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  1. Just checked out latest odds on Skybet.


    Fatih Tekke  -  6/1 ??????



    Never heard of him so looked his managerial record up on Transfermarket:-


    Managed 5 Turkish clubs since April 2015.

    Shortest tenure was 2 months.

    Longest tenure was 9 months.

    75 games in total at an average of 1.16 points per game.


    Odds of 6/1.   WTF !!!!!!!!


    Please NO DC/WTF:



  2. 4 minutes ago, domSWFC said:

    As much as I wanted him to stay, after those comments and not being on the team bus today, it's clear he won't have the dressing room. Players won't play with passion for a manager who has none. Put him on gardening leave and bring in Hughton until Ashley pays up. 


    3 minutes ago, domSWFC said:

    As much as I wanted him to stay, after those comments and not being on the team bus today, it's clear he won't have the dressing room. Players won't play with passion for a manager who has none. Put him on gardening leave and bring in Hughton until Ashley pays up. 


    Ok. Heard you the first time.:rolleyes:


  3. 6 minutes ago, folger said:

    I wanted Bruce to stay but now I just hope Chansiri finds a new guy and the Newcastle deal falls though. No other employer outside of football would tolerate this nonsense.


    Yea, but then D.C. would have to sack Bruce and pay him compensation or put him on gardening leave and pay his wages for 12 months.:wacko:

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  4. 17 minutes ago, Mycroft said:

    Just make your way to Silverwood Working Mens Club in Dalton, Rotherham, where you would be made most welcome.


    Relax and enjoy a drink or two in the salubrious surroundings of the club, served by the glamourous bar staff.


    Then be entertained by stories of old by your fellow travellers who will revel in the telling of their tales to a new victim friend.


    You will whisked to the match in style by luxury coach (well it was in 1974) and dropped off at the Wednesdayite car park. 


    Just £7 leave about 14:00 and arrive back at the club for 17:45


    Topless ?:tango:

  5. 1 hour ago, daleblue said:

    I use the tram when I go to matches, it's okay going if you get there early, nightmare return after the match unless  you leave it till all supporters have gone.

    Would not recommend at all.

    Thanks for advice, but considering  using the car and parking at park and ride. Maybe using the tram.from park and ride

    to Leppings Lane.

    Anyone know how busy the tram is after the game from Leppings lane to Middlewood?

  6. 3 minutes ago, Woodyowl450 said:

    Hi mate, I've been parking at the Park and Ride on Middlewood road for years As long as you leave about 30 minutes I've never not got a place (even for blades games)

    Also you can do park only on the pay screens, costs about 3quid ish


    Thanks Woody, that sounds like it could be the answer.


    Hope nobody else is reading this.


    Mods please delete thread.:tango:

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  7. I'm trying to work out alternatives now that Wednesdayite car park is closed.

    I know posters on here tell us that there is no problem finding parkin spaces if you are prepared to walk

    a reasonable distance but I do have a problem with walking. I can manage a fair distance on level ground

    before I experience enough pain to make me stop and rest, however walking uphill gives  me condiderable

    pain within a few yards.


    Does anyone on here know (I suppose someone will:rolleyes:) about what time does the supertram park and ride

    at Middlewood become full on matchdays.


    Any other suggestions would be welome.  Thanks!


  8. 7 hours ago, OWLERTON GHOST said:


    I've seen you at the games mate 

    You're "Blurred" Andy aren't you ?    



    5 hours ago, S A Andy said:

    Certainly look blurred Mate.  I have to blame it on the camera!! Cheers Andy


    Thank god for that. I thought I was going to pack up lunch time visits to Wetherspoons.:Sid:


    Had to edit this. Why the bloody hell does the swear filter change 'blame' to Joao?

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  9. 2 hours ago, pazowl55 said:

    Right as the title says I believe I know why we have not yet announced the signing's of Borner, Odubajo and Harris and it's all down to our soft embargo and their registrations.


