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  1. You haven't answered the question though. Will you be going now he's been sacked? I suspect not.
  2. What ! Jos gone? But I've had my phone on charge all day, ready for the "Shine a light" protest.
  3. Not sensitive at all, Just showing that I don't believe that you were joking.
  4. Really ????? And were you joking before, when you suggested burning the flag in several previous threads, Too late to backpedal now.
  5. Agree wholeheartedly with you Ozy. Except for the bit about goodwill to Jos, and agents.
  6. Actually MTPO hasn't called football heaven for over 12 months. Radio Sheffield just play the recording of his last call every time there is a shortage of callers.
  7. I don't believe these two phrases should ever appear in the same paragraph.
  8. Didn't the last Portuguese manager we had teach you not to write silly letters to Santa?
  9. If he could be any worse at all than Baker why on earth would we want him?
  10. Then how the hell did we manage to concede two avoidable goals in two minutes?
  11. 'Kin 'ell ! Pick us 6 numbers for tonight's lotto.
  12. Hmmmmmmm. 2 weeks? Now, where have I heard that before ?????
  13. Err.... Won't they just watch the games on Sky TV?
  14. Young up and coming? He's 51 years old FFS.
  15. I just feel sorry for the poor bugger who spent all last night trying to compile 10 minutes of 'highlights' from the 90 minutes of shyte we witnessed yesterday.
  16. How can a failure to warm up at half time be the cause of an injury after 85 minutes.
  17. Well, at least, I saw what you did there.
  18. Well, err, yes she does, err, they both do........... But afterwards we heard these two rumours in the pub.
  19. Don't know how anyone would describe this a a "SMALL FALL" Bloody hell ! Face forward down several concrete steps is a major fall for anyone let alone a man of 89 years. Get well soon Harry.
  20. Terrible thing to happen !! Wishing him a very speedy recovery. But I doubt he will want relocating to the South Stand..............That's where all the OLD people sit.
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