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  1. Let's worry about Luton first!
  2. Is that your way of calling him a donkey?
  3. Sorry, players are only allowed one song each. Don't you think it's bad enough having the kop singing one line behind the North without them singing a completely different song, FFS.
  4. Yea, remember it well. Also remember two mates jumping to their feet to rescue the pints before leaving me, lying flat out, to clamber back to my feet unaided.
  5. Also, Connor Wickham. Lots of fans, ours and fans of other clubs, were surprised when we managed to sign him on loan. So, maybe, anything is possible. Such a pity that his career has been stalled by his injury problems.
  6. What ??? Been posting on here for over 2 years and you've only just learned that tonight? Unbelievable Jeff !!!!!!
  7. Errrrrr, perhaps............. £12 Adults and £3 Kids.
  8. But the thing is it's SYP who are now asking the EFL to schedule Sheffield derbies for a boozy Friday (or any boozy night). Unbelievable Jeff !!!!
  9. Breaking News !!!!!!!! Piggies to bring in 10 new players in January.
  10. Afraid I don't have the required skills but please,please will someone post this picture on "Pigs Mad" and "S24SU"
  11. Really pleased that DC has decided to go with a manager who has experience of English football, and particularly experience of the Championship. A welcome change after the numpties he previously employed. OK Carlos was a breath of fresh air in his first season with us but proved to be a disaster subsequently, The less said about Luhukay the better. That said, I think DC has, more likely, listened to the advice of Katrien than to us Wednesdayites.
  12. Have the people in the background been photoshopped in by L S Lowrey?
  13. Your first post in over 3 years!! Looked back at posts over 2 or 3 previous years, every one a criticism of our team or managers. 100% PIG.
  14. OK ? Is that a real 2 weeks, or a "SWFC 2 weeks" ?
  15. Sorry if I've missed anything, but is there any news about the injuries picked up by Joao and Onomah?
  16. Bet you said the same versus Middlesbrough. Where will we finish? I think about 8th or 9th. Crying................"IF ONLY".........................
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