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  1. 1 hour ago, We are all Wednesday said:

    FF only one that can put in a good dead ball too. Also, Harris was much better on the right in the first half.



    I thought that Harris was pretty poor in the first half, made too many poor decisions with his final ball.


    IMO he improved massively in the second half when playing on the left and cutting inside.

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  2. 10 hours ago, Mick De Lyons said:

    One day on here is enough for anyone. Why you guys want to come on here and  make countless posts is beyond me lol.If people don't agree then fair enough, but some are just plain rude and abusive and after a time it becomes boring. This site isn't about having a debate and making sensible points, even if people vigorously disagreed. It's just about a mob mentality, where members are scared to say what they feel. Say they just go along with what the loudest and more crudest members say and then arse lick by liking their replies. It's pathetic really. That is why a lot of people don't post on here, because of the mindset. A fair number are just looking to cause an argument, be rude or abusive, because they are bored or maybe they have a crap life and have to get rid of their frustrations on here. Some of the replies were thought out and I thank those that replied in that manner. But some of the replies were laughable and verging on being naive. But sadly genuine debate is futile on here. So I will be signing off the site and will not be taking part on the post or be replying to people's comments. I hope we don't get a points deduction, but I think it's a possibility. I stick by my comments on Sheff Wed and think it will take a long time to correct our current situation. But don't surprise if Chansiri is gone sooner than many of you think. I all hope you have a good Christmas and a new year. At least there is one thing we can all agree on. You all love the club !!




    Quite a statement by a guy responsible for over 50 of the posts in this thread.WTF:

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  3. 8 hours ago, Blatter said:

    Bung away fans up in the grandstand.

    Own concourse. Separate turnstiles for access.

    Access over the bridge.

    Redevelop West Stand with family area, media area etc.




    But wouldn't that deny access over the bridge to our fans?

    Also isn't the bridge the route to the main reception and office areas?



    And I'm sure the werther's brigade would really enjoy the bottles of pi$$ raining down on them.lol



  4. 15 hours ago, vulva said:

    South. I don't think Kop people eat chutney. Think it’s all crisp sandwiches and club biscuits on there. 


    WHAT !

    'Course they do!

    Haven't you ever tried chutney on your crisp sandwiches?lol














    Maybe not beetroot and orange tho':wacko:


  5. 2 hours ago, wilyfox said:


    Reports don't say what the fee was, but that it was 'agreed'. Don't think a derogatory fee would have been agreed. I suspect there's more to the whole saga than we'll ever hear. His comments about the dressing room alluded to problems, and I still don't know why his dad left sharpish the way he did. Then begs the question why he's become so fecking useless on the pitch. 


    I don't think there is anything mysterious about Andy Rhodes departure from the club.

    Wasn't he appointed as assistant manager at Oldham Athletic, one of his former clubs in June last year?


    Perhaps a little more mysterious why he was sacked by Oldham after only 4 months.:wacko:

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  6. 1 hour ago, The Claw said:

    An example to all (£20)


    1 hour ago, Greengrass said:

    Be all gone in about an hour.


    If they were priced at £40 they'd be all gone in 65 minuteslol

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  7. So the SYP say they cannot hold back the away supporters for ten minutes unless they 'agree' to it.:wacko:


    Just watched the Swansea v Cardiff game, towards the end the commentator said that the Cardiff supporters couldn't leave as they were to be kept in until the police supervised their return to Cardiff.


    Different laws in Wales, then?WTF:

  8. 31 minutes ago, The only way is S6 said:

    Quality early omdt me lord. Muchos gracias. Get well soon old bean. Might I suggest a snifter from the top shelf? That's a cognac, not a copy of Razzle.


    Looking forward to this bugger tomorrow. Posh boys brawling in a large semi at 9am, Then off to S6 to watch more down to earth boys brawling at 3pm


    A good days sport for a proud English Yorkshireman. Let's hope we get both results. 


