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  1. Oh, Come on!! FFS. A pair of children's socks = half the junior kit.? I've told you a million times not to exaggerate.
  2. You've obviously never seen him close up. He looks about 53 FFS.
  3. Sorry if it's been asked before, and it might be a silly question, but do the new shirts have "WAWAW" on 'em?
  4. I would think that his (alleged) involvement with the George Hirst fiasco would rule him out of D.C.'s consideration.
  5. Just checked out latest odds on Skybet. Fatih Tekke - 6/1 ?????? Never heard of him so looked his managerial record up on Transfermarket:- Managed 5 Turkish clubs since April 2015. Shortest tenure was 2 months. Longest tenure was 9 months. 75 games in total at an average of 1.16 points per game. Odds of 6/1. WTF !!!!!!!! Please NO DC/
  6. Steve Bruce quoted at 12/1 to be next Premier League manager to be sacked on BV.
  7. I've just had a little punt on John Terry at 25/1. Not a bloke I like, but one with the right credentials to make a top manager IMO.
  8. Yea, but then D.C. would have to sack Bruce and pay him compensation or put him on gardening leave and pay his wages for 12 months.
  9. You want to get Tango behind he bar then. He's not.
  10. I presume that all the tickets for Lincoln have long been sold out. Surprised to see that Lincoln have announced that POTD will be available for LINCOLN FANS ONLY. What could possibly go wrong?
  11. Thanks for advice, but considering using the car and parking at park and ride. Maybe using the tram.from park and ride to Leppings Lane. Anyone know how busy the tram is after the game from Leppings lane to Middlewood?
  12. Just read full report of the game on Scunthorpe OS (via News Now - SWFC). Sounds like Scunthorpe dominated the match, Had about 95% possesion but we scored 3 against run of play.
  13. Thanks Woody, that sounds like it could be the answer. Hope nobody else is reading this. Mods please delete thread.
  14. I'm trying to work out alternatives now that Wednesdayite car park is closed. I know posters on here tell us that there is no problem finding parkin spaces if you are prepared to walk a reasonable distance but I do have a problem with walking. I can manage a fair distance on level ground before I experience enough pain to make me stop and rest, however walking uphill gives me condiderable pain within a few yards. Does anyone on here know (I suppose someone will) about what time does the supertram park and ride at Middlewood become full on matchdays. Any other suggestions would be welome. Thanks!
  15. Thank god for that. I thought I was going to pack up lunch time visits to Wetherspoons. Had to edit this. Why the bloody hell does the swear filter change 'blame' to Joao?
  16. Right! I think I understand all that. Basically what you're saying is that you haven't got a Fecking clue about what's going on.
  17. Sorry to report the Pope's demise Nigel. but you do realise that this happened in July 2017 don't you.
  18. Well who deleted the 8 page thread last night, and other threads about it this morning then? Perhaps D.C. has hacked Owlstalk.
  19. Shhhhhhhh ! Every mention of this video is promptly deleted by Neil/Mods. Don't tell them that it has been available to view on "News Now - Sheffield Wednesday" site since earlier this morning.
  20. What don't you understand about the term "Breaking News". Surely breaking news is something that has just been reported, not news that is 8 hours old. Perhaps you should have titled you thread "Broken News"
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