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  1. OK. If the case is held next week, Wednesday are found guilty and fined £10m and docked 6 points, you would be satisfied? Yea, right!
  2. Probably my all time favourite away shirt. How long is it since we saw replica shirts with "Made in UK" printed on the collar label?
  3. 1min 58. Is it my eyes, or has someone pinched the flagpole in Barkers Pool.
  4. Yea, you can count me in on this. Having had a ST every year since the early 70's D.C. would be paying me to go by now.
  5. Of course you haven't!!! They've only started wearing the shirt this season.
  6. You read the Stir? Even worse you read the piggies articles? Should be absolutely ashamed of yourself, sir.
  7. Perhaps you should have gone when Arsenal were playing us.
  8. What other ones? What set is that? Exactly! Joins OT yesterday, posts request for, potential, collectors item this morning. Yea, agreed:- Chancer!
  9. Wern't Gibson and his supporters demanding that any points deduction for us be implemented this season? Bring it on !!
  10. Shhhhhhhh. Can't do that. D.C. is still putting £5m per season through the books as sponsorship from "Presto".
  11. I never saw an Owls shirt in a shop outside Sheffield when they were manufactured by Puma, Diadora etc. either.
  12. WHAT ! Have you never heard of the "Silver Surfers"
  13. Yea, Owlerton Stadium seems more suited to Covid19 testing. Much easier to arrange drive through in that car-park.
  14. Don't think so, not really suited for drive through testing. Other reports say it's a drop off point for donations to S6 Food bank, which I think is more likely.
  15. That's OK, Sonny. There's absolutely Bugger All in it that we haven't heard dozens of times over the last few weeks.
  16. I agree that credibility of any religion is questionable. However I haven't heard any Bishop, Imam or Rabbi claiming to be the son of god, or claiming that the Royal family are really lizards. (Although the last time I saw Prince Philip he looked a little ?????) My point is that Icke is IMO a charlatan who pedals his conspiracy theories purely for financial gain.
  17. Not talking about any religion. I'm talking about that nutcase David Icke and his half-wit followers.
  18. Yea, two or three headlines on there claiming Bannan's liking for Brentford. All published by "Football League World" weblog. About as reliable as 'HITC'
  19. Yea but Icke's always got a bee in his bonnet about something. Let's face it, 10 years ago he was telling us that he is the son of god Now he tells us :- that when we finally have a vaccine to combat Covid19 it will also contain nanotechnology which will enable the government to control the population. The world is run by reptiles and the Royal family are lizards. The most frightening thing is that he has thousands of followers who apparently believe his crackpot ramblings.
  20. Well obviously the top group. It;s got two Derbys in it
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