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  1. 19 hours ago, OWL1969 said:

    Everyone will read it today, you can't read it Yesterday or tomorrow!

    Although tomorrow when I look back at this, I won't be sure if I posted it today or Yesterday.

    Now look what you've done A12, I've confused myself now.





    Not confusing really.


    Just look at it this way :-


     Today is yesterday's tomorrow and tomorrow's yesterday.:rolleyes:


    Hope that helps.lol


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  2. 12 minutes ago, bradowl said:


    I'm going to Turkey during next international break, I'll make sure I wear my Wednesday shirts when I go in this bar. 


    I'm not sure how big Turkey is. lol


    It's BIG!


    About three times the size of England, so the chances of you picking the same bar is pretty remote.:rolleyes:

  3. 15 hours ago, Mycroft said:

    Put away thoughts of parking and parkings fees by travelling in style on the Rotherham Owls Coach for a mere £7, coach leaves Silverwood Working Mens Club in Dalton Rotherham at 14:00 hrs. Arrives back at approx 17:45 hrs numerous drop off points on the way back.


    You know it makes sense.




    Sounds a great idea, I'm paying that much for parking anyway.


    What time does it pick-up and drop off in Crookes? :rolleyes:

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  4. On holiday in hot and sunny Turkey at present. (Holiday boast over).        Having a drink at the bar the barman noticed the badge on my T-Shirt and asked "which football team is that", Sheffield Wednesday I replied.  He looked a little puzzled at this, muttered "Sheffield Wednesday? - Sheffield Wednesday? .........Ahhh!  Sheffield Wednesday!        "England Champions League, yes?"       ENGLAND CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!!      Sounds so much better than the championship dunnit?lol

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  5. 6 hours ago, ToastFeatures said:



    Its cheaper to get two half’s than a pint, poor lass behind counter didn’t have a clue why people were asking for two half’s and a empty pint cup haha.... lol




    Simple price list error. We noticed it at first game of the season at the kiosk near gangway T, North Stand upper concourse (don't know if all the price lists have the same mistake). A simple question to the girl serving us clarified the matter.                                                                    Fair enough the mistake should have been rectified by now, but why not just ask if the price is right rather than trying to ridicule the club on here?:wacko:

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  6. 7 hours ago, snaykz said:



    With regards to the Star, I really do feel for Dom and the other Wednesday reporters. Nothing comes out of our club, so to have to create relevant content every day of the week is nigh on impossible. But what really leads to the (justifiable) accusations of bias against the Star is, ironically, the impartiality and professionalism of the Wednesday reporters in comparison the the United reporters, Danny Hall and the Odious James Shield These two behave like total fanboys, with Shield in particular responsible for what can only be described as some outrageous pro-United propaganda.


    Remember when England were exceeding expectations at last year's World Cup, and we were treated to such delights as 'Southgate takes a leaf out of Chris Wilder's book' (or something along those lines). I appreciate there may not be a lot to write about in the off-season, but that was just one of a string of pathetic articles, designed only to pander to the red half of the city. The fact that the editor of the Star has allowed such different approaches into how it reports on the two clubs will inevitably lead to accusations of bias.


    I read on another thread that someone had broached the subject with the editor, who admitted he was a United fan. The Star has become a pig propaganda machine, and that's unlikely to change anytime soon.



    WTF is any self respecting owls fan doing reading the columns of these tw@s in the first place. WTF:lol

  7. 11 hours ago, Sheffield Owl said:

    Hasn't carlos got something to do with Elev8?


    No, I don't think so.


    I believe that he is a part owner of a sports clothing company called 'Lacatoni' (Portugese company?)


    IIRC they made some training gear for the Owls whilst DC was still looking for a company to

    manufacture our gear.


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  8. 5 minutes ago, Buxtongent said:

    my own situation must be mirrored by quite a number of people. i am able only to walk with the aid of two sticks. My daughter brings me to the game, leaves and goes her own way, then returns in time to pick me up after the game. This means that she will have to approach the ground, usually to around the Bridge exit, from where we make our way towards Rivelin and thence Buxton. If traffic along penistone Road is diverted, and P.R.  closed, how willshe bbe able to do this?


    Hi Buxton.     Just looked at the plan for the road closure on th OS. It appears that the only section of Penistone Road that is to be closed is that between Herries Road and Herries Road South, so Parkside Road will be open and your daughter should have no problems.


    In fact you should be almost home in Buxton by the time we get out of the old Wednesdayite car park.lol

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  9. OK.  So it's just over 24 hours to the QPR game after which the temporary closure of Penistone Road will come into effect for the first time.


    Has anyone (the club, SAG, the council, SYP) told us just exactly where the road closure will start and end, or exactly what the "short" diversions will be.


    Outbound, Parkside Road, Catchbar Lane, Leppings Lane?

    Oh wait, won't that inconvenience the thousands of away supporters exiting onto Leppings Lane? and is Leppings Lane closed to traffic after the match?


    Inbound, Herries road/Herries Road South, but doesn't Herries Road South meet Penistone Road bang opposite the ground?


    What could possibly go wrong.:wacko:


    Only Sheffield Council, SAG, SYP, together, could try to solve one "perceived" problem and in doing so cause so many more.


    I predict absolute CHAOS after the game tomorrow with traffic problems and gridlock around the ground for at least a couple of hours.



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  10. 1 hour ago, agentwalker said:

    SYP will put on the whole show for this one, police on every corner, horses, armed police, riot gear the lot.  Then ristrict the ground to 10k and 500 away fans at most


    And then they will tell us that this game has cost more to police

    than any other game,  anywhere in the world, in football history ! WTF:

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  11. On 19/08/2019 at 11:33, dorian gray said:

    what's his name, stuart gray?


    19 hours ago, ZicoSterland2 said:

    Top defensive coach. Would have him back anyday.


    I don't think for a moment that Stuart Gray would accept the post of coach

    under the owner who sacked him as manager.:sad:

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  12. 30 minutes ago, bluewater3 said:

    Does any one know if we are on the red button for the Luton match. 


    Bloody Red Button !!!!


    Tha only lives in Toytown !!


    Get thisen down to Hillsborough FFS.:rolleyes:






    PS.  It's chewing tobacco that makes your water blue (or so I've been told:wacko:)

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  13. 2 hours ago, debs11boys said:

    I will say no more.


    2 hours ago, debs11boys said:

    Don’t be so silly. 


    2 hours ago, debs11boys said:

    I am not into arguments, and I don’t want to get into any angst. I asked OT for a ticket as I was just back from Spain and the best place to ask. 


    Have a a great  evening my fellow Owls and enjoy the game tmrw and keep safe.




    1 hour ago, debs11boys said:

    Who has evidence on here? Do you back up your posts? Do you ? I am merely saying its a good source. Sorry I don’t  have any thumb prints 


    Errr,  "say no more"  ???????


    Reyt !!


  14. Not sure excactly what time they become available, but for the first two matches this

    season I have watched the I Follow full replays at about 11 AM on the Sunday morning.


    Good quality picture and, unlike last year, replays of goals and other moments of interest.


    Of course if, like me, you don't get to the away games you'll find it better to listen to the commentaries

    on I Follow, rather than RS, as you get the full game with none of the frustrating "Round the other games"



    You also get the joy of hearing John Pearson's "YEEEEES.......WHAT A GOAL !!!:ghoulguy:


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