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  1. Don't be silly. We can't do that. I've told you before, DC is pumping in £1000,000's a year under the guise of "Presto" sponsorship.
  2. 12/1 first goal scorer with Betvictor. Mind you they're offering 6/1 against Borukov.
  3. It was reported, a week or so ago, that if the EFL charges were not concluded "to the satisfaction of Barnsley FC" then Paul Conway would take legal action against the EFL.
  4. The fans I can never understand are the idiots that boo the team off at half-time and then applaud them back on for the second half.😂
  5. If this was the case, I would hope we would be looking for better than Dyche.
  6. Never listen to parrots or budgerigars. They just repeat any rubbish you say to them. Oh, hang on.............
  7. I take that you're not old enough to remember Roy Shiner then, or Gerry Young. Or Brian Joicey. Or John Holsgrove. Bloody hell, haven't we had a lot of ugly players?
  8. The answer to fully comply with social distancing is easy. Home fans only. Open all 4 stands. Only allow fans who have already bought 2020/21 season tickets. Yes, I have.
  9. Nothing wrong with that. But why do you feel need to share it with us?
  10. Well, just signed in and accessed site. Watching Forest players pre game warm up and picture quality looks first class on laptop. If it continues like this I'll be well impressed.
  11. Yea should be. If you entered your promo code yesterday, that's it. You don't enter it again. Just sign in to I follow.
  12. Yea, Deadline of midnight tonight is only to ensure all 9 remaining matches. If you miss deadline tonight you can still accept ifollow package for remaining 8 games. So at least you will have another week to sort the problem out. Just a sickner that it will cost you £10 that you shouldn't really have to pay.
  13. Yea, I see your problem. Was a bit confused, I didn't think there was a deadline for changing your password, but realise now that the deadline is for accepting the ifollow package and you can't accept ifollow package until you reset password for new ticket site. Oh Bugger! I hope you get sorted in time, mate.
  14. I had trouble last weekend. Email [email protected] and explain exactly what is happening, what messages you're getting etc. They sorted me out. (eventually)
  15. I think the like or dislike of the current badge comes down to this. I suspect that the majority of our fans who prefer the, so called, iconic Owl are the fans who were born or started supporting the team in the 70's. Obviously the iconic Owl is the one they grew up with and so it is the one they relate to and favour. As a fan who has supported the team since the 1950's I prefer the present badge as I see it as a version of the original (proper) badge.🚭 Having said all that I do like the 70's badge and if we reverted to this I wouldn't have the objections that some have against the present badge. As for the late 60's blue body/white sleeve shirt, I don't remember this shirt having any badge at all.
  16. Stop worrying!!! We'll be OK. Nuhiu and Rhodes never get injured.
  17. There will be some reyt aggro if Ifind someone else in my seat
  18. Think you've blown it there. Look forward to refund hitting my account early July.
  19. Looking forward to that then. It hasn't been interesting for the last few years.
  20. Never been a great goal scored against us. All flukes scored by lucky [email protected]!
  21. Brings back the memory of (in?)famous line of commentary "and that's another fuckerea" Did this really happen or is it another 'urban legend' 🚭
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