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  1. Being a relative newcomer to Owlstalk I'll apologise in advance if this has been suggested before. How about a song based on the Mamma's & the Papa's " Monday Monday " Obviously the first line is "Wednesday Wednesday" and now I'll leave the rest of the lyrics to you song writers and poets out there 'cos I'm cr@p at anything like that. Just thought it would be a pretty unique football song as no other club has an appropriate name
  2. Yea, Come on Watford! Light your bonfire - We'll PI$$ on it !!!!
  3. Well I was brought up watching the Owls in the 50's wearing hooped socks and black shorts but think they're rubbish. Plain socks (Blue or White) and royal blue shorts for me! Didn't like the white shorts we wore a couple of times tho'
  4. The referee's a W*nker !!! I'd had a fiver on 2 - 1 to us.
  5. It was at first. It's well past it's sell by date now!
  6. He will never go away, nor would I want him to. I'm glad he is ready, willing and able to return. But FFS please stop telling us about it !
  7. Ah Summer. FFS I'm bored already - Roll on next season !!!
  8. I was just as gutted as anyone else when MM sacked Gary but surely its time to end this thread now. No matter how many posts appear on Owlstalk on this subject it will have no effect on who the next manager will be. I'm sure it can't be healthy to become as obsessed as some people are with this subject can it? 50 of the last 100 posts are shared between just 4 posters. (Suppose it shows what a sad old git I must be to take the trouble to count 'em, dun't it?) But enough's enough. END IT NOW Please
  9. Been looking at the links posted on Owlstalk to Blades Mad. What's the significance of North Korea relating to SWFC. I presume it's a desperate attempt to make fun of Mr Chansiri. Don't they know that North Korea is almost 2,500 miles from Thailand - that's about the same distance as from Sheffield to Canada. Oh! hang about a minute - Of course they don't know, they're all as thick as pig-shyte. You've got to feel sorry for DEM BLADES tho' . They're having a bad day today.
  10. Well Geedee, How do you break a minutes applause ? By not clapping and remaining silent for a minute ? (Not trying to be smart - just joking)
  11. I think Craig is just trying to scare everybody into avoiding Hillsborough Corner so that he can have a quiet pint in Wetherspoons and a steady stroll from there to the match' Won't work Craig. Nobody has ever had a QUIET pint in Wetherspoons (or any other pub in HC on a match day). Just forget it, and if these silly rumours frighten you stay safe at home. Won't keep me and family away though. Come on you Owls - W A W A W.
  12. Hi Mick! I don't know why it annoys the toytowners that you insist that you come from Rawmarsh not Rovrum either. Used to know an old guy in our local WMC (no longer with us unfortunately) who lived in Crookes for many years. Never called himself a Sheffielder, never said he came from Rovrum. Was always proud to say he came from RAWMISH.
  13. Brian the Miller tho' Just like listening to Blobby Evans. I'm beginning to believe that they are the same person. If not then Fatty is obviously writing his scripts for him. Millwall won't win another game ! Wigan won't win another game ! But Rovrum will batter Norwich ! You just couldn't make it up could you.
  14. No pay on day at turn-styles but tickets available on Saturday in ticket office and on-line provided you have been on Owls data base since beginning of March this year. Every chance of crowd approaching 30,000, already sold 25,000 tickets according to Owls website.
  15. Well Alanharper I can't really remember us having amazing times in the 80's. Some pretty great times in the 90's to be sure! Go back a lot further than you and can remember good times in the 60's under Harry Catterick. Perhaps you think the 80's were good because you started watching them progress from just about their lowest ebb to climb back up the leagues under JC and then Howard Wilkinson. (I know this 'cos I was paying for your season tickets). Now just hope I live long enough to see us back in the promised land and perhaps win a cup or two or even compete in Europe again. Think that this could be the start of the good times again.
  16. Well at least he's not related to Richard Madley. We all know that Yorkshire TV 's Calendar (and BBC's Look North for that matter) think there's only one team in Yorkshire, and it's not us! We'd have no chance if he'd been brought up by Richard and Judy.
  17. Yes he looks a neat and tidy player, but is that what we need at the moment? IMO we need a much more prolific striker. This doesn't necessarily mean spending mega-millions on the likes of Rhodes or Wickham (Tho that would be nice !) I have watched the video of Devante Cole on another of this morning's threads and he looks, to me, ready to step up to Championship level and could prove to be a real star striker of the future. Come on Chansiri take a gamble on him. Could probably be ours for a couple or three million.
  18. So we all know that August 12th 2016 is a Friday. Match brought forward for live Sky transmission.
  19. Can't go up ! Can't go down ! Mid table mediocrity ! So I reckon only about 29 or 30 thousand !
  20. Not really sure what I feel about these appointments. I think I'll have to wait and see what 'Swintonowl' has to say about it !!!
  21. Good fun this innit. Not a proper voting site. It allows you to vote over and over. A hammering for Bournemouth now 53% Keep up the good work. Must be really annoying the Cherries fans!
  22. Home to Leicester last season - start of recovery under Stuart Gray. But without a doubt the most nervous I've ever been at a football match has to be the last 10 minutes of the 90 against the Pigs 1993 semi-final at Wembley. Absolutely terrified that they might break away and steal it after we had dominated the whole match only to be kept out by a magnificent performance by their goalkeeper (Kelly I think - tho' I'm not an expert when it comes to the names if porcine players) But as we all know it all turned out well at the end, well apart from the result in the final!
  23. Well below his best last night but I'm sure this was down to fitness issues. Did no-one notice how badly he was limping when he came back onto the pitch to applaud the fans after the Charlton match last Saturday. I was surprised he was considered fit enough to play at all last night.
  24. No 'Owlsman' they're red underpants. They're made of satin and have nice lace trim round the legs.
  25. Are my red underpants acceptable? I just LOVE trumping in 'em!
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