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  1. The Move could 'Hear the grass grow' ! I just want to SEE the grass grow. Anyone got any new pictures?
  2. Hey RobbieOwler ! Stop complaining about TV reception at Hillsborough. Don't know which stand you use but at least you have TV screens to complain about. We haven't got any screens at all on the North Stand Upper concourse.
  3. Don't have to worry about the Sheffield pigeons eating the seed. They only eat thrown away chips, pizza, burghers and hot dogs !
  4. Reports this morning that Guus Hiddink has tendered his resignation to the Netherlands FA. Oh what an opportunity for the ITK and rumour merchants of Owlstalk.
  5. Perhaps he's getting a ''1970's'' Treatment table!
  6. HITC reports that fee has been agreed with Genk for Kramer but Owls are not prepared to meet players wage demand. However they also report that Charlton are ready to pay the wages he is asking. WTF happened to 'spend whatever it takes' ? It looks, to me, that we are in for a protracted stay in the Championship at best if we can't match the likes of Charlton.
  7. Somebody should have a word with Lindleys ??? Somebody should be GETTING RID OF LINDLEYS !!! Robbin' Barstewards !!
  8. We need draught beer/lager as well as bottled, and chips to be available on the North concourse as it is on the South. Also would like to see TV screens showing Sky sports as I believe are the norm on the South. If we have any cash left after this maybe a new (or old) boardroom table and perhaps even a cabinet !!
  9. Well I suppose Ronnie thought it was funny/clever. What a strange, sad sense of humour!!
  10. There have been several previous posts about "Hi Ho" in the past, with many posters saying how much they hate the song saying we should ditch it in favour of some other anthem, "We are the Owls" for example. I think "We are the Owls" is a great song for Wednesday, and probably an original (ie one not previously used by another club). However you only have to listen to thousands of Owls fans singing "Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday" just prior to kick-off to realise that the people not in favour of the song are a very small minority of fans attending the game, even if not such a minority of Owlstalk posters. Perhaps we could satisfy every one by keeping "Hi Ho" and adopting a new song to welcome the team back for the second half.
  11. Well I came to every home game last season and I didn't see any evidence of even a single blade of grass growing on that beach of a pitch. Must agree though watching grass grow would have been more entertaining than the dross served up by our players.
  12. Come on Mr Chansiri ! There's money to be made here. When the Desso machines have finished you should open the stands and charge £5 adult and £2.50 concessions for us to come and watch the grass grow !! I bet there would be a good few would turn up as well.
  13. Great idea but it would cost Wednesday a fortune. Instead of buying a season ticket for the kop at £500 - Buy 3 x 6 game vouchers = £297 for 18 games Buy 1 x 4 game voucher = £75 for 4 games. Miss the least attractive game of the season and you have a 22 game season ticket for £372. SIMPLES !!
  14. Yea I've looked at the official Desso website a few times (more than once makes me a bit sad I know). Only thing that puzzles me is the fact that they say the big white tents covering the machines are there to keep the nylon fibre dry. WTF is that all about, its not going to be dry for long in our climate is it?
  15. Come on Neil, get this bloke Triplo banned. What's he think he's doing coming on here and speaking a load of sense and reason. He'll ruin things for the proper Owlstalk posters. Doesn't he realise that this forum is solely the home of unfounded rumours, attention seeking nonentities, WUMS, flouncers and people who call themselves Wednesdayites who do nothing but criticise the club, it's players and it's management team, whilst finding any excuse they can to explain why they won't buy a ticket to attend the matches. Thankyou, Paul Triplo for trying to bring some much needed intelligent input to Owlstalk.
  16. Ignore what Nixon says, he knows nothing ! £3 million to spend - rubbish. We actually have a transfer budget of £26,500,000. Fact. I know this is true 'cos I've read it on OWLSTALK !!!!!
  17. That's not a video. It's just a succession of photos that we already saw several hours ago. Putting music to it doesn't make it a video. Videos have MOVING pictures !!
  18. "Like Woolacombe sand dunes but flat" ? That'll be Woolacombe beach then won't it ?
  19. FFS lets just get on with it ! It's dragged on for so long now I really don't care who is appointed. Please just announce our new coaching team ASAP. Then we can concentrate on the vastly more important matters of the new pitch and scoreboard !
  20. Clapped out Corsa W4 NKR ? Didn't know COLIN was back in town. Hope he's not after the Assitant Coach job.
  21. Yea Vulva good idea. Bring the season ticket renewals forward to February. That would give us a chance to have a PHASE 4 renewal period or even a PHASE 5 !
  22. COLIN FFS. Wouldn't even consider him as a number 2 Or 3 Or 4 Ad infinitum !!!!!!!
  23. No Sheffield Utd on our fixture list ? Long may it continue !!!!!
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