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  1. Good idea. That would have made it 12 v 12 last night. That is if you ignore the linesman being their 13th player
  2. Thanks. So perhaps we can both agree:- Just another set of incompetent "Sh!t" officials.
  3. Yea, "contrarian McRightSide" has a nice ring to it. Or perhaps "contrarian McOnSide"
  4. See the current FIFA offside rules under the section "interfering with an opponent" part of which states:- Interfering with an opponent means "making a gesture or movement which, in the opinion of the referee, deceives or distracts an opponent"
  5. No, line of vision is not all that matters. Being in an offside position and interfering with play also matters. Flint obviously was! Now that this "Warnock" ploy has been "outed" I doubt any referee will allow such a goal to stand in future. Too late for us though.
  6. Oh, come on, be reasonable. You can't expect the officials to know all the rules, can you Well none of the ones we get seem to.
  7. I believe that, on Sky Go, you can only watch the content that is covered by your own Sky subscription.
  8. My laptop pc has Windows 10 os. Sky Go works perfectly on mine.
  9. Not confusing really. Just look at it this way :- Today is yesterday's tomorrow and tomorrow's yesterday. Hope that helps. .
  10. It's BIG! About three times the size of England, so the chances of you picking the same bar is pretty remote.
  11. Sounds a great idea, I'm paying that much for parking anyway. What time does it pick-up and drop off in Crookes?
  12. On holiday in hot and sunny Turkey at present. (Holiday boast over). Having a drink at the bar the barman noticed the badge on my T-Shirt and asked "which football team is that", Sheffield Wednesday I replied. He looked a little puzzled at this, muttered "Sheffield Wednesday? - Sheffield Wednesday? .........Ahhh! Sheffield Wednesday! "England Champions League, yes?" ENGLAND CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!! Sounds so much better than the championship dunnit?
  13. We've run out of right arms. Will one of these left one's do instead.
  14. Well the Fosters might be "cat's pi55" but the Wednesday IPA is pretty good IMO
  15. Simple price list error. We noticed it at first game of the season at the kiosk near gangway T, North Stand upper concourse (don't know if all the price lists have the same mistake). A simple question to the girl serving us clarified the matter. Fair enough the mistake should have been rectified by now, but why not just ask if the price is right rather than trying to ridicule the club on here?
  16. WTF is any self respecting owls fan doing reading the columns of these tw@s in the first place.
  17. No, I don't think so. I believe that he is a part owner of a sports clothing company called 'Lacatoni' (Portugese company?) IIRC they made some training gear for the Owls whilst DC was still looking for a company to manufacture our gear.
  18. Brilliant letter from @Andrew Robinson. Unfortunately I fear that Mr Mothersole probably condemned it to the bin after reading the first four words :- "I would like to complain"
  19. Ditto which? You'll be almost home, or you'll be stuck in the carpark with me?
  20. Hi Buxton. Just looked at the plan for the road closure on th OS. It appears that the only section of Penistone Road that is to be closed is that between Herries Road and Herries Road South, so Parkside Road will be open and your daughter should have no problems. In fact you should be almost home in Buxton by the time we get out of the old Wednesdayite car park.
  21. OK. So it's just over 24 hours to the QPR game after which the temporary closure of Penistone Road will come into effect for the first time. Has anyone (the club, SAG, the council, SYP) told us just exactly where the road closure will start and end, or exactly what the "short" diversions will be. Outbound, Parkside Road, Catchbar Lane, Leppings Lane? Oh wait, won't that inconvenience the thousands of away supporters exiting onto Leppings Lane? and is Leppings Lane closed to traffic after the match? Inbound, Herries road/Herries Road South, but doesn't Herries Road South meet Penistone Road bang opposite the ground? What could possibly go wrong. Only Sheffield Council, SAG, SYP, together, could try to solve one "perceived" problem and in doing so cause so many more. I predict absolute CHAOS after the game tomorrow with traffic problems and gridlock around the ground for at least a couple of hours.
  22. And then they will tell us that this game has cost more to police than any other game, anywhere in the world, in football history !
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