    UTO  ETID.


    Get there for 3pm and the only brawling you'll see will be the Leeds scrum fighting at the bus stop on Penistone Road.WTF:

  9. 1 hour ago, bigdan2003 said:


    Sorry what letter - i'm only referring to the website that's offering car parking at those schools? Are you saying the website is hoax? 




    According to "The Star" a letter was handed out to to some Owls fans prior to the Stoke game telling them that parking was available at Rivelin and Marlcliffe Schools at a charge of £5.

    The "Star" goes on to say that this is a fake letter and not true.


    A picture of the letter does, at first sight, appear to be on an official SWFC letter head, but the fact that the old "minimalist" Owls badge alongside the current badge intimates that it is not, in fact, genuine.


    Why would anyone go to such trouble to produce such misinformation is beyond me.


    Some really sad B@stards about aren't there.WTF:

  10. 11 minutes ago, DeeJayOne said:

    'Park & Donate' are operating the old Wednesdayite car park for occasional games only.


    Yes, it is open for Leeds, but bear in mind the road closures.




    Thanks DeeJayOne. Even as a ST holder I was thinking of giving this one a miss and watching on TV, but will now be therelol


    Would it be possible for Owlstalk to post on here whenever they plan to open the car park.


    Thanks again.:rolleyes:

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  11. 10 minutes ago, bladeshater said:

    You can't get out of the car park after game so no point opening it


    This is just not true. The road has been re-opened within about 20/30 minutes of the final whistle and we have found it easier to exit the car park than before the present restrictions:rolleyes:

  12. 52 minutes ago, bigdan2003 said:

    Yeah it's a bit pants isn't it?


    Even if it was still open it would be nightmare to get out of for games like tomorrow where they're closing both carriageways of Penistone road. 


    I think think these some parking places on Herries road behind the old Wednesdayite car park - not sure if that's doable with the difficulties you might have walking? Again, might be a pain getting away after due to the diversions and closures in place. 


    I believe a couple of schools are being used for parking nearby as well (think the club might have arranged these? not sure)




    They are possibly too far away though?



    This is the point, the old Wednesdayite car park (opposite the kop) Has been open for every game this season until last Tuesday, we have used it for each game and surprisingly the hold up due to the temporary closure of Penistone Road has only added 5 or 10 minutes to our journey home to Crookes.


    NB. Don't try Parking at Rivelin or Marlcliffe School.


    This letter is a hoax. See article in tonight's "Star"


  13. Was disappointed to find the old Wednesdayite car park closed last Tuesday evening.

    Not all that surprised as patronage has been falling match on match since the closure of Penistone Road for a short time after games.

    The main problem for me was there was no warning that the car park was to be closed leading to last minute panic trying to find alternative parking. Drove round the block again and was unfortunately the first one too late at the car park on Herries Road, arriving just as the attendant announced "Sorry full-up"


    Took a chance and parked opposite the steel stockholders further down Herries Rd - £35 now on it's way to the B@stards at SYC :sad:. Not complaining too much as I knew I was taking a risk.


    Anyway, now you've read my tail of woe:rolleyes: :-


    Does anyone on here know if the Wednesdayite carpark is now permanently closed or was Tuesday evening a one off?

  14. 32 minutes ago, 1867_OWL said:

    Anyone else see the trouble on Herriers Road last night about 5  minutes from the end of the game?


    It happened where the burger vans are there was a que of cars all of a sudden several elderly men come jumping on to this Clio shouting get him out car whilst smashing at the windows they eventually dragged a lad out that was only young and start laying into him whilst other car members were saying  "He's only 16 leave him!


    Not sure what had happened to cause this?  Look like 2 thugish lookong bold headed tw*ts! 


    Perhaps he is one of the low life who have been trashing cars on Herries Road for the past few seasons.


    If so maybe he got a bit of what he deserved :wacko:

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