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  1. Sorry Nev. Maybe I'm a bit thick, but that has gone right over my head. Like to explain?
  2. Going down a bumpy hillside, In your hippy hat, flying across the country, and getting fat, saying evrything is groovy, when your tyres are flat And it's HUA WEII SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY
  3. Snidey looking sod. Always avoids eye contact with camera (therefore with supporters /viewers) Always insists that his team deserved at least a point, even when they were dire. Face like a slapped arse, So.....err....No thanks.
  4. Yea, Logged on already, just to make sure. Wish they'd switch the floodlights on, I can't see a fecking thing.
  5. How is an EFL salary cap going to stop that happening with teams like Chelsea, Manchester City etc.
  6. WHAT ?????? It's been on Twatter???? It's got to be right, then. Innit.
  7. Be careful not to get any Dubbin on the toecaps!
  8. No. Mine working fine. Had no problems at all to be fair. Been first class for all three games so far. Well impressed.
  9. I'm in the same position as @pahowl regarding grandson's refund. However I'm quite prepared to donate it to you, @Grandad, just PM me your bank details and I'll do the rest.😃😃😃😃
  10. I'm sure Monk will try to off-load Westwood. I may be wrong but I feel that Westwood is the type of guy who will happily sit on his arse, quite content to pick up his mega wages without the need to exert himself playing or training (? - well he has got a poorly shoulder you know) I don't think he will consider leaving unless another club offer him a comparable or better financial deal, and the chances of that absolutely nil.
  11. Yea, great save. But surely a foul by their striker, climbing all over Borner! But yes Wildsmith kept us in it 'coz the bloody ref didn't give it.
  12. So you'd re-deploy the hard working staff (who @Therealrealist says are great) by rewarding them with a move from their full time jobs to jobs paying minimum wage for 3 or 4 hours 23 times a year.
  13. Don't be silly. We can't do that. I've told you before, DC is pumping in £1000,000's a year under the guise of "Presto" sponsorship.
  14. 12/1 first goal scorer with Betvictor. Mind you they're offering 6/1 against Borukov.
  15. It was reported, a week or so ago, that if the EFL charges were not concluded "to the satisfaction of Barnsley FC" then Paul Conway would take legal action against the EFL.
  16. The fans I can never understand are the idiots that boo the team off at half-time and then applaud them back on for the second half.😂
  17. If this was the case, I would hope we would be looking for better than Dyche.
  18. Never listen to parrots or budgerigars. They just repeat any rubbish you say to them. Oh, hang on.............
  19. I take that you're not old enough to remember Roy Shiner then, or Gerry Young. Or Brian Joicey. Or John Holsgrove. Bloody hell, haven't we had a lot of ugly players?
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