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  1. Don't think there is any particular reason. Didn't we, and some other clubs, have the badge in the centre of shirt a few years ago?
  2. This mornings papers report attendance an Lane last night was over 19000. Don't Know where they were sitting ! Just checked out photo of Stu Gray (on News-Now SWFC) and he seems to be just about the only one there.
  3. Out played? Out Manouvered? Best team lost? Just check out match stats on 'Vital'
  4. I bet if you could ask all the Championship defenders which player they hate playing against this season Nuihu would be pretty high on the list !
  5. Was never called 'Beaver bus'. It was called 'Eager Beaver' and first ran on route 52.
  6. No idea. Worked perfectly for me When I bought grandson's replica kit earlier this season.
  7. I don't like black shorts - Should always be BLUE SHORTS !!!!
  8. Stuart Gray deserves huge praise for what he has achieved so far. He took over as Head coach of a team who looked certainties for relegation only just over a year ago. The team lacked confidence, application, and desire. In half a season he dragged them from deep in relegation trouble to a relatively comfortable finishing position. This season time to rebuild. To rebuild a team you start with the defence - 16 clean sheets so far - no cause for concern there then. The next step then is onward improvement in midfield and obviously up front. IMO Gray has shown that he knows the way to progress the team. Now that he will have the financial backing to compete with the other top Championship teams I'm sure that, given the chance, and the time required he will prove to his critics wrong and will build a midfield and attack to complement the sound defence he has got. Give him the yime and finance required and he will give us a team capable of reaching the premiership.
  9. To be fair I think the actual design of this years Sondico kits (both home and away) are the best we have had for quite a long time. But any advantage of having an attractive design has been more than lost by the incredibly poor quality and the even worse supply problems. Lets face it, if they can't even maintain consistent colouring or guarantee printing their own logo the right way up they surely can't expect to keep the contract. Who should we award the shirt contract to - ANYBODY but Sondico.
  10. So the new season ticket prices are generating a lot of criticism. Why ? We all know every thing goes up. Accept this fact or don't buy. Adult Prices. Kop - £395 - £17.17 per game North - £480 - £20.86 per game South - £550 - £23.91 per game I'd like to bet that many of the more vociferous critics of the ticket prices happily pay more than this every match-day on their pre and post match beer!!
  11. As far as I'm concerned you can call the stadium anything you like if it brings in loads of cash. Would be nice if you can incorporate "Hillsborough" or "Owlerton" into the name, ie The "whatever you like" Hillsborough Stadium or The "what ever you like" Owlerton Stadium. Being an old git I prefer Owlerton over Hillsborough and it also has the advantage of not being automatically associated with the tragedy by the public at large. However if we do incorporate the name "Owlerton" FFS will somebody teach those people at Radio Sheffield how to pronounce it !!!!
  12. Parkerowl/Council Owl. Now steady on ! Don't get carried away. I suggest you just lie down for a few minutes and I'm sure the feeling will wear off and you'll be back to your usual mind set.
  13. Don't really why we all spend our Sunday mornings reading and posting about the fat git. We should simply ignore the obnoxious R-sole of a sub-human being !
  14. Definitely a NO from me. Much too long. (Would need to issue song sheets) Cringeworthy, unnecessary reference to 96. Would take Kop Band 2 seasons to learn a new tune, so they would just drown it out with something else! Rating out of ten - ZERO
  15. I have seen videos of some foreign crowds (possibly Turkish or Italian) being led by 2 drummers. This seems to generate an awesome atmosphere. Surely 2 accomplished drummers situated at the front of the Kop would be a vast improvement over the jaded Kop Band who I am afraid seem to have lost the ability,which they did seem to have in their earlier days, to encourage the crowd and lead the chants or singing. OUT WITH THE BAND !! I DEMAND TWO DRUMMERS !!
  16. So it was Palmers mistake that gave them a goal was it? Always liked him! I had £5 on Millwall 1 Owls 3
  17. Darren Ferguson ?????? Didn't know we had sacked Gray. When did that happen? FFS Lets stop all these 'new manager' threads and support the one we've got !!
  18. I see nothings changed then. If you work out the average admission price for each club Arsenal are still the most expensive!
  19. Be no good for us. Giant screen would sink without trace into our swamp of a pitch by half time.
  20. Keane out for season ? Must be Nuihu's fault !!
  21. Enough, Enough. Lets end this thread now. Its getting no where, no one agrees with anyone else. Same things repeated over and over. Reading all these posts has started to make my head hurt and my eyes bleed. You could say I feel absolutely FACT !
  22. Length of service I think. Used to be 10 years with club. Don't know if that still applies though. Maybe that's why there seems to be far fewer testimonials than there used to be as very few players stay with a club for that length of time these days. The few that do such as Gerrard, Terry, etc don't really need a testimonial bearing in mind the sort of wages they get these days do they?
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