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  1. He seems to have been in a coma since 2014 until regaining conciousness last Monday.
  2. Don't worry! @Jim wll be along in a minute.
  3. Sorry but the points deduction has had nothing to do with Wigan's present form. They have been in terrific form since the turn of the year. In fact their form since Jan 1st up to the announcement of the deduction is W11 D5 L4. Which is slightly better than their results since. A brilliant run of results by Paul Cook and his boys.
  4. To be fair Atdhe is just about the only player we have had over the last 5 years who has been available for selection for 40+ games a season.
  5. Very much doubt it. DC wouldn't be selling this years strips off at half price if that were the case.
  6. It's so easy to sit at home and discuss how to reduce someone else's wages, innit?
  7. You're wasting your time, then. You'll learn nowt about football on here.
  8. Well we've all got that, haven't we Nev,
  9. I don't Know , Nev. Perhaps you can tell us.
  10. I have never clapped a 'wonder' goal scored against us. There has never been one. They've all been bloody flukes.
  11. Well @sten's neighbour does work for Barnsley FC you know. No doubt he's been reading Paul Conway's wish list.
  12. Bloody typical Wednesday !!! First clean sheet in 9 games and my money was on QPR 1 - 3 Owls.
  13. No surprise there then!! There doesn't seem to be anything about the club that you do like.
  14. Sorry Nev. Maybe I'm a bit thick, but that has gone right over my head. Like to explain?
  15. Going down a bumpy hillside, In your hippy hat, flying across the country, and getting fat, saying evrything is groovy, when your tyres are flat And it's HUA WEII SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY
  16. Snidey looking sod. Always avoids eye contact with camera (therefore with supporters /viewers) Always insists that his team deserved at least a point, even when they were dire. Face like a slapped arse, So.....err....No thanks.
  17. Yea, Logged on already, just to make sure. Wish they'd switch the floodlights on, I can't see a fecking thing.
  18. How is an EFL salary cap going to stop that happening with teams like Chelsea, Manchester City etc.
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