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  1. He went off injured on Saturday. Shown after the game with strapping/bandage covering his knee and limping quite badly. Hopefully a doubt for Wednesday night.
  2. Could get a chance to shine next season then if he stays with the mini-pigs.
  3. Wouldn't put money on it ??? I have. A handicap bet. Wednesday to win the Championship with a handicap start of +26 points. So at the moment we are top of the table 9 points clear of Bristol City. COME ON YOU BLUE AND WHITEWIZARDS
  4. I must be one of the lucky ones. Never had a problem logging on, always had a very good picture, no complaints at all. Except the absolutely crap Radio Sheffield commentaries. Ok if you're watching the game, I suppose, but if you are relying on audio the Radio Sheffield service is truly pathetic.
  5. I got the figures from the "cases in your area" on the BBC news app. Yea, I agree the numbers are still lower than Nottingham.
  6. Think you'll find cases per 100,000 for Liverpool is almost 700.
  7. Late July the infection rate in Sheffield was approx 18 per 100,000. Late August the infecion rate in Sheffield was approx 12 per 100,000. September thousands of students begin to return to the city. Infection rate now is over 400 per 100,000 ! Coincidence ?
  8. Why not? Trump says America has one coming next week.
  9. Sorry, would love to help but I am already signed up to AmazonSmile in aid of "Bluebell Wood" charity.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if he has never set foot in Hillsborough or the sty in his life.
  11. Yea that's true. He trained with QPR all week and travelled upto Sheffield for the matches. Don't think any manager would allow that these days.
  12. Over a thousand posts in just over three months seems rather a lot for someone who's interest in the club is declining month on month.
  13. You don't brew a cup of tea in Sheffield, you mash a cup of tea. I always thought that "brew" was more Lancashire than Yorkshire.
  14. WOOO! That's a bit harsh. Didn't you know he's got a poorly shoulder.
  15. Considering the lack of investment in the infrastructure at Hillsborough he's probably helping to hold the walls up.
  16. Is the match against Bristol City available for free (well I know it's not actually free) to ST holders on IFollow? I've logged onto official ticketing site to apply for a match pass code, as before, clicked on "Tickets and Travel" then on "IFollow match passes" and all I get is "No Events Found" Am I doing something wrong or is anyone else having the same problem?
  17. Considering our start to the season I think any reduction, even only three points would be a great help. If the appeal reduces the penalty by six points (or more) I'll start counting my winnings. I've backed us to win the league with a +26 points start at 14/1.
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