    And its based on what I learned while looking up about Barcelona's transfer ban.


    Now unless EFL rules are different then I believe the reason they have been signed and not announced is down to the fact that if we sign them now and then are not allowed to register players then we are stuck with then until we can. As I dont think you can loan out players out that are not registered to you.


    Now this is the clever bit and why I think we have not announced them yet as officially our players.


    If we do get banned from registering players then what I believe we can do is delay the arrive of these players coming to the club.


    So we can sign them as pre contact arrangements, all for say Jan 1st or whenever we can register players again. 


    This means that until that date they are free to sign for other clubs on loan as we dont technically own them yet.


    Am I 100% certain of this no. But it does make alot of sense.


    1 hour ago, pazowl55 said:

    Basically in a nut shull we our 100% confident we will be able to register them as our players come the end of the summer transfer window other I dont think they would be parading them about as they have been.


    However should we not be allowed to register them then I believe that this is our get out clause until we can.


    Otherwise we will be stuck with 3 wages of players we cant play on our hands.


    1 hour ago, pazowl55 said:

    That's if we own them. If they have signed pre contracts we dont officially own them yet.


    1 hour ago, pazowl55 said:

    Why have they not been announced if they have 100% signed.


    Because we cannot register players yet. Meaning everything I said could be true.



    55 minutes ago, pazowl55 said:

    No they wouldn't. But if we cant register them then they effectively have.


    I am not trying to say they have not signed they have. I am just trying to think of reasons they have not been announced yet and what may happen if they cant play for us.




    I think I understand all that.:wacko:


    Basically what you're saying is that you haven't got a Fecking clue about what's going on.WTF:

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  10. 3 minutes ago, asteener1867 said:

    I hate change...with Wednesday

    I know I'm a dinosaur and I know I'm probably wetting the bed over nowt...but it makes me feel insecure.

    I don't feel comfortable with the "D-Taxis"..I don't feel comfortable with a drink that if you had to rely on it..you would be dead in 3 days....

    and in no way would I feel comfortable with Hillsborough being called owt bar Hillsborough.

    I'll go along with it...as if I had a choice...but it smells plastic...it smells desperate...it smells different....

    I don't like stuff that smells different...I never know whether to eat it or not


    It's called ""OWLERTON " FFS.lol

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  11. 22 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:


    I've not deleted it 

    I"m gonna find it now and post it up here


    Well who deleted the 8 page thread last night, and other threads about it this morning then?


    Perhaps D.C. has hacked Owlstalk.:Chansiri:

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  12. 1 hour ago, The Night-Owl said:

    Thought I'd mention it in here instead, what I mentioned in the megathread in response to someone mentioning the Twitter video having some sort of similarity to Stranger Things. Maybe that video is a slight tease or hint, with the Level Up and Continue?, that might suggest the kit (s) might after all be modern homages to 1980s kits?


    Shhhhhhhh !


    Every mention of this video is promptly deleted by Neil/Mods.


    Don't tell them that it has been available to view on "News Now - Sheffield Wednesday" site since earlier this morning.:ph34r:

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  13. 18 minutes ago, A12owl said:

    I know. I was just trying to get a GENUINE breaking news thread to stick. All the others get deleted when they diverse into some totally irrelevant subject.

    This program news is a genuine club release and cannot be disputed by anybody. 



    12 minutes ago, A12owl said:


    It's news from the club and its official. 



    What don't you understand about the term "Breaking News".


    Surely breaking news is something that has just been reported, not news that is 8 hours old.:wacko:


    Perhaps you should have titled you thread "Broken News":rolleyes:

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  14. 5 hours ago, Kameron said:


    You do know there is an option to Ee Orr posters, not sure how it's done but it will block all my posts so you never have to be insulted ever again.


    Not me that's being insulted though is it?.:ph34r:


    do know how to block a poster, but then I wouldn't know when you were being insulting would I?:rolleyes:

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