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  1. 13 hours ago, twolaptops said:

    When asking Matt Hancock about a decision midweek on the Chinese 5G situation she said "Oh ..on Wednesday Huawei on Wednesday Huaweii"....................make of that what yyou will.


    Going down a bumpy hillside,

    In your hippy hat,

    flying across the country,

    and getting fat,

    saying evrything is groovy,

    when your tyres are flat



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  2. 1 hour ago, hasthagotanycheese said:



    At the risk of ridiculously skewing the debate, I'll  throw in the example of Chelsea who for years have had 90 odd pros on their books, half of them nowhere near the first team loaned out to other clubs but all contracted to Chelsea.....how is that fair?


    How is an EFL salary cap going to stop that happening with teams like Chelsea, Manchester City etc.

  3. 21 minutes ago, latemodelchild said:

    Not getting giddy, and really don't want anyone else to, but twitter is starting to fill up with rumours that we've had a positive result. At least one of the posters saying it is a massive fan, home and away and known by many. I'm hoping that he wouldn't be saying what he's saying without some sort of knowledge. If it turns out he's on the windup then it's a shocking thing to do to fellow fans. 


    Like I say, only rumours so don't get the bunting out ffs. 


    WHAT ??????

    It's been on Twatter????


    It's got to be right, then.




















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  4. 35 minutes ago, pahowl said:

    Surprised there are no donation options available to non-adult season tickets. I was going to donate the value of my grandsons pro-rata refund (which would have been quite small), but instead it only allows me to choose for him options 5- 8


    32 minutes ago, Grandad said:


    You can donate it to me if you want?


    I'm in the same position as @pahowl regarding grandson's refund.


    However I'm quite prepared to donate it to you, @Grandad, just PM me your bank details and I'll do the rest.:rolleyes:😃😃😃😃

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  5. 3 hours ago, Bouncing Owl said:


    Let’s just get behind him and see what he can do this summer. I’m sure he will be trying to offload Westwood and Rhodes who are on big money which will allow him to do the rebuild he will want to do. 

    So far so good tho. We are losing fletcher, Winnall, FF, Hutch who are all on big money. The latter 3 all disruptive influences in one way or another. 


    I'm sure Monk will try to off-load Westwood.


    I may be wrong but I feel that Westwood is the type of guy who will happily sit on his arse, quite content to pick

    up his mega wages without the need to exert himself playing or training (? - well he has got a poorly shoulder you know)


    I don't think he will consider leaving unless another club offer him a comparable or better financial deal,

    and the chances of that absolutely nil.

  6. 17 minutes ago, Therealrealist said:

    We have to start cutting our cloth accordingly..great staff in there but they could be re deployed to other areas..uts never busy..the mark up on merchandise must be feeble..all stuff can be bought online..its a big area what could be better utilised..imo


    Which other areas exactly?:wacko:

  7. 59 minutes ago, Kew Owl said:

    DC will obviously appeal if we lose the case, and I imagine that the EFL will do likewise if the result goes against them, but I can't see that Gibson - or anyone else for that matter, who is not one of the parties to the proceedings - would have any right of appeal if they don't like the outcome.


    It was reported, a week or so ago, that if the EFL charges were not concluded "to the satisfaction of Barnsley FC" then Paul Conway would take legal action against the EFL.

  8. 31 minutes ago, HIGHERSTATE said:

    Our home fans make me cringe at times.  And think the i''ve paid a lot of money' and 'had a belly full of beer' reasons are excuses to act like a group of toddlers.


    Booing the team off, jeez, get yoursen off to the Pantomime.  


    The fans I can never understand are the idiots that boo the team off at half-time and then applaud them back on for the second half.:wacko:😂

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  9. 2 hours ago, Inspector Lestrade said:


    Funny you should say that a little bird told me that it could be on.




    Never listen to parrots or budgerigars.


    They just repeat any rubbish you say to them.


    Oh, hang on.............:rolleyes:

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