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  1. Scrap this season altogether.


    Start a new season next August (or whenever possible) but:-


    Teams to start the new season with the points they have at the moment.


    This would preserve some fairness for the teams doing well at the moment, allowing them to start

    the new season with the same advantage that they hold at present.


    Likewise teams not doing so well (like us at the moment) would still have it all to do.


    Not ideal I know, but at least it would avoid an extension of this season, to who knows when, causing

    further ongoing disruption to next seasons league, European and World cup competitions.



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  2. I'm pretty sure that these are the original shareholder match day passes.


    IIRC these passes admitted the shareholder plus one juvenile, I seem to remember seeing a row of

    kids behind the South Stand hoping to be taken in by one of the 'wealthy'


    When I was a lad (long time ago) the father of one of my mates was friendly with an original shareholder and

    if, for any reason, he wasn't going to the game he used to lend him the token.


    So off we would go with the token securely chained to my mates belt and him threatened with the good hiding

    of his life if he lost it.:rolleyes:

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  3. 2 hours ago, Swiss Toni said:

    In all fairness I think Man Utd are going through something similar with Pogba presently. Can't get into their side because of his ego and Solskjaer prefers more ‘team’ players. We could have maybe carried one of Carbone or Di Canio in the team but often carrying both defensively couldn’t have been fun for the rest of the team.


    1 hour ago, Swiss Toni said:

    why do you think it is?


    Possibly due to a serious ankle injury picked up last September, followed by another serious injury

    to the same ankle on Boxing day for which he required surgery.:wacko:

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  4. 14 minutes ago, lanzaroteowl said:

    Bought a product from a mates business today as they've been locked down and can only do takeaways.

    Don't normally buy this but I am supporting a mate.

    Same with my club.


    Hi Lanzarote, I presume your business is under lockdown like many others. 


    I would be delighted to help support you as  a member of the OT family.


    I am prepared to buy a couple of crates of San Miguel on a take out basis (if this is allowed, as it is in the UK).


    Just let me know a price.





















    Er...... you do provide a free home delivery service don't you?lol


  5. On 30/11/2012 at 12:53, horny owl said:

    Every time I pass the BeeHive and see its a f00kin Tesco it makes me want to cry.


    10 minutes ago, marshy said:

    Was in there one afternoon years ago, two birds kicked off at each other, tats all up the arms, like Sumo wrestlers, pint glasses, snooker balls etc. Reyt afternoons entertainment. Always make me think of that and chuckle when I go in.lol


    They were at it again yesterday morning.:wacko:


    I think one of 'em had just grabbed the last pack of toilet rolls.WTF:

  6. 5 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:



    The FA’s Rules and Regulations state that “the season shall terminate not later than the 1 June” and “each competition shall, within the limit laid down by The FA, determine the length of its own playing season”.


    However, The FA’s Board has agreed for this limit to be extended indefinitely for the 2019/20 season in relation to Professional Football. Additionally, we have collectively agreed that the professional game in England will be further postponed until no earlier than 30 Apr





    So season to be extended indefinitely but no indication as to whether players contracts ending in June will be automatically extended.


    A reyt can 'o worms innit.


    Just scrap this season (sorry Liverpool and pigs:rolleyes:) and start anew as and when the virus is under control.

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  7. 2 hours ago, Colinwestzicoest said:

    Can't see anything wrong with anything he said there. We all know Carlos is eccentric & far worse has been said on here about him. The behaviour Wallace describes justifies the criticism Carlos got from fans. Don't forget the players have to live with the madness at our club. He states he is gutted we didn't make the Prem. Wallace is a top guy. Chansiri behaviour in the dressing room is also hilarious but extremely worrying but at least he showed his face at the club back then. 


    Neither can I.


    Mind you I, honestly, could not understand about 80% of their conversation on first listening. I had to

    keep pausing the video and winding back a little and listening again, sometimes more than once or twice.


    It really does sound like a completely foreign language at times.lol





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  8. 4 minutes ago, toppOwl said:

    (Written in the style of an article from The Athletic).


    Its is believed that under fire SWFC chairman Dejphon Chansiri has invited a number of fans who have contacted him in the last few weeks to a meeting tonight, a source told us that email have been sent out asking some fans to attend and discuss the current situation at the club, it is my understanding that this will be staged this evening.


    Seriously has anyone heard about this?



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  9. 4 hours ago, @owlstalk said:

    Neil Swan: Please explain Doyen Sport’s influence etc at the club as best you can. 

    DH: As part of his detailed Ask the Chairman series in November 2017, Chansiri said: “Doyen Sports are amongst my advisors but we have others, who form part of a process of player recruitment that mirrors that of many clubs worldwide.


    I must stress that Doyen have absolutely no influence on the day to day running of Sheffield Wednesday, nor do any of my advisers.


    Doyen have also never invested money into our players and do not own a single shareholding.”


    NB Doyen Sports are now known as Kin Partners


    4 hours ago, @owlstalk said:


    Update from @FootballTyper


    Doyen Sports are not now known as KIN


    Doyen Global are known as KIN


    Doyen Sports changed their operations to Vela. Which was already in place during the Doyen Sports & Global era. As seen when they conveniently moved Sasso to Vela Management before he signed for #swfc


    Always been known as 'KIN DOYEN on here.lol

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  10. 1 hour ago, WalthamOwl said:

    If and when we are deducted points and probably relegated im sure there will still be people on here sticking up for DC. If we end up going down it will be a disaster, going down with a point deduction would be completely the fault of DC thinking he was smarter than the powers that be. This club back in league one would be pathetic, embarrassing, unacceptable. Certain people on here seem to be okay with the very real possibility we will go down, if these fans really are fans and want the best for the club I find that view baffling. I honestly don't think I would put another penny into the club while DC was still the owner. 


    Well just who are really fans then?


    You or them?:wacko:

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