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  1. If it's the only one of it's kind it could be worth MILLIONS !
  2. First reaction - No, past his sell by date, 3 goals in 21 games for Cardiff, Worse than what we've got. Looked a bit closer - Left Cardiff on loan - 8 goals in 17 games for Bolton. Perhaps the fault lays with Cardiff and not with Le Fondre. So yes, got to be worth a gamble if the price is right!
  3. Yea, lets start a "I remember when" debate I too am old enough to remember 2 shillings entrance to stand on the Kop. Those were the days eh? Working mans game in those days eh? But was it as cheap then as people like to tell us? Not so cheap if,like me, after paying my rent and household bills I only had 10 bob spending money for the week!
  4. Who, Jimmy? He said the photo was taken today - He didn't say that HE took it
  5. Obviously a photo taken by an envious pig who has spent an hour ensuring his camera angle shows very few people in background to give the impression of low attendance. As usual a brilliant turn out OITP. An event that the grunters can never match and always turns them green with envy.
  6. Yea, just seen it myself. It's one rumour that just won't go away isn't it ? So just maybe there is something in it. Personally I think if we're talking that amount of money (£10m) perhaps Connor would be a better bet. Both of them and I think I'd wee myself !!
  7. Colwyn Bay? Thought it was 'uddersfield. OH! wait a minute, That's not an udder is it?
  8. You'll have a long wait. Had a season ticket every year since the late 70's and never moaned about price. Should there be a LARGE increase next season perhaps that will mean we've been promoted. So no moans from me !
  9. Be no tears from me. I thought early bird prices represented good value so bought mine early. Anyway I suspect most who couldn't be @rsed to buy at early bird prices first time round (especially bearing in mind the interest free monthly payment opportunities) will be simply one of our resident whingers who would still not buy even if phase 1 was re-instated at a cheaper price. Seems to me they get more satisfaction from posting their moans and negative comments on here than they would from attending the games and watching the team they claim to support.
  10. Just got an Email from DC. He says he will arrange for me to be picked up from home in his Rolls Royce, driven to the game and home again after. I will have my choice of any available seat in the stadium together with a pre-match meal, all FOC. Not going though. Tight sod says I've got to buy my own beer !!!
  11. Five games ! £5 x 5 = £25 plus £5 points to spend in shop = £30. So 5 games it is.
  12. Easy to become a member. Just £30 for adult membership gives £5 ticket discount and £5 membership points to spend in Owls shop. Only need to attend 5 games to refund membership fee (less for juniors) then you have choice of 18 more league games to enjoy at £5 discount. So membership gives an advantage to supporters who are only able to attend the occasional match during the season.
  13. Now we've had a few days to get over the initial shock of these seemingly ludicrous POTD prices perhaps it's time to step back and calm down a little. Lets wait and see what categories are allocated to the next 5 or 6 games after the opening day. This will give us some idea of the true cost of POTD over the full season. Who knows, maybe things will not be as bad as we fear. On the other hand if our fears prove to be well founded then that is the time for real and properly organised protests, petitions and boycotts etc. to be organised.
  14. Blue stones? What, Opals, Saphires ? I know we're minted now but I think even DC would consider this a bit OTT.
  15. Regarding the positioning of the technical areas (& dugouts?) more expense for next close season then? As I understand it the rules of the Premier League state that the Home and Away technical areas must be equidistant from the half-way line. If this is correct surely it would have been sensible to correct this during the pitch renovations.
  16. You sure you've got that analogy the right way round? I'd certainly pay the same for a Merc as I would for a Ford, in fact I might buy two !!
  17. It's them new washing machines to blame. All washing machines eat at least 50% of socks entrusted to them don't you know! Only enough white socks left for 5 a side games now.
  18. How can you sign a petition against match-day prices before you know what the prices will be? Until we know which category each match is we don't know what the overall cost will be and therefore what the average cost per match is. No doubt the majority of fans signing before they know the full facts will be the fans who only went to the special offer games ( £10 per ticket ) last season.
  19. At first sight these prices seem absolutely disgusting !! But we cannot really see just how expensive it will be to watch Wednesday games until we know the category of individual matches. Taking into account that the Bristol City game is a category 'B' it seems to me that the catagories will be allocated on occasion rather than the quality of opposition. will be ie:- first/last game of season, Bank Holiday/Christmas/Newyear games will be high category and possibly Leeds and Derby I would suspect (or at least I bloodywell hope) that the majority of games will be category F or G. Also I would not be surprised if the phase 3 season ticket prices are less than has been suggested on here persuading more than previously expected to invest in a phase 3 ticket. Maybe that is what SWFC are hoping the price announcement will prompt.
  20. SWFC official website says EVERY supporter inside the stadium will be included in the free prize draw. I bet a bloody BRISTOL fan wins it !!
  21. Sorry Penguin, but whatever your views on this subject, referring to fellow Owls fans and Owlstalk posters as 'chavs' and 'cretins' does nothing for you other than reduce your reputation to the level of Dave Allen's
  22. He was offered a new contract ! He decided to turn it down ! He thought he could get a better offer elsewhere ! Obviously failed in that and now decides that the offer from SWFC wasn't so bad after all. Should he be accepted back - NO WAY ! We've moved on, he's not needed now ! Good luck in your new job Chris !
  23. Always been a fan of big Dave and would love to see him stay with the Owls. But realistically speaking, every player has a price and if we were to get a half decent offer (£500k or more) then we would be silly to turn it down. As I said I like the guy but am under no illusions that we can't find better.
  24. Well I did consider agreeing to go with you but then I read a previous post of yours. Seems you always want to fight someone but can't find a opponent because you go to the games on the wrong day. Perhaps Fishcake will go with you. (or is that your real name?)
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