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  1. Thanks Trev. At least someone else can see what unrealistic expectations lots of people have. How can you expect immediate success for a young lad still learning his trade, who, lets face it, cost next to nothing, compared with present day transfer fees.
  2. FFS give the lad a chance. He's moved here from an inferior league where he was scoring for fun. He's now facing much better defenders. He's a young lad with, obviously, a lot to learn which I'm sure that, given the chance, he will. Surely we should have learned that young players need time to learn and adjust. Just look at Grant Holt - not good enough for us! Turned into a first class striker at Premier league level. If Owlstalk had been around in the day I dread to think what sort of abuse David Hirst would have received. First full season - 4 goals. Second season - 6 goals. Third season 9 goals. Have some patience and perhaps Stevie will develop into a top striker, maybe almost as good as holt and Sir David.
  3. Of course people still buy the 'Star'. My wife buys it every day to see who's died!
  4. Not sure I altogether agree that Loovens is the best central defender we have had for a long time. Depends what you consider as a long time, but I saw Mark Smith in his prime and Des Walker, both outstanding defenders. But I do think that Loovens is one half of the best central defensive duo I can remember. And don't forget we've got big Claude pushing them both. Essential that we keep all three if we have real ambition of reaching the promised land!
  5. Despite Westwood's assurance I'm afraid that swfc will be agreeable to selling him if a good offer is made. At present newspaper reports quote Liverpool's interest at £2m. Reports in this mornings 'Sun' say that Spurs are prepared to sell Hugo Lloris for £25m. So presumably this means that he is 12.1/2 times more valuable than Westwood. What absolute rubbish! If this is a fair valuation for Lloris then we should be holding out for fair price for Westwood, which has got to be far in excess of £2m.
  6. I can't understand the problem. Its pronounced exactly as its written. And its not only the commentators who get it wrong, just listen to our fans on football heaven and see how many get it wrong. (BTB always gets it wrong too - mind you he gets EVERYTHING wrong). SO come on FFS - All together, after me, its NOO - I - OOOOO !!!!!
  7. Best solution would be for Wednesday player to charge £50 or £75 per season,in addition to present subscriptions, and stream all AWAY games live and possibly show home games a couple of hours after they finish.
  8. Come on! Lets be realistic. Start of this season most supporters said they wanted season on season improvement. This time last season 18 points and occupying relegation position. Now 31 points and 13th. Whats that if not season on season improvement? Yes we all know that with a 20 season striker we could be in a much better position, buts lets face it every team outside the top half of the prem is looking for a 20 a season striker, but they cost millions that we haven't got and never will have unless we get that elusive multi-billionair investor we all crave. So until we get this investment lets ALL get behind Stuart and the team, don't live in fantasy land, and accept that maybe things are not progressing as swiftly as we all of us would like but we are progressing!
  9. well thanks for the best wishes from the sunshine 'Lanzarote Owl. But there wasn't much sunshine when we were there in November - It PSS'D it down. But Happy Christmas to owls everywhere. WAWAW.
  10. About Bart-Williams. I still have to smile when I remember reports that when Bartman first arrived at Hillsborough Viv Anderson demanded to see his passport. He said that anyone with a face that old couldn't possibly be only 17.
  11. Never thought I'd see a thread on here that made me feel glad I'm an old git. Season ticket holder since the late sixties so I've seen lots of great players at Hillsborough. Pele, Best, Quixall, John Charles, Ron Springett, Hirst, Sheriden, Waddle, Swan, Duncan Edwards. Oh FF's sake somebody send me to bed before I start crying!
  12. Saw a young man called Traore make cameo appearance for Barcelona last night. Eighteen years old,I think, could hold it up, could beat his man, Scored a blinder. Perhaps Barca would like to send him to us for rest of season. Realise I'm probably living in dream land but at least watching Barcelona win 8 - 1 was far better than watching the pigs on some second rate free stream.
  13. Lets look on the bright side of life. Not very often we can go to a match thinking that anything less than a 7 goal beating will be an improvement!!!
  14. Of course Westwood is (potentially) for sale, given that a realistic offer is received. IMO MM/Aldridge have played this piece of business very well. Sign Westwood on a free. Put him in shop window for six months. Sell at a very healthy profit! Why else would we have kept Kirkland on high wages as our number 2. I WOULDN'T BE HEARTBROKEN IF I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG THOUGH !!!!!
  15. Voted player of the 2013/14 season!!!! Can't be as poor as some posters seem to think then can he? Can never understand why some owls fans seem to pick on a particular player (be it Palmer/Nuhiu/May or whoever) and then constantly slag them off match after match irrespective of performance. Only time I can accept such negative comments are if a player lacks commitment or effort during a match. them!Lets face it, no player goes out on matchday and plays poorly on purpose! Come on Owls fans get behind all our players and encourage not discourage
  16. Well Fedor the old farts might be posting but none of them are as boring as you.
  17. Wasn't Nuihu's penalty against Middlesbrough last season in injury time too. Strange isn't it that injury time winners seem to give much more pleasure than easy comprehensive wins. (Well apart from Owls 6 - 0 Leeds !!!!!)
  18. Best Wednesday photo of all time. Chris Waddle - Arms aloft - Running back towards us Owls fans after 2 minutes of Steel City Semi 1993. Got this as my screen saver on phone but I'm sorry I'm an old git who has no idea how to send it to you!!!
  19. would be great to have more atmosphere and noise from the Kop. They would have to learn to keep up though! every time they join in a song started in the North they insist on singing one line behind!
  20. Don't be such a tight Sod. Go to the turnstyle and pay your £3.
  21. Yea great idea. Been doing that for last few matches to access Wednesdayite carpark. Problem! According to official website concerning these roadworks the final layout includes a prohibition of left turn back into Penistone Road. Absolute 'kin chaos but not a surprise just what we expect from Sheffield Council's traffic planners. Don't think anyone in that department has driven a car in their lives!!!
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