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  1. That;s why Tracy isn't in hospital !! VODKA KILLS THE VIRUS ! They should make it available on prescription.
  2. Can never really understand why a couple of inches upset people so much. What advantage does really give? Why do people get so irate over corner kicks being fractionally outside the quadrant but quite happily accept players taking free kicks and throw-ins yards from the correct position. This winds me up far more than an inch or two at a corner kick.
  4. And that, my friend, is why it took me weeks to find out that I could watch BT Sports Extra.
  5. Don't know if access to BT Extra channels is the same on all platforms but I have BT TV on laptop and phone through my Plusnet Broadband account. To access BT Sports 'Extra' channels you just have to sign in to your BT account and choose a BT Sports channel, when you're connected to the channel just scroll to the bottom of the screen to find a row of boxes showing all BT Sport channels including the 'Extra' channels. Just click on the box! Sounds so simple but it was weeks before I realised I could watch these channels.
  6. Yea, I know. He's left me £1m ! I've just sent £1000 to his solicitor to pay for the processing of the paperwork, I get my cheque for £1m next week.
  7. Just looked at latest odds on BetVictor. Joint 2nd favourite at 6/1............. Bruno Baltazar !!!! Who the feck is Bruno Baltazar. Of course I've obviously googled him. If he is under consideration I would be amazed. Well I would be amazed if we were owned by anyone else.
  8. They might be in your neck of the woods. But they are not closed in Sheffield. YET!!!
  9. Come on ! 'Fess up ! Who's offered to sell you a cheap Rolex ?
  10. Fully agree! I don't think there's any reason to diss Wayne Rooney just because those prix on Sky are licking his arriss.
  11. Can't expect the poor bloke to work boxing day and New Years day, FFS.
  12. If the season were to be curtailed and decided on PPG how would the points deduction be applied. Full 6 points deducted ? Percentage of 6 points depending on number of matches played ? No deduction but -6 points applied next season ? It's a reyt can o' worms innit?
  13. Well that 'd be a start !! But there's absolutely no sign of that happening any time soon,
  14. Panic over. I follow pass code received 08.22 this morning.
  15. I have Sky go app through a similar arrangement with my daughter. But, no, you can't access 'red button' through Sky Go.
  16. Has anyone else applied for a match pass for Huddersfield game (deduct from ST balance) not received their unique pass code number yet. Applied last friday and received confirmation email ok, usually received code number before now.
  17. SAG/SYP wiill only need to close Penistone road in one direction then.
  18. To be reduced to 6 points when the excitement dies down ?
  19. In a similar catchment area size. But, maybe, being a one team city explains their bigger average crowds.
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