15. Seems capable of playing in some poor conditions. Should feel right at home playing at Hillsborough !
  16. Just read this article on 'News now - SWFC' Don't just click past it 'cos it looks too long ! Settle down and read it all.It's a great read,Especially for us fans who were lucky enough to see Sir Chris in action for the massive.
  17. No green emulsion paint left in Wickes or B & Q
  18. He will if its Maguire with a double somersault with twist, in pike position
  19. Come on now FFS. That's enough of the 'bus' jokes. Although a lot of them were funny. Lets show the lad some respect and pronounce his name correctly' As I understand it the proper pronunciation is BUSH or BOOSH. I hope its BUSH. That should give the Owlstalk jokers plenty of ammunition for a few more pages of comical comments .
  20. Come on Trev. Show a little sympathy! Don't you think they've suffered enough in last 3 days. No neither do I. Absolutely ACE. Keep 'em coming.
  21. Apologies if this has been posted elsewhere. Radio Sheffield 1.0 news. Stuart Gray negotiating for permanent signing of McGugan, loan signing of Jamie Paterson and in talks with Sergiu Bus over personal terms. What a difference a day makes, Eh?
  22. Looks impressive on video, but so do Atdhe and Stevie. Obviously edited videos can be deceptive and the quality of defenders looks well below championship standard. But lets not be negative! He, like Stevie May, is a young developing player still with much to learn especially at this level. Who knows? If we give them the backing and the opportunity they just might turn out to be our dynamic duo within a couple of seasons. And even if this young lad, Bus, doesn't make the grade £350k is only loose change now innit? Just sell another shipload of tuna and we've got our money back.
  23. New stand for the away end ? Yea fine. But not before we upgrade the facilities on the North Stand and Kop concourses. Bring them upto the standard of the South Stand and the Grandstand as a minimum requirement. Vastly improve the quality of catering (and charge a reasonable price for food and drinks - no-one begrudges making a fair profit but present prices are nothing short of extortion). And of course install 2 new modern scoreboards (must have a 'T' in the middle though, can't break with tradition). Yes to a new West stand but Owls fans must come first.
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