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  1. Doh !! 'Cause he did. No football. No pub. My brains scrambled.
  2. Whaaaaaat!!!!! You mean you wish the pigs had beaten us at Wembley in the semi-finals. Unbelievable !!!!!!!!!
  3. Please don't let anyone post a picture of Chris Waddle's new hair cut.
  4. Home and awy masks would be OK, as long as they don't start with bloody Half 'n Half masks.
  5. Yea, always said we would be better off playing our football in the summer. Just think, watching your team on a summer afternoon or evening, whilst dressed in T-shirt and shorts instead of all togged up in balaclavas and scarves. Bring it on.🦉
  6. So season to be extended indefinitely but no indication as to whether players contracts ending in June will be automatically extended. A reyt can 'o worms innit. Just scrap this season (sorry Liverpool and pigs) and start anew as and when the virus is under control.
  7. Neither can I. Mind you I, honestly, could not understand about 80% of their conversation on first listening. I had to keep pausing the video and winding back a little and listening again, sometimes more than once or twice. It really does sound like a completely foreign language at times.
  8. Myself, my family and thousands of others are not fans of D.C.. We will, however, continue to pay to watch our team regardless.
  9. Stupid thread title. You're old enough to know better. Nah, too late to change title now.
  10. ST holders: Child £10 Senior £15 Adult £25 POTG: Child. £15 Senior £25 Adult. £30 So cheaper tickets not the reason for Derby's sell-out crowd. In fact, taking the child and senior prices into consideration, our prices were slightly cheaper.
  11. Owls 0 - 1 City Right we'll take it that you've all won bugger all. So have I
  12. Nah ! They'll be to busy bragging on here that they didn't go.
  13. You're joking aren't you? If they haven't got any Hendo's you've got no bloody chance of any black pepper.
  14. Why? Easier to just ask for a pint.
  15. A bit behind the times there @OWLSTALK. We had a 3 page thread about this last september. We spotted this mistake first game of the season, asked at the counter and was told it was a mistake and the price was £4.00 per pint. I must say, though, that it is pretty poor form that the price lists have not been corrected after several months. Still I do find it a little amusing watching people juggling their 4 half-pint glasses telling their mates they've just saved £1.60
  16. Yea, was in there on Thursday. It's still on sale at that price, and has been since before Christmas. Mind you @ £1.50 a bottle that makes it 50p per pint dearer than buying it at Hillsborough. Ps. Don't tell Dejphon.
  17. Then how long before Sky TV have it changed to an NFL type 4 fifteen minute quarters to enable an extra 2 advertisement slots? Not for me, Surely its upto the EPL/EFL to instruct the referees to take action against the blatant time wasters, an immediate yellow card for the first offence should be enough to stamp it out.
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