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  1. Not allowed to play in skins! Rules say that all players in the same team must wear The same colours.
  2. Beer Snob!!! Tim Martin Aussie scumbag ? Err, not many Australians born in Norwich.
  3. Must be summat wrong with your equipment. I only have Plusnet standard broadband, download speed usually of around 8mbps. Never had a problem with ifollow, good clear picture and very minimal buffering, perhaps once or twice per match, and then for only 4 or 5 seconds.
  4. I bet Reading are pig sick. Buy Joao for £5m. Sell him at a £2m loss. Then have to hand over another half million to us.
  5. Which shower is that? Derby or "Patreon"
  6. A bit like the Leeds fans who insist that Manchester United are their main rivals.
  7. I know that us Wednesdayites have always said that the piggie fans would rather see The Wednesday lose than their own team win, but I never realised just how deep their obsession was. I just peeped at their forum to see what their opinion of the charges against McBurnie and Brewster were and noticed that in the "other football and sport" forum there was a thread dedicated to the Owls. Unbelievably, since it started in June 2018, the thread has racked up over 1,950 pages and over 58,000 posts and it's not slowing down having added another 10 pages this month. FFS What a load of sad b@stards they really are.
  8. What are you optimistic about? That Wilks will get back to what he was or That Darren Moore is going to take a kicking.
  9. Tony Crane. Tony Kray, W T F Oh, Hang on, I see the video was produced by HITC Explains it all innit.
  10. Hahaha!!! Slim fit cut. No good for most of our replica shirt wearing fans then. Including me.
  11. Dip your own toe in. I'm not getting mi feet wet just to listen to the minipigs crying.
  12. Do try to keep up Try reading Owlstalk, they will keep you up-to-date on everything Wednesday.
  13. Already backed him for first goal 22/07/22.
  14. It's only sh1thousing if he plays for the opposition though. If he was playing for us it would become "Game Management"
  15. I think the problem with Paterson's long throw is that is high and looping which gives defenders a few seconds to adapt. The really dangerous throws tend to be lower and with more power.
  16. "Meyba" Old established sports wear manufacturer. Bought my son a Barca shirt made by Meyba when we visited there on holiday back in the day. He was about 11/12 years old then, he's 50 now.
  17. Great news! Of course it doesn't guarantee that he won't be headhunted by some EPL club, but at least we will be able to command a fair transfer fee. Let's hope this doesn't happen and he goes on to become a future Wednesday star.
  18. The deal is in danger of collapse AND, apparently, Kirchner has failed to provide the money to pay the players May wages. Absolutely scandalous!! Whoever heard of players not being paid the wages due to them.
  19. Actually he was 21 in February this year, so seems an even better prospect than you first thought,
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