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  1. Not sure that the name HITC and the word Media should be used in the same sentence.
  2. Still £3. Oh Bugger ! Doom-mongers will have to find (make up) something else to complain about now. Don't expect we'll have to wait very long !!!!!
  3. Attention seeking rubbish. Photo on Twatter obviously shows sale price for the 'Milan' special edition. Just go to 'Publisher & Media' website where programme for 8th August against Bristol City is available to buy online for £3. End of thread !
  4. Owls on Sky? --- Don't hold your breath
  5. 26 goals this season ? Seems the rumours about is exit must be true then.
  6. The fact that the dog track is owned by a Mr D Allen probably explains why there has been no progress on any plans there.
  7. Brilliant as usual, Pauli. And at last the mystery is solved! Now we know exactly who put the C**t in Scunthorpe !!
  8. If we have to have the childish "goal music" then surely we need to keep it short and to the point so it's got to be the one line that matters from Silver Lining "HI HO SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY"
  9. Tell Taylor not to worry. I'm in the pub now raising a rescue party.
  10. Very clearly a joke ? Well I for one fail to see anything remotely funny in that post.
  11. Yea, but then if you order three pints you'll still have to wait ten minutes while they decide how much change you need from a £20 note
  12. Doesn't matter how fast the beer is dispensed. The problem last season was the length of time it took the staff to multiply £3.30 by 2 and then work out how much change was due from a £10 note.
  13. Why do some people always look back through rose tinted specs' Yes, sure, Antonio had some brilliant games for us. But IMO he had just as many, if not more, games where he would have been just as effective sitting in the North stand with me and my family. Lets face it he is a reasonably good Championship player at best. He is not the answer to all our prayers that some on here would have us believe.
  14. Not mad at all Tas. Just can't understand why anyone would prefer to pay £30 per game rather than £20 or £25.
  15. They were about £25 for the North stand. (and a good bit cheaper at phase 1) Phase 1 - £20.86 per match Phase 2 - £26.09 per match So whats your next excuse ? If you're a 'thinker' then I'm glad there's not too many of you around.
  16. So you only want to support the Owls when they are doing well eh? Only sing when we're winning? Can't stand 'Fair weather fans' !!!
  17. Why does anyone with the intention of purchasing a season ticket NOT buy during phase 1. I know we were shocked by how much more expensive they became in phase 2 & now in phase 3 but everyone knew that they we're not going to be any cheaper ! I have much sympathy for anyone who genuinely cannot afford to buy a season ticket due to financial circumstances but find it hard to feel sorry for anyone who chooses to delay their purchase and then protests about the price increases. Even a temporary shortfall in available cash doesn't mean missing the cut off date for phase 1 considering the interest free credit options available.
  18. Yea ! Tango's going to get his dugs out !
  19. Never believe anyone who reports on a so called 'rumour' without saying where they heard it. Especially when it's posted by a PIG.
  20. Yea, but that's why they are your wealthiest clients in't it.
  21. If it's anything like our house It'll be the wife!
  22. No, I don't understand this either. Perhaps we should ask "Jimmy Neil"
  23. If it's the only one of it's kind it could be worth MILLIONS !
  24. First reaction - No, past his sell by date, 3 goals in 21 games for Cardiff, Worse than what we've got. Looked a bit closer - Left Cardiff on loan - 8 goals in 17 games for Bolton. Perhaps the fault lays with Cardiff and not with Le Fondre. So yes, got to be worth a gamble if the price is right!
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