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  1. I don't think for a moment that Stuart Gray would accept the post of coach under the owner who sacked him as manager.
  2. Score draw. I'm sure SWFC will announce the new manager by 31st October.
  3. Bloody Red Button !!!! Tha only lives in Toytown !! Get thisen down to Hillsborough FFS. PS. It's chewing tobacco that makes your water blue (or so I've been told)
  4. He's the chap with the "Conlisio" tat.
  5. WOW !!! Mr Blue sky really doesn't like Nando, does he?
  6. Errr, "say no more" ??????? Reyt !!
  7. Not sure excactly what time they become available, but for the first two matches this season I have watched the I Follow full replays at about 11 AM on the Sunday morning. Good quality picture and, unlike last year, replays of goals and other moments of interest. Of course if, like me, you don't get to the away games you'll find it better to listen to the commentaries on I Follow, rather than RS, as you get the full game with none of the frustrating "Round the other games" interruptions. You also get the joy of hearing John Pearson's "YEEEEES.......WHAT A GOAL !!!
  8. Yea, and now the f'kin SYP and SAG have waded in again FFS. Will it ever end? I think D.C. must have bought the club on a Friday 13th after breaking a mirror, running over a black cat, opening his umbrella inside the house and walking under a ladder. He's probably also done loads of other things that bring bad luck in Thailand. Time to bring back the Buddhist (?) priest to lift the curse?
  9. Yes, thanks. But I was asking about the old car park which as others on here have posted is, in fact, open for the time being. Don't know where the profits are going though.
  10. Thanks for that, My alternative was to be Middlewood park and ride, and God knows how I would have managed that with all the restrictions now put in place by the incompetent SYP. P.S.. Save us a place.
  11. I'm sure I saw a post a few days ago about the old Wednesdayite car park, but can't seem to find it again. The post advised, I think, that the car park is to be open again until development work actually begins. Not seen anything about it since. Can anyone confirm if the car park is open today? (Somebody on here will know) Thanks.
  12. Wholeheartedly agree ! IMO the transfer windows, at least in part, are responsible for the ridiculous explosion in transfer costs over the last 15 years or so. The windows encourage the selling clubs to delay deals until the last 24/48 hours knowing, full well, that the buying clubs become more desperate as the hours tick by. Then, armed with gazillions of Sky TV pounds, they pay vastly inflated fees for the player they want. These inflated fees then set a new benchmark for the asking price from the start of the next window. Absolute madness!!!
  13. EVERYONE only came into their own after Jos had gone. Even though we. somehow, sneaked into the top six at one point last season I can't remember one game in which we played really well or looked capable of pushing on and cementing even a top half finish. In act after attaining the heady heights of sixth place we looked more like relegation contenders until, thank f*ck, DC finally saw the light and got rid of the waster.
  14. You should never have to explain the joke !! If people don't understand, then hard luck to them.
  15. Just been looking at the New kits on the club website. How the Feck have they managed to get more stripes on the 'mini' kits than there are on the adult size?
  16. Has nobody told you Marc. Makes no difference if you listen to RS from 6 til 7, five days a week or not, You'll still not get those hours back.
  17. Wow ! Is that a shop unit ? When I walked past it looked like a large cupboard.
  18. But what if he lost the first 6 on the trot? Probably meaning the sack and the end of a beautiful friendship/partnership with the club he obviously loves and who's supporters love him. Don't chance it Bully! Stick to coaching and stay with The Wednesday.
  19. 'Course he can't afford it !!!! He;s just spent all this months pocket money buying a bloody football ground.
  20. Group of Chinese students (?). Waving their flags and cheering Espanyol's equaliser. What's that all about FFS! Infiltrators from Bramall Lane's Chinese quarter?
  21. 'Kin Ell !!! I thought bloody Nathan Spafford got a part time job writing for BetVictor Blog.
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